Several Things to Do in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur at Night –

Major cities in the world often offer nightlife to all to holiday makers. Usually, this nightlife is created to spoil the tourists. It happens to in Kuala Lumpur too. As the capital city of Malaysia, it has nightlife spots that are very attractive for all visitors either local people or foreigners. Below are things to do in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur at night so that you can visit to refresh your mind :


What Things to Do in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur at Night ?

At first, you can go to Sky Bar. Hanging out at the bar while watching the beautiful night in Kuala Lumpur can be a fun holiday. Sky Bar can be found on floors 33 Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The bar opens at 10:00 am until the early hours. Skybar offers a modern design with a swimming pool in the middle. Here visitors can feel more relaxing. In addition to a variety of delicious food and drink, Sky Bar offers beautiful views of the Petronas Twin Tower. To go to the Sky Bar, you can use the bus lane B114 towards Exxon Mobil. Continued walk for 5 minutes. Then, if you are keen on culinary, visit Asian Heritage Row. It serves Asian culinary, from local restaurants until the modern ones. The most interesting part is the classic buildings along this road. It is located in  Doraisamy street. Use the U33 bus to Menara DBKL Jalan Raja Abdullah and walk for 5 minutes. Those can be things to do in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur at night.

The third destination you can go is Bukit Bintang. It can be one of things to do in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur at night. Not the name of the hill, Bukit Bintang is a street in Kuala Lumpur. These areas are usually crowded in the evenings, especially on weekends. Young people of Malaysia as well as travelers from various countries enjoy a night at Bukit Bintang. In Bukit Bintang there are many shops, from street stalls to large shopping malls. Cafe with a variety of delicious food and drink is also here. Until close to midnight the average large malls were closed, but there are many cafes with frenetic music that can still be visited. Besides, here, you can visit a restaurant, bar, nightclub and also karaoke places to spend the night in Kuala Lumpur. If you want to go here, use the U24 bus which will go directly to Bukit Bintang


The Best Airlines for International Travel to Asia –

Do you want to know the best airlines for international travel, especially to Asia, here are the best air carriers you can choose from. Airline, which is the world’s safety and product rating website has issued the selection of Air New Zealand as the Airline of the Year for 2016. There are of course some other companies offering fantastic service for international travel to Asia.


Airlines of the Year

Air New Zealand, one of the best airlines for travel to Asia, is greatly honored for the 3rd consecutive year for its continuous environmental commitment, passenger innovations, operational safety, record-breaking financial performance, and motivation of the staff which have paved the airline an industry trendsetter. The team, one of the world’s most awarded and experienced, awarded the air carrier Best Premium Economy Class and Best Economy Class.’s team took special focus on Air New Zealand’s elaborate long haul service which has 2 multi-award winning products in Spaceseat and Skycouch for economy passengers.

Air New Zealand’s focus on their staff has led to outstanding performance right across the airline at every touch detail. Obviously, the innovation at Air New Zealand goes on to dazzle and the airline has rolled out some of the stunning novel breakthrough which includes innovative tracking of unaccompanied children and wonderful application so as to get you an excellent cup of coffee prior to your flight. Simply put, Air New Zealand has remained the industry leading company and textbook case of what an air carrier has to be in today’s intensely competitive market.

Best First Class

This special award has been gained by relative newcomer, Etihad Airways that has shaken the industry with the First Class Offerings. Etihad’s commitment to excellent appears to see no limit. The company’s new First Class and the Business Class services are so stunning and set the standard even higher in luxurious travel. In what is an incredible achievement in only about 12 years Etihad Airways has made itself renowned not only as a major force in Airline industry yet a trendsetter, making the company as one of the best airlines for travel to Asia

Best Business Class

In this criterion, Singapore Airlines has scooped the Best Business Class and the award does add to a string of accolades that the airline has won for its offering over the years, leading to listing the company as one of the best airlines for travel to Asia. In accordance to Mr. Thomas, the companies’ revamped business class is indeed impressive. It is elegant, subtle, and so cozy. The airline has always responded to its customers and it shows perfect response again and again.

