The Best Places in the World for Solo Travel –

The beauty of solo traveling is the ability to put yourself in the community and then stumble on those joyous moments of international connection on your own. However, as a women, fears over the silliest things can really spin into an overdrive, particularly in foreign environment. While the destination that you choose has to be somewhere that you have always wanted to go, being in a safe region where it is so easy to navigate both the culture and transportation will alleviate major worries and further let you enjoy the holiday. Here I would like to show you some best places in the globe for women doing solo travel.


Saba, Caribbean

This island, which belongs to Netherland, is only fifteen minutes flight from St. Maarten. Just within hours of my flight arrival, the tight-knit diving as well as hiking community made me feel just right at home. Although I am scared of fish, they did convince me to try the scuba diving, and also I was so excited that I could make it. The Dutch Caribbean island possesses the most translucent waters in the world, where I found lots of turtles and schools of fish among the untouched reefs. Another fascinating highlight is that I challenged myself to summit Mount Scenery, which is 2,877-foot peal, perfectly named for its breathtaking views.

Stockholm, Sweden

After I joined a couple of separate free strolling tours in Stockholm and also staying in a luxurious Story Hotel’ single twin room, it was really clear that this stylish Swedish town offers a special gift for making every single tourist intrigued, particularly women. The cobblestoned streets of Old Town, or even the Gamla Stan, which hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and fabulous castle, all of which offer hours of endless adventures. On the other hand, the more modern sections of the city are quite easy to navigate through its ranges of metro stations, which also serve as art exhibits. Another thing that I like the most is the hospitality caters toward solo travelers that I was doted on by the staff at Riche restaurant just as I indulged in, what could be better than doing a solo travel there?

Taipei, Taiwan

The capital of Taiwan is indeed a perfect mix of modernity and history. It is an open part traditional night markets, which are perfect to make a meal out of some snacks while at the same time shopping for souvenirs and accessories. Also, you will see lots of temples and some other high-tech malls and buildings. Taipei owns the bustle of major Asian metropolis, and also important urban conveniences. Street signage and the public transportation all have English names and although crime is quite low in the city, the 20-year-old metro system provides “Safe Waiting Zone” boxes which are marked on the platforms and are monitored closely by CCTV, especially for giving protection to female passengers at night.

Salzburg, Austria

Well, Hohensalzburg castle atop the hill and Salzach River flowing through the town do offer majestic view, adorning the storybook allure of Mozart’s home. This city is both inviting and charming for solo travel. Salzburg is also a city-friendly bike, with over one hundred miles of paths, meaning that you can pack away easily into a day.

Well, obviously there are some other safe cities for women doing solo travel. These are, to my opinion, the safest ones to women.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling by Air Transport –

Air transport is known as the recent origin in the current advance of transportation system of a country. It is actually the gift of the 20th century to human civilization. The second world ware has triggered the growth of air transportation and also it has made significant progress in the recent years since it is the quickest way of transporting goods. The transport of goods by means of air travel is known to be rather costly and it is thus mostly chosen by those who need to have quick transportation both for passengers and goods. When passengers and goods are carried by air, some obligatory document is issued since the carriage of Air Act 1972 has made it mandatory. Well, before you purchase your first flight ticket, you had better take a look into the advantages and disadvantages of traveling by air.


The Advantages

The first advantage of traveling by air has to be the efficiency. Air transport is the fastest means of transportation and thus considered suitable to deliver goods over a long distance in just a little time. Apparently, there is no equal substitute to air travel when urgent delivery is at play. Another advantage of traveling by air plane is quick service. Without a doubt, air transport offers efficient, comfortable, and fast transportation service. It is considered as the best means of transportation when dealing with perishable or fragile goods. Also, you will notice that air transport does not exert emphasis on the construction of tracks, such as railways. Since no capital investment in surface track is called for, it is a less costly mode of transportation, in that sense. For those who need transportation to areas which cannot be reached by common means of transportation, air transport can be the best solution. Air transportation is considered as the only means of transportation in areas which are not accessible by other modes of transportation. There is also no physical barriers when air travel is the option. Air transport is obviously free from any physical barriers since it follows the shortest and the direct routes where mountains, seas, and forests will not obstruct. The last advantage of traveling by air plane is the natural route. Air transportation to any destination will see no barriers or obstacles. Since the custom formalities are compiled pretty quickly. That will help you to avoid delay in gaining clearance.

