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It is a baseless assumption if you think that you will see a shortage in shopping centers if you decide to go on a vacation to Pattaya. The area is a home to a great range of impressive malls. Pattaya is made up of a wide array of places to shop, ranging from large malls to bazaars to stalls—with prices that are surely made to cater to your budget. Some of said shopping spots are even adorned in their own set of quirks and gimmicks, rendering them something of an attraction on their own instead of being a plain place for people to purchase stuff from. So, what are the cheapest shopping places in pattaya?


Some Select Cheapest Shopping Places in Pattaya

Central Festival Pattaya opened in 2009 and is the tallest building in the city that contains more than 300 shops. It houses many international fashion brands, from Calvin Klein to Zara. In addition, the department store also has a section for food outlets, with variations ranging from ramen to Italian to western. Electronic stores are easily accessible too in this mall. If Central Festival is the tallest, Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya is the widest. The plaza houses a Museum of “Ripley’s Believe or Not!” inside as well as stores of high street fashion brands like Esprit and Converse. Its collections of accessories and souvenirs are also remarkable. Pattaya Floating Market could be one of the cheapest shopping places in pattaya. It is where living museum meets live show meets shopping center. The market is actually a recreation of the other floating market in Bangkok and is an interesting place if you wish to buy souvenirs. Once your shopping spree is done, you can opt to go around the village via a small boat or have something to bite in one of the available eateries.

Outlet Mall Pattaya is renowned for its crazy discounts and this is one of the cheapest shopping places in pattaya. High street fashion brands are known to have been knocked off their original prices, as high as 70%. If you are looking for an all-inclusive shopping center, Mimosa may be your choice. The area is a reproduction of the layout of the city of Colmar in French. It includes musical water fountain, windmill, and buildings with Renaissance style. There are over 300 shops here that offer souvenirs, clothing, and handicrafts, and what captivates most is the presence of family-friendly cabaret show that lasts for 45 minutes, street performances, rides, and attractions.

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