Best Catering

Well, the last, yet by no means the least, Qantas scooped another award for its best catering for the second year, labelling the company as one of the best airlines for travel to Asia Its exceeding commitment not only to first class dining, yet also to economy travel making up ninety percent of passengers is exceedingly ahead of the pack. The airline has introduced an unprecedented 4 choices of main catering for the economy class, doubling in the size of meals, and the possibility to order online. Qantas’ catering service to both is international and domestic passengers have continued to be industry leading.


Which Airlines Have the Best Safety Rating –

The annual survey of the world’s airlines with the best safety rating has announced Qantas as the world’s safest air carrier for the third year running. The Australian airway was praised for its exceedingly extraordinary fatality-free record in the era of jet, while Virgin Atlantic was the only British airline to make it into the top 20 of the list of airlines which have the best safety rating. In a separate ranking for low-cost fliers, 2 British carriers included-Thomas Cook and Flybe.

The lists were compiled by, which is an independent plane safety and product rating party. British Airways gained maximum seven stars for safety yet did not make it into the top 20 airlines. The website provided the safety ratings for over 400 airlines, which award them up to seven stars for safety feature. Of the companies surveyed, 148 were given top 7-star safety ranking yet almost 50 had only 3-star ranking or even less.

Our top safest airline are always at the forefront of safety breakthrough and the launching of new advanced aircraft. The website’s star ratings involve multiple factors into consideration, which include whether the airline has been certified by IATA, the International Air Transport Association, if it is on the EU’s airline blacklist, the crash record, and also whether the fleet has been punished over safety issues. One star is removed if the air carrier only operates Russian-made airplane.

 British Airways was one of the 148 companies which were awarded the maximum 7-star safety rating, which was something only given to non-budget carriers, though it did not make it into Airline’s list of the 20 safest airlines. In finding out which make the top 20, the judges at compared each airline’s history of accidents and operational perfection.

Along with Qantas, other airlines to make it into the top 20 was Air New Zealand, Etihad, American Airlines, Finnair, Emirates, KLM< Swiss, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, and United Airlines. The top 20 safest airlines are always at the forefront of safety innovation, the launching of novel advanced aircraft, and operational perfection. These airlines are always listed at the forefront for excellence of safety concern. However there is no doubt among the editors that Qantas has remained outstanding in safety enhancements and also the best practice. Here, let us have a look at the 20 safest airlines in the world.


  1. Qantas
  2. Air New Zealand
  3. Alaska Airlines
  4. All Nippon Airlines (ANA)
  5. American Airlines
  6. Cathay Pacific Airways
  7. Emirates
  8. Etihad Airways
  9. EVA Air
  10. Finnair
  11. Hawaiian Airlines
  12. Japan Airlines
  13. KLM
  14. Lufthansa
  15. Scandinavian Airline System (SAS)
  16. Singapore Airlines
  17. Swiss
  18. United Airlines
  19. Virgin Atlantic
  20. Virgin Australia

In spite of some of the high profile incidents in 2015, the total of sixteen major incidents with five hundred sixty fatalities was below the ten-average of 31 accidents and 714 fatalities. Also it was a good improvement on 2014, when there are over twenty serious incidents with nearly one thousand fatalities. That being said, more and more consideration on improving safety for airline carrier has to be taken into account.

List of Airlines with the Worst Safety Record –

The announcement of the list of airlines with the worst safety records, which follows a traumatic year for aviation, has been mostly related to two major disasters, igniting debate surrounding issues of flight security and also over pilot’s mental wellbeing.

Airbus A380

On January 3rd the list of airlines with the worst safety records. was announced that for the second year running, the ultimate cause of aviation deaths in 2015 was the unlawful interference. Put in other words, murder, in accordance with the report by a leading air safety firm T o70. The consultancy which cited the mysterious disappearance of MH370 and also MH17 which was shot down in 2015 over the Ukraine, as well as the Metrojet and Germanwings crashes in the Sinai and Alps respectively. 224 people were killed when the Metrojet Airbus A321-231 broke apart after its departure from the international airport of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt.