The Disadvantages of Traveling by Air

Despite a lot of advantages of air transportation, there are a number of downsides of the very transportation system. The first disadvantage of traveling by air is risky. Air transport is the most risky means of transportation since even an only minor accident may cause a substantial loss to the goods, crew, and obviously passengers. The chances of accidents are even greater in comparison to the other modes of transpiration.  Well, this may sound ambivalent. Air transportation is considered the most expensive means of transportation. The operating cost of airplanes are higher than are those of means of transportation and it includes a great deal of spending on the construction of aircraft and aerodomes. Due to that reason, the fare of air transportation is much costly for most people.

Most Dangerous Cities to Travel in the World –

A great way to unearth the world is going on adventure in exotic spots and exploring the unknown. However, even the more experienced traveler are going to need to take extra precaution when dealing with these, the most dangerous cities to travel in the world. So, before you set off to one of the cities below, make sure you read on for more details on how to get the most out of your holiday and how to be safe, by avoiding dangerous cities to travel.


San Pedro Sula, Honduras

San Pedro, which is notorious for its incredibly high murder rate, is known as the second largest cities in Honduras and recently these figures have raised because of drug trafficking in that area and also gun running by the local gangs. We suggest you to avoid staying there and to focus on other parts of Honduras and South America. Honduras is also known as one of the cheapest places and one of dangerous cities to travel to travel.

Caracas, Venezuela

This city, labelled as dangerous cities to travel, is known as one of the most fabulous cities in South America. It is situated just a few miles from the Caribbean Sea and is surrounded by ranges of green hills. However, this charming city possesses a darker side as it has been considered as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Frequent conflicts and fighting among gangs which are involved in the drug trade has made the streets casual setting for robberies and shootings which some tourists have been known to get caught.

Cape Town, South Africa

With a lot of gorgeous hotels and restaurants, all adjusted under the majestic shadow the Table Mountain, the city of Cape Town is popular destination for holiday for those who think about hiring a car and exploring the gamed Garden Route when exploring Africa’s world class vineyards and vastly natural landscapes. However it is a very multicultural city with violent and troubled history that in certain districts remain lingering unpleasantly, which presents potential threats and makes it dangerous cities to travel to tourists.

Detroit, USA

Once the car industry’s manufacturing capital, Motor City has served an essential role in the uprising of Mowtown and developing the other genres of music, from blues and techno and hip hop. However, Detroit has also filled in the news headlines for shootings and reputation for various violence.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This may be surprising, but that is the fact. We have included the fabulous Rio, the home to the world’s best carnival and party in the list. There are a number of other cities in Brazil, with even higher rates of crime than Rio, such as Fortal Eza or Joao Pessoa. However as one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the country, Rio is the place where most number of well-meaning tourists and holiday makers are more likely to encounter scuppered travel plans. Just be careful when you take money out from ATMs since robberies have been known to happen more often at them, which makes Rio dangerous city to travel.

All in all, do standards of living and wealth have anything to do with safety? Crime statistics suggest that murder and poverty prevalence can be linked to each other. Hopefully, the figures for all these dangers cities will immediately decline.

What are the Differences between Tourist and Backpacker –

This is typical conversation which most backpackers all over the globe have had over one pint or four of the world’s cheapest lagers. For sure, we have all been there. Standing just right there, in sweltering heat at the passport control of the territory of a third-world country, hailing the backbreaking-load of months on the road. Out of nowhere, suddenly a bunch of package tourists lines up next to you who are all dressed in their Bermuda pants and typical Hawaiian t-shorts.


