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It’s nice that you are planning on going on a vacation to Seoul. However, it wouldn’t be that much of fun if you don’t know where to go. Wandering aimlessly with no clear direction at which you should land your feet is not only tiring and a waste of time but also unwise financially speaking. So it is advisable that you should do your homework at finding places of tourist interest in seoul. You will only end up helping yourself if you do so.


Discover Places of Tourist Interest in Seoul

One of the must-see places of tourist interest in seoul is the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Also called the Northern Palace, owing to its position relative to other palaces in different cardinal points, the Gyeongbokgung was in ruin during Japanese occupation around 1592-1598. The palace’s 7,700 rooms were then rebuilt by King Gojong. The word “Gyeongbokgung” translates to “Palace of Shining Happiness” in English and it is one of the most visited attractions in Seoul. Myeongdong is next in the list of places you should come by. It’s a district full of stores that sells items of different types, from international brands to local products to unique stuff. Dining options are also varied in types, ranging from Japanese food, Western, Korean, fast food chains, and family restaurants. Standing on Mount Namsan, the N Seoul Tower is the next in the list. If you wish to take a picture of Seoul’s panoramic view, this is the best spot to shoot from. Those who wish to shop for fashion items can head to Dongdaemun, another shopping-specific region where there are malls and shops at the ready. Feast your eyes with the view presented by Cheon Wa Dae, the President’s office and residence. Its blue tiles and roof merge naturally with the Mount Bugaksan in the background.

Insadong offers you a chance to immerse yourself within the rich traditional culture of Korea. Stores in this area sell many goods that reflect the country’s crafts such as hanbok, hanji, teas, and potteries. Looking for nightlife entertainments? Head for Hongdae. Nightclubs, clothing stores, and vintage goods are available there. Dubbed as the first of Seoul’s special tourism district, Itaewon features Korean furniture, jewelry, suits, clubs, bars, and restaurants. Existing in its current form ever since its erection, the Jongmyo Shrine houses services dedicated to either late kings or specific rituals for the Gods of Earth and Crops. The last in the list of places of tourist interest in seoul is Namiseom Island. It was in this island that the K-drama Winter Sonata filmed. So if you perhaps wish to relive the drama youself, the island offers you a live setting to fulfill your dream.

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Batu Malang is one the tourism destinations that is really popular in Indonesia. It attracts not only local holiday makers, bul also foreigners. A lot of people visit this area every day.  It is really famous with the cold weather. So then it is an ideal place for those whose areas are hot due to Indonesia as the tropic country. If offers many kinds of tourism resorts, either natural tourism objects or modern ones. For you who are still confused what to do in Batu Malang, tips below will be your best solutions. Here are 4 best place you can visit when you are in Batu Malang.


About What to Do in Batu Malang

The first place is Kusuma Agro Wisata. Kusuma Agro Wisata is one of best place in Batu Malang especially for you who are interested in natural objects. In this place we can walk enjoying wide apple orchards. Cool air blowing is able to cut our fatigue due to our daily routines. Fortunately, we can also pick the apples directly from farmer’s fields apples provided here in. We can also enjoy variety of games such as flying fox and also riding an ATV to get around the area apple orchards that are here. For those of you lovers of agro tourism, this place is an obligatory choice that you can visit in Batu Malang. Secondly is Batu Malang Town Square. It is situated right in the middle of Batu Malang. In the square we can see a replica of a giant apple that became an important icon for Batu Malang as a producer of apples in Indonesia. There is also an opportunity that we can ride the Ferris wheel with the family. Do not forget also to relax in the water park. It is wonderful, charm and pretty where we can capture this moment into the camera shots to store our memorable event. Those will be a recommendation of what to do in Batu Malang.