In March 2015, the Germanwings Airbus A320-211 crashed into French Alps, which resulted in 150 people dead on board. It was then later unearthed that pilot Andreas Lubitz that had suicidal tendencies, had caused the crash. editor Geoffrey Thomas pointed out that Germanwings has retained its seven-star safety rating for 2016 since the incident was caused by suicidal attempt by the pilot. “In our system of rating, which is approved and endorsed by aviation’s governing body, the International Civil Aviation Organization, if deaths did occur through acts of hijacking, terrorism or pilot suicide, they are not considered cause of crash record”, he stated. Let us have a look at the list of airlines with the worst safety records.

1) Batik Air

2) Bluewing Airlines

3) Citilink

4) Kal-Star Aviation

5) Lion Air

6) Sriwijaya Air

7) TransNusa

8) Trigana Air Service

9) Wings Air

10) Xpress Air

Some aviation-safety experts have doubted the basis for the AirlineRatings survey, since it does not seem to prioritize what passengers regard as the most important safety consideration: an airline’s track record of flying millions of missions with no deaths. The two foremost European budget airlines, Ryanair and easyJet have fatality-free records, and flew around 180 million passengers between them safely. The three fliers from the British Isles which are included in the AirlineRatings “top ten safest cheap airlines”- Flybe, Aer Lingus, and Thomas Cook Airlines – carried 22 million passengers between them.

Malaysia Airlines, which are struck by two accidents leaving all passengers on board missing or dead in 2014, was given 5 stars out of possible 7 ratings: the same as Thomson Airways and Ryanair. This surely makes the list of airlines with the worst safety records about to be expanded. If a carrier has a crash which involves the death of a passenger and crew members, it automatically will lose a star from the safety-rating rankings. Iraqi Airways last month was banned from operating over EU airspace because of unaddressed safety concerns and also has been given only 2-star safety rating by

Thailand’ s aviation industry, included in the list of airlines with the worst safety records, was ranked un “special measures” last year after issues were flagged up by ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization. Airlines including Thai Airways, awarded 4 out of 7 stars for safety rating were spared being put in the EU blacklist. Officials stated that they would monitor future developments and would deem bans if air passenger safety was considered to be at risk.


When do Flight Prices Change during the Week –

In as much as a commercial flight is commonly subject to having a number of passengers that may have paid different airline fares, it can surely be worthwhile to try to understand how and when airlines make change to the offered airline ticket prices to save money. Well, in addition to understanding when airlines change the flight ticket prices, you can also save money by knowing the cheapest days as well as the cheapest time to fly. Follow the tips below and find out the best day to make your flight all the cheaper.


The Best Days of Lowest Fares

Commonly airlines tend to play a game of catch-up continually with one another, resulting airlines changing the flight ticket prices. A single airline usually will release its latest late on Monday evening if it is currently working on their promotion program or a new sale program. Other fliers take note and then will adjust their airline tickets in order to be competitive and comply with the market.  By Tuesday, literally all of the fliers will have offered new fares which are advertised on their company’s websites which are cheaper than the previous airlines could find one day earlier.

Knowing the Time

Even though Tuesday is commonly the best day to purchase cheaper airline tickets, of course when flight tickets change to its lowest level, you had better not presume that you can simply wake up early on Tuesday morning and then find all the best airline ticket prices. It will take a number of hours for all the airlines to adjust their ticket prices right to the levels at which they expect them keeping up with the price drop which begins on Monday evening. Commonly the price drop will be completed at around 3 PM EST Tuesday afternoon, so for those who do searching around this particular time, you may be more likely to find more favourable results.

The Best Day to Fly

Since a lot of people are so fond of stretching their trips by flying out on Friday so as to start an early weekends or just to fly home on Sundays in order to extend their trips to the very last minute, fliers change more for the flights on these days. Most air carriers commonly lower their fares to flyers that travel on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Flights which leave on Thursday commonly fall between the prices for flights on Wednesday and Friday.