Their particular simplistic, downright stupid analysis, and wide-eyed naivety just appear so annoying tremendously. If it were not for the tons on your back, you just longed for slapping some sense into them and then give them a preach on how they are not gaining entirely making their condemned time, prior to security coming to drag you away, which is likely to be followed by a prompt red-stamp and shaming escorted walk to the subsequent plane home.

Well, I am not the only one that feels like this; backpackers from Timbuktu to Thailand all fell exactly the same way about that sort of package tourist. However, why do we feel that way and are we right in such doing? To deal with this questions, it is likely that we are going to have to all bases, and then also look at the factors which separate “us” from “them”. Let us go through some of the common differences between a backpacker and a tourist.

All right, where should we begin?

Things have been so different between the world of tourists and backpacker! I presume the simplest and easiest way to point out our existence as a backpacker is that we are used to traveling to experience culture and a way of life which is seemingly different from our own life. We tend to push ourselves to sense and feel what the other may feel and put ourselves in their shoes, as well. In order to do this, most backpackers may even experience inconvenience and discomforts, such as the horrible squat toilet, yet we know that this is an absolutely unchanged part of the way that we experience and travel.

On the other hand, tourists, compared to backpacker, most of the time travel purely for pleasure and relaxation, like most people with incredibly excessive money in their wallet. For sure, they may be looking for only tiny bite-sized amount of joy and portions of the culture, yet I can tell you right now that they are not after the real deal, like most of backpackers do. They are surely not spending hours and hours on the train, drinking vodka with an old face-frown Caribbean man that tells you a long fascinating stories pertinent to his misspent ages as a youngster. They are the ones in the air-conditioned coach which offers highly qualified and well-manicured as well as prettied tour guide that speaks exceedingly fluent English, who takes happy snaps of … You know what that means. Well, God knows what anyway. Well, I guess those are all the salient differences between tourists and backpackers.

Tips on How to Choose an Air Travel Search Site –

Which airline reservation offers the lowest airfares?

If your idea was Expedia-or just any other bundles of online travel agencies, then you are wrong. If it was they are all the same, you are totally wrong. If you do not have any idea in choosing a travel site, then you are getting closer. The real solution is to find the sites which best fit our specific travel requirements or needs-all the more true for budget-conscious travelers. Each has distinctive strengths which are offered through various interfaces which use different functions and generate different outcomes. I chose 15 online travel agencies, which range from the old stalwarts such as Travelocity to a perfect group of upstarts such as Routehappy, which are apparently more likely to take into consideration some niche specifics like seat pitch. Afterward, I put them through the wringer, shopping for 6 itineraries, from the basic domestic to overseas-only to the more elaboratel multicity.


 I should note that I cannot include every site in my search, and accordingly left out some popular ones I cannot figure out how to use abroad, the Bing Travel. Since I learnt too late from a spokeswoman, it merely works in the United States. There is workaround-you possess the liberty to switch settings to “tailor” the search to “the United States-English”, yet that is one additional hassle which I was not willing to take on in choosing a travel site.

That being said, the results? For one reason, my eyes hurt. However, more importantly in choosing a travel site, I created what I expect is a useful guide to which search sites which work best under which circumstances.

If Low Cost is all that Matters

The sites that you have surely heard of-Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Kayak- were all somehow alike, their lowest offerings hardly differing more than just only a few dollars. However, the upstarts commonly beat them, even quite often. For Miami-Chicago flight, the old guard most of the time circled around $378. However, Routehapy offered one for $361, then I followed to just prior to the final click, and it was legit.

So, the best strategy in choosing a travel site here is checking one of the more traditional search sites, and then just play around with the new groups and find out if they can pull upset. Next, before you reserve, check the airline’s own websites in order to assure it is not even cheaper there. Also, do not forget that Southwest-by its choice- does not show up on the majority of sites. In addition, as long as you have popped over, it is almost always a great idea to do the actual booking from the airline’s site: It is often easier- and hardly harder- to take care of the minutiae (inputting the awards number, selecting the seats, and then paying for additional luggage, as well as making change on your booking down the line if required).