Te third destination to be the best answer of what to do in Batu Malang is Batu Malang Waterfalls. Batu Malang has 2 famous waterfalls, namely Coban Rondo waterfall and Coban Rais waterfall. Coban Rondo waterfall mainly has a myth in which if we invite couples to this place, after visiting this place they will surely break up the relationship. Yet, it all comes back to us because it is a myth that is developed within the local community trust. In the second waterfall we could enjoy the fresh air and the cool water flowing from the heights downwards. Splash of water would be a natural immersive musical soul of the visitors.


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Are you confused to spend your holiday? I would recommend you to visit Singapore. Singapore is one of popular tourism objects for Indonesian people to go round. That is why to budget to go this place is quite affordable. Yet, do you know where you go to spend your holiday in Singapore? Below are some best places to visit in singapore in 3 days for those who are still confused to choose.


Best Places to Visit in Singapore in 3 Days that You Need to Get Into

The first landmark of Singapore is Merlion Park. Merlion or lion is a symbol of Singapore and also became the most famous icon in the country. Merlion statue can be seen at the Merlion Park, which is a public park that can be accessed by anyone at any time. Don’t be worried about budget that you should spend since it is free. The location is right on the Singapore River, which is also a favorite tourist destination. At night, the scenery is very beautiful with a dazzling light. And then you can visit Esplanade. it is located close to a Singapore Merlion statue above. Esplanade is an one of the most active art centers in the world. With its unique shape of the roof like durian, it has a lot of facilities associated with the art, such as indoor theater and outdoor theater, concert halls, exhibition room of paintings, a library, the food court etc. If you want to enter this place, don’t worry, it is free of charge. Yet if you want to see the concert that requires buying a ticket, you should spend your bucks. The atmosphere around this place is also very beautiful, so even when there is no concert, the place is still attractive for tourists. They are 2 best place to visit in Singapore in 3 days.

Then, visiting Gardens by the Bay can be the best place to visit in Singapore in 3 days. It is a unique park located around Marina Bay. Looking like a garden, Gardens by The Bay has lots of trees and greenery. Here you can find some giant artificial tree. These artificial trees are made of steel and serves to collect rain water and also accommodate solar energy. At night, the lights are mounted on artificial trees as tall as the 16th floor of buildings, so they become very beautiful. To get around in this area, we were not charged, but if you want to go up and take a walk across the bridge that connects the artificial trees, you must buy a ticket for approximately 5 dollars. Moreover, in this area there are also Cloud Forest and Flower Dome conservatory which houses plants and flowers with a ticket price of about 35 dollar.

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Major cities in the world often offer nightlife to all to holiday makers. Usually, this nightlife is created to spoil the tourists. It happens to in Kuala Lumpur too. As the capital city of Malaysia, it has nightlife spots that are very attractive for all visitors either local people or foreigners. Below are things to do in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur at night so that you can visit to refresh your mind :


What Things to Do in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur at Night ?

At first, you can go to Sky Bar. Hanging out at the bar while watching the beautiful night in Kuala Lumpur can be a fun holiday. Sky Bar can be found on floors 33 Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The bar opens at 10:00 am until the early hours. Skybar offers a modern design with a swimming pool in the middle. Here visitors can feel more relaxing. In addition to a variety of delicious food and drink, Sky Bar offers beautiful views of the Petronas Twin Tower. To go to the Sky Bar, you can use the bus lane B114 towards Exxon Mobil. Continued walk for 5 minutes. Then, if you are keen on culinary, visit Asian Heritage Row. It serves Asian culinary, from local restaurants until the modern ones. The most interesting part is the classic buildings along this road. It is located in  Doraisamy street. Use the U33 bus to Menara DBKL Jalan Raja Abdullah and walk for 5 minutes. Those can be things to do in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur at night.