The Best Times to Fly

Now, just think about the time of the day when you are more likely to have a flight and you probably have through of the time of the day for which the prices of flight ticket change to its lowest level. Flights are commonly lower when they leave so early in the morning or quite late at night. Dinner-hour and lunch-time flights are also less costly than are those flights which leave in the morning around the outset of a typical busy working days.

To sum up, if you really want to get the most out of your budget trip, then you have to know when airlines change the flight ticket prices. These tips on finding the best day and the best time to fly surely will help you to save your money.


The Largest and Best Airport in the World –

Transportation now has become one of the most important aspect in life since people do rely on it when dealing with many aspects of their life. Of course, in order to support the overall demands for air transport, which offers fine and proper service for passengers, airport has to be well taken into account. Here, I have compiled a number of resources on the largest and best airport in the world.


Singapore Changi Airport

This international airport of Singapore connects passengers to over two hundred destinations around the globe, with 500 arrivals as well as departures in a week by eighty international airlines. The CEO of Changi Airport Group, Mr. Lee Seow Hiang said, “to be recognized as the world’s largest and best airport in the world by Skytrax for the 4th year running is indeed a significant reputation for Changi Airport and an obvious affirmation that we go on hitting the right notes in our chase of service perfection. We don’t take this recognition lightly, as it is the extraordinary effort and dedication of the whole airport community which drives Changi’s achievement. We deeply thank our passengers and also partners for their support and confidence in us”

Incheon International Airport 

Another largest and best airport in the world, Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea and also known as one of the busiest airports in the world. In fact, it is the previous winner of the Airport of the Year title at the coronation of the World Airport Awards.

Munich Airport

Munich Airport is indeed another largest and best airport in the world and it is also the second busiest airport in Germany. Munich international airport has connections to hundreds of destinations throughout the globe, yet much more besides. With more than 150 retail stores and some 50 spots where you can enjoy lots unique drinks and food. It is just like a city center, which offers visitors and travelers a lot to see and do.

Tokyo International Airport Haneda

Tokyo international airport Haneda, boasting both international and domestic terminals, plays a very important role in furthering the country’s development as a tourism-focused nation.

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong King International airport serves approximately 100 airlines which operate flights to over 180 destinations throughout the globe, which includes 44 destinations on Chinese Mainland. It is former and multiple winner of the airport of the Year title at the annual World Airport Awards.

Central Japan International Airport

Two years ago, 9.8 million passengers travelled through Central Japan International Airport in Nagoya, which is better known as Centrair. The international airport has a spacious domestic traffic percentage, with a number of domestic routes operative to Asian big cities such as Singapore and Bangkok.

Zurich Airport

Zurich airport is also one of the best and largest international airports in the world. Also, it is known as the largest international airport in its home country, Switzerland. With that reputation, Zurich Airport serves as the principal hub for Swiss international Airlines.

How to Get Cheap flight Tickets in Last Minutes –

When it deals with scoring cheap flight tickets in the last minute deals, the time of year and the destination of the trip can make or even break your travel budget. Some of the popular destinations and dates within the peak seasons mean it will be that much harder for you to land a deal. While booking flight in advance is commonly the best way to get a good deal, it is not the only way to get cheap flight ticket. With the right tips, tool, and a bit of flexibility, you can score your cheap flight tickets in the last minutes.


Keep the Flight Details Flexible

The more flexible you are in your travel details, the more choices that you will have when it deals with getting cheap flight. When you book a flight in the last minutes it means that you may not have lots of options in terms of routes, flight times, or departure locations, yet if you can keep the details of your travel plan flexible, you will improve your chances of saving your money on the flight ticket. While early morning flight, extra layover or even added plane changes may add little inconvenience to your flight, bear in mind how it will be to have some additional money to use at your last destination!

Research the Last Minute Flight Deals from Various Airlines

When an airline does not have enough demand for a certain flight, the staff can look to fill up the seats, quickly. This is indeed great news for those seeking cheap flight ticket in the last minutes, as these empty seats commonly translate to cheap tickets. Commonly airlines will try to fill the seats by posting travel deals on their websites, which offer great discounts on the last-minute flight.