So there you have, some tips on choosing a travel site. There are actually some other important tips I would like to point out. I will keep you posted on another posting.

How to Check in at Airport with Electronic Ticket –

When you are traveling by air, you may look for many ways to save your time right on the day of your departure to be sure you make the flight planed on time. Buying an e-ticket online surely offers a number of benefits and conveniences which you may not otherwise obtain. E-ticket endows you with the option of checking in for your light at self-service check-in kiosk prior to your departure. Moreover, it allows you to print your own boarding pass in advance and that helps you to nullify the long lines at the usual airline ticket counter. If you are new to it, then you have got to read on. Here, I have compiled some times and I have come to common procedure to check in at airport with electronic ticket. Let me just show you the steps one by one.

Hand holding mobile with E-Ticket with blur airport check-in background, Digital Booking concept.

First Step

When you are planning to arrive before check-in at airport with your electronic ticket, make sure that you arrive there at least sixty to ninety minutes before you get on board. In this case, as what I experienced, arriving early will give you a whole lot of time making changes or any necessary adjustments to your flight arrangements such as choosing or changing the seat on the plane and changing flights-so plan in advance.

Second Step

As you reach the airport, look for any postings or sights with directions to your airline and check-in entrance at airport with your electronic ticket. You have to locate the kiosk and then prepare to give the information about your flight booking or reservations. Just be sure that you have a copy of your confirmation email that you have received as you purchase your e-ticket. The email provides all the detailed information which is essential to check-in at the airline kiosk. Also, make sure that you have checked the details before you proceed: are there any inappropriate information?

Third Step

Touch the on-screen “Start” button and then just follow the instructions for check-in at airport with your electronic ticket. afterward, you need to click on your language option for the transaction that you have to make. Some of the common languages which are available at the kiosk include Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Fourth Step

At this point, you have to scan the bar code which is printed on your flight itinerary on the boarding pass. The other options for locating your electronic ticket are entering the confirmation number you obtain, the ticket number or the credit card that you used to but the electronic ticket.

Fifth Step

You almost finish your check-in at airport with your electronic ticket by now. Choose the passengers checking in by touching the names on the display and then enter the number of bags that you wish to check. Just make any changes to your itinerary such as your departure time or the seat assignments. Make sure that you take your boarding pass as well as the receipts for your personal records.

How to Start Planning Your Travelling –

Before you can experience authentic pizzas in Rome, authentic Spanish tapas, or even rooftop in Prague, an essential to-do list exists between you and your European vacation. Hereunder are the simple steps which will aid you in planning your travelling, so you can spend less on your trip.

Hand writing travel plan in a lined spiral notepad arranged on a map

Getting the Documents in Order

For sure, passport is important in planning your travelling. If you do not have your passport, that will take at least 4 to 6 weeks from the time of your application to receive one. In this case, expedited services can trim the whole process down to amazingly shorter period, about 2 or 3 weeks. However that will cost you an additional charge, so it is best to take care of this well before the trip. Have you got the passport? If you do, then check its expiration date. The last thing that you need is to find out your passport has expired while you are in line at the airport check-in. any car rental companies need drivers to have valid licenses in the home country, so you will also want to check the expiration date of your license as well. some car rental companies also need an international driving permit for European rentals, as an addition to a valid driver’ license. For American citizens, these can be simply obtained through the American Auto Association (AAA); for those in Canada, try the Canadian Automobile Association, known as CAA.

U.S. travelers to Russia have to own valid visas in addition to their passports; getting one is a complicated process which can take several weeks after you have gained the approval. Therefore, start early!

Establishing the Budget

You also need to establish your budget as early as possible-even in planning your travelling before you decide your destination, itinerary or travel dates. Some destinations are commonly cheaper than are others, yet there are some ways to save everywhere: travelling in the off season, picking budget accommodation, and planning a shorter trip all combined will help you to save money.