The third destination you can go is Bukit Bintang. It can be one of things to do in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur at night. Not the name of the hill, Bukit Bintang is a street in Kuala Lumpur. These areas are usually crowded in the evenings, especially on weekends. Young people of Malaysia as well as travelers from various countries enjoy a night at Bukit Bintang. In Bukit Bintang there are many shops, from street stalls to large shopping malls. Cafe with a variety of delicious food and drink is also here. Until close to midnight the average large malls were closed, but there are many cafes with frenetic music that can still be visited. Besides, here, you can visit a restaurant, bar, nightclub and also karaoke places to spend the night in Kuala Lumpur. If you want to go here, use the U24 bus which will go directly to Bukit Bintang


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Do you want to know the best airlines for international travel, especially to Asia, here are the best air carriers you can choose from. Airline Ratings.com, which is the world’s safety and product rating website has issued the selection of Air New Zealand as the Airline of the Year for 2016. There are of course some other companies offering fantastic service for international travel to Asia.


Airlines of the Year

Air New Zealand, one of the best airlines for travel to Asia, is greatly honored for the 3rd consecutive year for its continuous environmental commitment, passenger innovations, operational safety, record-breaking financial performance, and motivation of the staff which have paved the airline an industry trendsetter. The team, one of the world’s most awarded and experienced, awarded the air carrier Best Premium Economy Class and Best Economy Class. AirlineRatings.com’s team took special focus on Air New Zealand’s elaborate long haul service which has 2 multi-award winning products in Spaceseat and Skycouch for economy passengers.

Air New Zealand’s focus on their staff has led to outstanding performance right across the airline at every touch detail. Obviously, the innovation at Air New Zealand goes on to dazzle and the airline has rolled out some of the stunning novel breakthrough which includes innovative tracking of unaccompanied children and wonderful application so as to get you an excellent cup of coffee prior to your flight. Simply put, Air New Zealand has remained the industry leading company and textbook case of what an air carrier has to be in today’s intensely competitive market.

Best First Class

This special award has been gained by relative newcomer, Etihad Airways that has shaken the industry with the First Class Offerings. Etihad’s commitment to excellent appears to see no limit. The company’s new First Class and the Business Class services are so stunning and set the standard even higher in luxurious travel. In what is an incredible achievement in only about 12 years Etihad Airways has made itself renowned not only as a major force in Airline industry yet a trendsetter, making the company as one of the best airlines for travel to Asia

Best Business Class

In this criterion, Singapore Airlines has scooped the Best Business Class and the award does add to a string of accolades that the airline has won for its offering over the years, leading to listing the company as one of the best airlines for travel to Asia. In accordance to Mr. Thomas, the companies’ revamped business class is indeed impressive. It is elegant, subtle, and so cozy. The airline has always responded to its customers and it shows perfect response again and again.

Best Catering

Well, the last, yet by no means the least, Qantas scooped another award for its best catering for the second year, labelling the company as one of the best airlines for travel to Asia Its exceeding commitment not only to first class dining, yet also to economy travel making up ninety percent of passengers is exceedingly ahead of the pack. The airline has introduced an unprecedented 4 choices of main catering for the economy class, doubling in the size of meals, and the possibility to order online. Qantas’ catering service to both is international and domestic passengers have continued to be industry leading.


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Noncitizens who wish to gain education in the United States may have to apply for an F-1, M-1 or J-1 visa. The F-1 Visa is devoted to nonimmigrants who want to study at an accredited university or college.  M-1 visa is for people wanting to engage in vocational or nonacademic training or study. J-1 visa is for those who wish to take part in an educational or cultural exchange program. Of course, international students have to meet particular requirements to gain any of the three visas. This article will point out how to get visa for international students.


Approval to a SEVP-Certified School

Prospective international students that want to apply for visa to study in the United States have to gain the acceptance into established program or school which is certified by the Students and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). A school which is SEVP-certified allows the Departments of Homeland Security and Department of State to assess exchange program and nonimmigrant scholars. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement list of SEVP approved schools offered the names and the locations of these schools as February. Once approved into the program, the education institution have to issue the student a Student and Exchange Visitor Information System I-20 to show proof of admittance.

