Bangkok Tourist Attractions Night Market as an Alternative for Your Vacation –

Of course traveling to Bangkok is always a good idea. The city, being Thailand’s capital, is adorned with many attractions and tourism spots to keep the guests entertained and comfortable. The city is undergoing a massive development, evident by its expansion of shopping malls and everything else in between. This is good from the perspective of tourism industry. However, there is a big possibility that you might find it boring just to going through mall after mall—what with you perhaps coming from a place where malls are equally abundant. As such, it may be a good idea if you check out for bangkok tourist attractions night market. Night market means exactly what it is: a marketplace which opens after dark only. The place usually offers the visitors an atmosphere that is carnival-like.


Some of the Most Famous Bangkok Tourist Attractions Night Market

The first of bangkok tourist attractions night market you should come visit is the Rot Fai Market, Srinakarin. The market is renowned for its huge size and its collections of retro memorabilia. The market used to be located in the northern part of the city but in 2013, it was relocated to the eastern suburb, where it was split into three different parts. What can you find here? Snacks with cheap price—but are still yummy—are easily found here. There are also spots where you can buy some clothes or fashion items. You can even find collectibles of rare quality in the market, gathered from around the world.  JJ Green is a merging between drinking hangout location and vintage flea market. This night market is popular among students as it offers them a place with more laidback atmosphere where you can either shop for some goods or simply hangout with a glass of refreshing beverage.

Asiatique is the next on the list of bangkok tourist attractions night market. This market is characterized with a row of bathrooms with above average cleanliness, delicious local cuisine to choose from, breezy river, and its wide avenues. The price offered by the stalls here is quite higher compared to others but the market makes this up by providing visitors with theatrical shows and statues people can take a picture with. Rot Fai Market of Ratchada is the counterpart of the one in Srinakarin. You can still find the same stuff sold in its sister market but this one is for those who don’t wish to go out of town just to have a look at its vintage collections.

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