Set your traveling budget early on and you will avoid any possible disappointment which can come from forging a fabulous itinerary, just like a couple of weeks in Geneva during the summer, and then discovering that you cannot afford it.

Choosing A Destination

Now that you already know how much you can spend on your trip, where do you wish to go? This sometimes will be the #1 concern in planning your travelling. If you are just like many travelers and you have a lot of dreamt places in Europe to visit, then this can be tricky. Let me show you some tips on so doing. You should pick a certain site which is on your mist-visit travel list, and also plan your vacation around that.

Creating a Rough Itinerary

So you want to visit Paris, eh? Do not go ahead and buy a roundtrip flight to Paris and a hotel room-at least not yet. You will want to sketch out a day-by-day itinerary of your dreamt trip to Paris before you book anything in planning your travelling. Research the sites and cities that you really want to visit, and then find out which ones you have the time and budget to visit.


How to Avoid Jetlag on a Long Flight –

Anybody that flies trough a number of time zones has to battle the biorhythmic confusion named jet lag. Flying form the United States to Europe, you will switch your wristwatch 6 to 9 hours forward. Your body will say, “Hey what happens?” Body clocks do not reset so easily. All your life you have done many things on a 24-hour cycle. However, now after you cross the Atlantic, your body needs to eat when you tell it to sleep and sleep when you to tell it to enjoy the malls.


Too many people think that their first day will be made so worthless by jet lag. Do not prematurely condemn yourself to a kind of zombiedom. Most people that I have traveled with, across ages, have enjoyed productive, and even hyper, first days. It is impossible to avoid jet lag, but by following the tips below you can reduce the symptoms.

Just make sure that you well rested at home to avoid jet lag. Flying halfway around the glove is indeed stressful. If you leave a bit frazzled after hectic night and a rough bon-voyage party, there is good chance that you will not be healthy for the first part of the trip. An early-flight cold used to be regular part of my trip until I learnt that this very essential trick: Planning from the start as though you are leaving 2 days before you really are. Keep that 48-hour period scared to avoid jet lag, even if it means being hectic before your false flight date. Then you will have 2 orderly restful and peaceful days after you have packed so that you will be ready physically to fly. Mentally you will be comfortable about leaving and starting the adventure. You will fly away well rested and totally capable of enjoying the terror of your senses which will follow.

Another tip to avoid jet lag is using the flight to rest and rest. In this case, in-flight films are good for one reason, which is nap time. With only few hours of sleep during the long transatlantic flight you will be functional when you land. When the pilot announces the European time, you can reset your mind along with your wristwatch. Just do not prolong your jet lag by reminding yourself what time it is at home. Just simple be in Europe.

On your arrival, make sure that you stay awake until early local bedtime to avoid jet lag. If you doze off at 3 PM and then you are awake at midnight, you have accomplished nothing. Just plan a good walk till early evening. Jet lag really hates fresh air, exercises, and daylight. Your body may want you to sleep, yet stand firm: Just refuse. You can force your body’s transition to the local time. Probably you will be probably awake so early on your first morning. Trying to sleep is commonly futile. Just get out and then enjoy your walk, as merchants set up in marketplace and the city slowly comes to life. This might be the only sunrise you will see in Europe.

Finding the Best Time to Buy International Flights for Summer –

Identifying the best time to buy international airline ticket calls for a number of consideration. So, I crunched the numbers and checked the fares for 1,219,825 trips last year from the U.S. to 74 destinations outside the country, particularly during the summer. And here is what the data tells us. International flights denote separate, sticky ball of wax, with lots of different variables at work. From a certain destination to another, you will get hard pressed to do a sort of apple-to-apple comparison of international flights, so we do not have even try. This has to come as no surprise, because every market is truly unique across the globe. As I said, there are some considerations that you have to think of.