Requirements of the Immigration and National Act

International scholars that wish to secure a student visa has to meet the requirements of the immigration and National Act. Right under the Act, students are obliged to have a residence in their home country without any intention of abandoning that very residence while they are in the U.S. Students also have to intend to leave the U.S. after they complete their course an must have enough to accomplish the course of study and live.

Pay the Visa Fees

International scholars who wish to gain a student visa has to pay the SEVIS fee and visa processing charge. The SEVIS fee is made obligatory by the United States for maintaining the Students and Exchange Visitors program. As February 2011, the fee was $200 for M-1 and F-1 visas, and $180 for J-1 visa. The fess for processing visa will vary, which depends on the U.S, Embassy or Consulate location. The U.S. Department of State website includes one list of U.S. Embassies which can provide the additional detail for each U.S. Embassy or the International Student Visa requirements.

Attend Visa Interview

The last process in applying visa for international students is to attend a visa interview. Those applying for visa, aged 14 through 79 are obliged to arrange and attend an interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. The interview process will depend on the specific Consulate or Embassy. Commonly the applicant is interviewed by Consular Officer and required to hand in digital fingerprinting. The applicant has to bring all visa-qualifying documents, proof of payment, financial documents which show proof of ability to pay for the education, and accurate visa application.

All in all, the requirements for applying visa for international student requires a lot of financial and administrative requirement.

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The annual survey of the world’s airlines with the best safety rating has announced Qantas as the world’s safest air carrier for the third year running. The Australian airway was praised for its exceedingly extraordinary fatality-free record in the era of jet, while Virgin Atlantic was the only British airline to make it into the top 20 of the list of airlines which have the best safety rating. In a separate ranking for low-cost fliers, 2 British carriers included-Thomas Cook and Flybe.

The lists were compiled by AirlineRatings.com, which is an independent plane safety and product rating party. British Airways gained maximum seven stars for safety yet did not make it into the top 20 airlines. The website provided the safety ratings for over 400 airlines, which award them up to seven stars for safety feature. Of the companies surveyed, 148 were given top 7-star safety ranking yet almost 50 had only 3-star ranking or even less.

Our top safest airline are always at the forefront of safety breakthrough and the launching of new advanced aircraft. The website’s star ratings involve multiple factors into consideration, which include whether the airline has been certified by IATA, the International Air Transport Association, if it is on the EU’s airline blacklist, the crash record, and also whether the fleet has been punished over safety issues. One star is removed if the air carrier only operates Russian-made airplane.

 British Airways was one of the 148 companies which were awarded the maximum 7-star safety rating, which was something only given to non-budget carriers, though it did not make it into Airline Rating.com’s list of the 20 safest airlines. In finding out which make the top 20, the judges at Airlineratings.com compared each airline’s history of accidents and operational perfection.

Along with Qantas, other airlines to make it into the top 20 was Air New Zealand, Etihad, American Airlines, Finnair, Emirates, KLM< Swiss, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, and United Airlines. The top 20 safest airlines are always at the forefront of safety innovation, the launching of novel advanced aircraft, and operational perfection. These airlines are always listed at the forefront for excellence of safety concern. However there is no doubt among the editors that Qantas has remained outstanding in safety enhancements and also the best practice. Here, let us have a look at the 20 safest airlines in the world.


  1. Qantas
  2. Air New Zealand
  3. Alaska Airlines
  4. All Nippon Airlines (ANA)
  5. American Airlines
  6. Cathay Pacific Airways
  7. Emirates
  8. Etihad Airways
  9. EVA Air
  10. Finnair
  11. Hawaiian Airlines
  12. Japan Airlines
  13. KLM
  14. Lufthansa
  15. Scandinavian Airline System (SAS)
  16. Singapore Airlines
  17. Swiss
  18. United Airlines
  19. Virgin Atlantic
  20. Virgin Australia

In spite of some of the high profile incidents in 2015, the total of sixteen major incidents with five hundred sixty fatalities was below the ten-average of 31 accidents and 714 fatalities. Also it was a good improvement on 2014, when there are over twenty serious incidents with nearly one thousand fatalities. That being said, more and more consideration on improving safety for airline carrier has to be taken into account.