Ponder a Vacation Package as an Alternative

A common rule of thumb when it deals with landing cheap flight ticket in the last minutes is to take what you can get. Remaining booking options may not match your travel needs or travel budget, yet that does not mean that you have to bitterly swallow the high cost of waiting till the last minute and then take a costlier flight; nor do you have to abandon the trip completely. Also, it is important to take into account some vacation packages, often allowing you to pick up remaining flight ticket and hotel at extremely discounted prices. You may be able to snag the whole vacation package for less than the cost of a typical last minute flight along your expected route.

Check the Travel Consolidator for Available Last Minute Flight Deals

Travel consolidators buy up large quantities of tickets from airlines at volume price in order to assure enough seats are sold well in advance so as to keep the flights at maximum capacity. When consolidators are not able to pre-sell enough seats, they will look to unload them to those who search for the last minute cheap flight tickets.

All in all, I guess getting as much information as possible is the key to getting cheap flight at the last minutes.


How to Choose Your Ideal Holiday –

There is nothing wrong with going on a holiday. In fact, this is what makes people exceedingly exhilarated as they can get away from their daily frenzy. But, with thousands of fabulous destinations, sometimes it is not that easy when it comes to choosing your ideal holiday.  To help you out, let me give you some tips on how to choose your ideal holiday.


Where to Start

Firstly, you need to think about what you want to achieve out of your holiday and then write it down. Perhaps you want to come back entirely relaxed, or you want to explore the nature as much as you can with the time you have, or perhaps you want to learn more about something which is really interesting to you. Simply write down what it is that you are looking for to achieve from your holiday.

Choosing the Destination which is Right for Your Wants and Needs

Once you find out what you want to achieve from your ideal holiday you can then start thinking about the destinations which meet these needs. Let me show you some examples. First, if you want to relax and have a peaceful ideal holiday, you are not supposed to choose big city like Tokyo. Instead, you had better choose an island, secluded mountain, or beach, which lets you entirely relax and come home feeling rejuvenated. What if you want to get the best out of both worlds? Time to relax while also encountering more of the sights without too much worry and hassle getting around. Australia, Southeast Asia, or the Southern Europe are perfect destination for your ideal holiday. Finally, perhaps you want to get total immersion to acquire a new language, learn to cook local cuisine or get under the skin of a historical place. These holiday experiences can be made true anywhere in the world. It does depend on the type of experience that you are after. For instance, you want to learn to cook Italian food, then you can go to Rome. Or, if you want to learn Mandarin, then you can go to China.

At this juncture, it is important to do some browsing and research on some of the destination for your ideal holiday that you have in mind. Make sure you search your favourite blogs for articles or simply do Google search on the destinations and then read through the articles to find out if the destinations are perfect for your ideal holiday.

When to GO

Deciding on when to go is a very essential factor for holidays. If you are expecting to go skiing, then summer in Japan would not really work out as there is no snow to ski on. The same thing holds true when you are after beach holiday. While you are traveling to a certain destination you consider as ideal holiday in the off season, it may seem quite attractive for cheaper prices. Most of the time, it is how cheap you can get which determines what you want to get in the first place.


The Best Air Stewardess Uniform –

If you think that you feel uncomfortable when you are buckled into a seat at 40,000 ft, you can spare a thought for the flight attendants in a full uniform. While the common male cabin crews are dressed in a suit, the uniforms worn by the female colleagues can be so tight, provocative, scratchy creations which rival even the tackiness of an outrageous bridesmaid’s dress. Basically not all uniforms are designed equal for women since the standards of uniform vary from one airline to another, and female staff train in their outfits so that in the case of emergency they can do their duties while they wear the heels and sexually provocative skirts. Here are the list of the best air stewardess uniforms.


Singapore Airlines

Swearing colorful sarong kebaya which is nothing like the traditional cabin crew outfit, the stewardess of the Singapore airlines have been a global marketing tool for the airline’s service for decades. The outfit, which is designed by Pierre Balmain, was first introduced in 1968 for Singapore-Malaysia airlines. Just after the flier divided, the Singapore airlines kept the outfit and then launched the new Identity of Singapore girl in 1972, though the marketing campaign has been called rather sexist by critics. The design, which makes it the best air stewardess uniform, has largely kept similar since it was first introduced, before finally claimed as one of the best air stewardess uniforms.