First, find out whether there is a seasonal component to your flight. You have to always be aware of seasonality when you book international flight. Different to domestic flights, with the international one there is often a huge disparity between the price during the low tourist season and high tourist season. What is surprising is that the high season flights may even double the price. For many destination like the Caribbean and some parts of Mexico, the winter is actually the peak, so I guess flying in the summer won’t cost you much. For instance, European destinations are obviously in high demand during the summer when most American travelers make their international plans. As such, if you are planning to travel to England in August, you may want to start searching even earlier to achieve the best international flight.

Flights fill much faster in the summer when demand is higher and the better itineraries and most desirable seats will sell out much earlier. It is not, on the other hand, uncommon to be able to land a surprising last minute deal to Europe, if you are planning to travel during the winter when there are only few people going.

Another point to pay attention to is how many people in your party are. If you are booking travel for small group or family, then it is likely that you want to book early when sitting next to each other is a must. You may pay a bit higher fare, yet you are more likely to have this lux if you get your booking early. If you are flying by yourself and have some flexibility in your itinerary, then you may be more willing to gamble on nabbing yourself last minute sale. For instance, if you can fly to just any European destinations and have the flexibility with your dates of flight, then you may snag a good deal at the last minute, particularly out of larger gateway popular destinations like New York which have lots of daily flights which go to the region.

The third point to find out is if there are any extenuating circumstances which may affect pricing and demand of international flights. This year Brazil is being a very interesting case. Olympic cities see a massive surge in interest and reservations. Therefore, prices will be higher much earlier.

So, there you go then. The best time to purchase international flights. Just keep in mind that you should always do your homework and check the airfares.


Tips for Getting Cheap Flights to Australia –

It seems that the future for Tiger Airways in Australia appears anything yet certain, but that does not mean that you have to cough thousands of dollars more purchase your flight ticket. In order to help you get cheap flights to Australia, here I would like to share some of my experiences in so doing. I do hope you find them useful.


As regular readers know, I am a bit a ludicrously frequent traveler, and also notorious cheap stake, so most of the tips that I will show have been fully tested with hard-won real life experience. The main point is on how to fly with the four major airways, which include Virgin Australia, Qantas, Jetstar, and Tiger. However it does not mean that these tips will not work with smaller regional airways and international journeys. Let’s get started.

The first thing you can do is to book as far in advance as you can. This is indeed the most essential tip to gain cheap flight to Australia of all and has to be the number one, yet I am mentioning it here at the top on since it does really outweigh everything and will impact a lot of your other tips to get cheap tickets to Australia. The further in advance you book your light, the wider the chance that you will have of getting a really decent fare. If you decide to wait till the last minute, then it is likely that you will have less option and may not even get a single seat. Commonly I purchase the ticket between Melbourne and Sydney with the sub–$100 fare with Qantas, yet if I made those bookings right at the last minute, it would not happen, ever.

You cannot book flights more than twelve months in advance, yet if you are planning a holiday, then I presume getting in early as possible remains the best strategy. Yes, for sure there are very occasionally last-minutes special offers which may undercut what you have paid, yet that is the exception, not the rule of thumb. If you really want that sort of bargain, you are better to not planning a fixed flight in mid.

Another tip to try is choosing the right day of the weeks to fly. Obviously in the period of peak demand, it is harder to get cheap flights to Australia. The periods that I always try to avoid are Friday afternoon, Monday mornings, and Sunday nights. Flights on these days and times tend to peak and are mostly fraught with business class returning home. In fact, there is a surprising number of passengers that work in a capital city during the week and live in another city on weekends. Moreover, the price is not always their main consideration. On the other hand, Wednesday, Tuesday, and Saturday afternoon offer less demand, although Saturday also see less flights often.

 The last, yet not the least tip to get cheap flight to Australia, is to sign up for sale emails. Each of the major airways offers regular email updates when the fares are on sale. In this case, Jetstar is the most regular with its weekly sale on Friday, but Virgin, Qantas, and Tiger also offer lists that you can sign up to.

Well, I guess that’s all I know. To sum up, I think timing is the most important thing to consider when you are looking for cheap flights to Australia.