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My wife and I have been married for over ten years. In celebration for surviving ten years of marriage without seeking marriage counselling or talking to divorce lawyers, I assumed I would write a post to share our tips for couples to survive their first year of marriage by traveling.


Learn to Laugh A lot

My wife and I like having lots of fun and laugh a lot which is the most important part in surviving your first year marriage by traveling This is important to bring so much ease and casualness into, not merely out relationship, but our life as well. We try not to sweat the little stuff and we often find silly things to laugh at like who has the widest forehead and who can do the silliest laughs.

Make the Light of Each Other’s Bad Habit

Everyone surely has annoying habit. Just admit it and get over it. Rather than getting upset about it, you can just make fun of them, eventually helping you to survive in your first year marriage by traveling. We would sit down to have breakfast and let another day on a fabulous Thai beach, and then exclaim, this often ended in a lively and silly conversation which would set our day off on the right path. Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without my wife’s annoying habits which have to always focus on small details. I would be fluffing around doing yoga on the bigger picture, not knowing how to get there eventually. It does annoy me how she has to have the piece of wood straight, perfectly before I have to hammer it to build the house. I mean I just want to hammer the nail in so we can have the house built.

Take Part in Activities together Involving Teamwork

My wife and I really love hiking and also climbing mountains. We always look for adventures when we are traveling, which is a great thing to survive your first year marriage by traveling. Not only are they giving us lots of fun memory to remember, but they also help us to join together as a couple more. It is always so wonderful for me to have someone who can support me along the challenging parts and help me to have more confidence in my own strength. It has been a great time to have her to turn to when the hard time comes. This helps us to be able to have the same principles for when other challenges related to un-traveling come up in our life. We are giving each other the motivating pep talks we need to push through personal and business limits. This is indeed a great benefit to couples traveling together.

Compromise and Share Decisions

We find ourselves arguing over who is supposed to listen to the ipod next, or swing in the hammock first. Many times when you travel you do not want to make a decision in case it is not what your couple want. Just be clear on what you both expect and someone make decision which will suit both of you. Never leave it to one half to make the decisions.

So, after all, I guess the most important thing in how to survive your first year marriage by traveling is to have trust and communication in a marriage.


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We are now living in a modern era of travel where it I just as possible to travel to the other part of the globe as it is to drive to a neighboring city. With this new accessibility comes demand from consumers that yearn to see things few others have seen. But what is the thing that lots of consumers say they hate most about flying? Confusing airports and also busy terminals, tight cramped quarters, poor service, and long delay are often the reality faced by passengers. While some airlines are better than others, there are surely those that are worse than the others as well. Let me show you the worst airlines on time performance.


US Airways

One of the large U.S. airline carriers has made attempts to change its reputation for poor overall quality and customer service, dragging it into the worst airlines on time performance. The company’s global on-time performance for the first quarter in 2015 was an average of 75.34% with February reaching a lower point of 73.15% on-time. The good news is that the data show US Airways seems to make improvements, though they are slow ones. Their most recent statistics on lost-baggage were 2.7 per 1,000 customers.

Frontier Airlines

While American small flier Frontier Airlines may have gained an overall three-star rating from SKytrax, a closer look at the details show many areas in which they were only given a two-star rating which includes waiting times, the standard of customer support service and also boarding service efficiency. The company actually only got 1.5 start rating for handling cancellations or delays which is exceptionally low. Lost baggage, surprisingly, is not as big of an issue with the flier as their stats for that particular issue shows 2.21 claims per 1,000 passengers, although we attribute this to the smaller size of this flier when compared to the other American airlines.