Skymark Airlines

This Tokyo-based airline really caused an uproar when it introduced skimpy miniskirts worn by their girls during 6-month trial two year ago. The royal blue outfit was seriously criticized by the Japan Federation of Cabin Attendants, saying the daring uniform is inappropriate for work performed by flight attendants. Female flight attendants claimed that the uniforms were exposed to sexual harassment and they indicated concerns about leering stairs or even passengers taking photos of the skirts. However, this outfit does fascinate the passengers, making it one of the best air stewardess uniforms.


The stewardess with Lufthansa have worn a sort of Bavarian dirndl when coincide with October fest in the city of Munich since the traditional was started in 2005. A year ago, the uniform, said to be one of the best air stewardess uniforms, was worn by the cabin crews on long-haul routes from Munich to Beijing, Mexico City and Sao Paulo. The traditional folk costume which features Lufthansa’s colors, including yellow, blue, and white, is created by Munich’s Angermaier Trachten house of fashion. The girls wear a bodice which is yellow and imprinted with some blue flowers, a blue silk apron, and a white-striped skirt.

Virgin Atlantic

These stunning red uniforms designed by Vivienne Westwood was first launched in September last year and just in weeks the staff complained that they were too tight and the heels gave them blisters. The Unite Union said that staff complained about the skirts. But Virgin said that the outfits were subject to six months of trails including more than 150 staff volunteers, and some adjustments were made before the designs and the materials were finalized. The airline’s uniforms are created by using recycled polyester clothing and can be simply tailored to fit all sizes and shapes.

Well, as you see, the stewardess’ outfits are so various from one airline to another. Each of the aforementioned best air stewardess uniforms do pose their own characters.


Useful Tips for Taking Vacation Photos –

So, summer is here! If you have not already, it is time to squeeze that vacation in just before the children go back to school. Not only do vacations offer you and your whole family a much required break from routine, they will also serve up some of the most fabulous photo opportunities that you will see all year. Hereunder, we will take a look at some of the best tips to help you capture some of the best images while you are busing taking vacation photos.


Taking one step back

As you are traveling for vacation photos, one of your main goals as a photographer is to take in the views. You are likely to encounter lots of breathtaking views which you will want to remember just as they were through your sights. What this means on practical level is that you need to pack your wide angle lens. If you have been planning to pick one up, then right before your vacation is the perfect time to do so. When you have got a stunning view in front of you, that extraordinary lens can simply kill it. Rather, you will want something which can grab as much of the view as possible.

Do not Forget the Faces

When you are out traveling to new and fascinating locations with your wide angle lens, it is so easy to get sidetracked and forget about the most essential part in taking vacation photos, which is the people that come with you. The single best way to re-experience the moments and emotions of the vacation years after is through the picture of faces of your family members and friends who were there with you. It is well worth it to miss the shot of Mickey Mouse who walk by if you can instead take a picture of the expression on your 3-year-old face as it happens.

Getting the Details

When you are somewhere that you have never been before, capturing the smallest details has a way of making your trip seem all the more special when you are showing the pictures off to your colleagues and family. Even if it is something which almost anybody can find right in their own back yard.

Watching for Wildlife

For sure, everyone does love a good creature shot. One of the best part of traveling somewhere can be seeing a number of living things which you would never see back home. Do not hesitate to venture from the beaten path and also explore just any areas where Mother Nature still has upper hand of hers. Capturing shots which portray wildlife is sure to earn you some photography respect points with your colleagues and indeed is a great way to end up on the fascinating section on Flickr. Make sure that you be careful with anything which has teeth.

Watching the Shutter Speed

Whether it is from a bus ride through the French countryside or your children running around the beach, family vacations are fraught with motion. In this case, not giving serious considerations to the shutter speed can turn your photo collections into massive disappointment.

All in all, taking vacation photos do make your vacation all the more special and memorable. However, it is always important to make sure that you pay attention to your camera components and also the objects that you want to capture.