Checking out Some of the Tourist Places in Chiang Mai Thailand –

Traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand should be something you must have been waiting for all this time. Perhaps, you have saved some money from a long time ago just for this moment. Documents are prepared, health condition is checked, and you may even have figured out what to wear during your stay. But on top of it all, you should first check out for tourist places in chiang mai thailand. Why? Well, in doing so, you can do even far more thorough budgeting: by focusing on visiting certain spots, you can save more than you what you will spend. So, here are some places you must go see in Thailand.


The Wide Variation of Tourist Places in Chiang Mai Thailand

Wat Prathat Doi Suithep is at temple in Chiang Mai and Thailand’s most famous, among other tourist places in chiang mai thailand. The temple is founded on a mountain and it faces the city so you can imagine how beautiful the scenery may look like. On the path to the temple, you can see Huay Kaew and Monthathal Falls too. Phuping Palace and National Park is situated at the same mountain as the temple. Wat Chiang Man is another temple that was built in 1296—making it the oldest in Chiang Mai. The temple’s outlook may not be as fine as the others but in this one, you can see two images of Buddha—one of which is said to have been around 2000 years old. Wat Chedi Luang was once the home to Emerald Buddha—which now resides in the Bangkok’s Grand Palace. Its pagoda is now the tallest in the old city. There is the most important Buddha statue in Wat Phra Singh. You can bask in the historic atmosphere in this site.

Be very cautious if you travel to the Chiang Mai Zoo. The zoo is made up of hilly terrain so it can be a bit exhausting if you decide to go on foot. There are transportation modes available, though. Inside the zoo is Chiang Mai Aquarium—the largest in Southeast Asia. Chiang Mai Night Safari is an attraction that is relatively new to tourist places in chiang mai thailand. Situated near the National Park, the safari offers you a range of adventurous trip by night in the wood. Chiang Mai National Museum houses a broad collection of Thai artworks, Buddha images from the ancient time, as well as weapons of war, and is a place where you can learn so much about local traditions.

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