United Airlines

This large American airways has established a reputation for poor passenger care maybe even bordering on abusive since there have been issues of customers being left on the tarmac for many hours on end. This reputation got so bad that in 2013 the American Department of Transportation actually fined the company over $1 million for this offence. For the first quarter of 2015 they only have on-time performance average of 75.39% with February going as low as 72.96% on time. Not only are delays a problem but also lost luggage is common issue as well with a reported 3.66 baggage claims per 1,000 passengers. This is quite surprising how the carrier is included in worst airlines on time performance.

China Eastern Airlines

Another worst airlines on time performance to avoid if you cannot bear with delays, China Eastern Airlines is based out of Shanghai, China and is classified as a budget carrier. According to flightstats.com global airline arrival performance, the company is plagued by problems with delays, evidenced by an average time-performance of 53.87%.

Pakistan International Airlines

So far in 2015 Pakistan International Airlines on-time performance is a dismal 37.53%-granted the carrier only fly about 3,000 flights per month compared to major airlines like the US Airways operating nearly 90,000 per month, which puts the company in the list of worst airlines on time performance.


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The announcement of the list of airlines with the worst safety records, which follows a traumatic year for aviation, has been mostly related to two major disasters, igniting debate surrounding issues of flight security and also over pilot’s mental wellbeing.

Airbus A380

On January 3rd the list of airlines with the worst safety records. was announced that for the second year running, the ultimate cause of aviation deaths in 2015 was the unlawful interference. Put in other words, murder, in accordance with the report by a leading air safety firm T o70. The consultancy which cited the mysterious disappearance of MH370 and also MH17 which was shot down in 2015 over the Ukraine, as well as the Metrojet and Germanwings crashes in the Sinai and Alps respectively. 224 people were killed when the Metrojet Airbus A321-231 broke apart after its departure from the international airport of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt.

In March 2015, the Germanwings Airbus A320-211 crashed into French Alps, which resulted in 150 people dead on board. It was then later unearthed that pilot Andreas Lubitz that had suicidal tendencies, had caused the crash. AirlineRatings.com editor Geoffrey Thomas pointed out that Germanwings has retained its seven-star safety rating for 2016 since the incident was caused by suicidal attempt by the pilot. “In our system of rating, which is approved and endorsed by aviation’s governing body, the International Civil Aviation Organization, if deaths did occur through acts of hijacking, terrorism or pilot suicide, they are not considered cause of crash record”, he stated. Let us have a look at the list of airlines with the worst safety records.

1) Batik Air

2) Bluewing Airlines

3) Citilink

4) Kal-Star Aviation

5) Lion Air

6) Sriwijaya Air

7) TransNusa

8) Trigana Air Service

9) Wings Air

10) Xpress Air

Some aviation-safety experts have doubted the basis for the AirlineRatings survey, since it does not seem to prioritize what passengers regard as the most important safety consideration: an airline’s track record of flying millions of missions with no deaths. The two foremost European budget airlines, Ryanair and easyJet have fatality-free records, and flew around 180 million passengers between them safely. The three fliers from the British Isles which are included in the AirlineRatings “top ten safest cheap airlines”- Flybe, Aer Lingus, and Thomas Cook Airlines – carried 22 million passengers between them.

Malaysia Airlines, which are struck by two accidents leaving all passengers on board missing or dead in 2014, was given 5 stars out of possible 7 ratings: the same as Thomson Airways and Ryanair. This surely makes the list of airlines with the worst safety records about to be expanded. If a carrier has a crash which involves the death of a passenger and crew members, it automatically will lose a star from the safety-rating rankings. Iraqi Airways last month was banned from operating over EU airspace because of unaddressed safety concerns and also has been given only 2-star safety rating by AirlineRatings.com.

Thailand’ s aviation industry, included in the list of airlines with the worst safety records, was ranked un “special measures” last year after issues were flagged up by ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization. Airlines including Thai Airways, awarded 4 out of 7 stars for safety rating were spared being put in the EU blacklist. Officials stated that they would monitor future developments and would deem bans if air passenger safety was considered to be at risk.