The Best Places to Travel in Asia when Pregnant –

The end of the first trimester commonly denotes the end of nausea-fraught morning as you eventually get used to your body’s avatar and begin enjoying your pregnancy. If you can get a green signal from your doctor, this is just the best time to travel before you start your motherhood. If this is the first pregnancy of yours, your babymoon is going to be all the more special since holidays are never going to be the same! Hereunder are some of the tips on best honeymoon destinations in Asia and our choice of the few fascinating resorts.


Danang, Vietnam

Situated between Ho Chi Minh City in the south and Hanoi in the North, Da Nang is known as the third largest city in Vietnam and famous not only for its historical and shopping landmarks but also for its proximity to the ranges of Chinese beaches. The best time to visit this paradisiac spot is between May and October. Therefore if you are lucky to be able to travel around in this particular time, these are the best wonder destinations to travel in Asia during your pregnancy.

Cebu Island, Philippines

Globally known as the Queen of the South, Cebu Island is known as the most popular holiday destination in the south of Philippines. In addition to having flourishing metropolitan regions, it has pearl-white sandy beaches and is so rich in colonial history. The weather in Cebu is moderate yet tropical and is commonly hot as well as humid all year round. I you have an option, between December and May is indeed the best time to go there. The island is mostly dotted with world class resort.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is surely a favourite for lots of Hong Kong people. What is great about this special destination is that Bali can be a great destination to travel in Asia when you are pregnant if you soak in the laid back aspects of this fair island.

The Maldives

Without a doubt, the Maldives is so popular for its romantic honeymoon spots, so why not make it your special babymoon destination? Maldives have tropical weather and you can go there any time all year round. Should you want to stay in a special hotel for your babymoon, then you can try Taj Exotic Resort and Spa. The Taj Exotica Resort and Spa in Maldives is indeed an exclusive and romantic island which is surrounded by the clear blue waters of one of the largest lagoons in the Maldvies. This resort is the award-winning resort which does reflect the island’s natural beauty. You can also visit Jiva Grande Spa, which offers authentic Indian spa treatments and a wide range of wellness experiences which are designed to nourish your body. The resort is only fifteen minutes away from Male International Airport.


Just let your babymoon be your lovely excuse to get packing for Thai’s islands. Popular for its warmth and hospitality, you will never go wrong with Thailand as your holiday destination during your pregnancy.

When is the Best Time of the Week to Buy Airline Tickets? –

How to get cheap flights? This is one of the most common asked questions when dealing with budget traveling. Let us tart with the most essential things that every airfare shopper has to take into account.


First Rule: Always make comparison among airfares

It is so simple. No airline always has the best prices or airfares. Not Southwest, not Spirit, not every single time, and I have proven this. If you do not compare the airfare prices, which only takes a second to do, you can way too much.

Second Rule: Set Airfares alerts

If you have any idea on where you want to fly, then you need to set an airfare alert. In takes only a second and the deals will eventually come to you. When you see one that you like the most, you need to act fast; others have set alerts too and cheap seats are limited, most of the time.

Find out Cheapest Days to Fly and Cheapest Times to Fly

Fly tired, fly hungry. In other words, you had better fly when people do not like to travel by air such as meal times, at overnight or dawn. Make sure that you also check out these common guidelines, yet as always there are exceptions, another great reason to make comparison on the fares and compare fares for various days and times.

Cheapest Days: The cheapest days to book ticket are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. On the other hand, the most expensive days to fly are Fridays and Sundays. Should you want to buy tickets at the cheapest times, you had better fly when most people do not want to, which include flight at dawn, overnight flights, and also flights around the dinner and lunch hours. If you cannot fly on the cheapest days or times in any directions, then you can do it on one leg of your travel and you will still reap half your savings.

When is the best time to purchase airline tickets?

Let me show you when to start shopping and when to wrap up your purchase. The best day to shop is Tuesday at 3:00 OM eastern time, since, by this time, airlines have issued their sales and the competition has kept up with the lower prices and you will have more deals to choose from.

When to start and stop shopping

If you shop too late, you may hit with the steep last-minute prices of business travelers get, while shopping too early can also create more spending on the ticket. These are the shopping windows during which you can get the best-priced fares. For US domestic tickets, you can shop between three months and thirty days before your departure. If you are planning to buy international ticket, you have to shop between 5 and a half months and one and a half month before your departure. In addition, you need to pay attention to the peak travel. During the peak seasons such as in June, July, and August, you had better buy tickets a couple of months ahead of your departure.

How Early to Arrive at Airport for Domestic Flight –

Missing your flight since you arrived at the airport too late is surely not the ideal way to begin any trip. On the other hand, sitting at the airport for a number of hours since you arrive very early or because your flight is postponed can be so frustrating and boring. You can avoid both scenarios by simply planning carefully, paying attention to the schedule and arriving at the airport at the right time. Here, I would like to point out how early you should arrive at the airport for domestic flight.


Rules of Thumb

As a common rule, arriving at the airport no later than a couple of hours prior to your domestic flight is scheduled is the best way to do. This is rather later than the typical suggestions of 3 hours for the international flight. Arriving two hours in advance will give you lots of time to find the right place to check in for the flight you book, wait in line there, queue in the security line, and also deal with some complications which arise as you go through the security.

Some Reasons on why you should arrive earlier

Consider arriving at airport more than two hours in advance in certain cases. If you do not travel by air quite often and you are pretty nervous about the procedures that you have to go through, arriving earlier can help you to ease your mind and give you more time. The same is also true if you are planning to fly from an unfamiliar airport. If you plan to fly on a busy day, such as close to 4-day weekend or the day prior to Thanksgiving, then you had better arrive earlier so as to compensate for the possibly longer lines and delays.

Some Reasons on why you should arrive later

While arriving 2 hours before you get on board is commonly a good idea, it is not always necessary. If you checked in online and need to drop off your baggage-or if you plan to check in online and are taking carry-on only, you can often afford arriving slightly later. The same holds true if you are not flying at peak days, as the airport is going to be less crowded and lines are pretty shorter. In accordance with the Continental Airlines, 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM, 2:00 P to 3:30 PM, and 7:30 PM to 6:30 AM are off times when the queues are much shorter.

Some other considerations

Boarding will end before take-off. For flight at 2:00 PM, boarding commonly closes around 1:40, so you should not cut it close enough that you are arriving at the gage at approximately 1:55. In addition, if you are checking baggage, you need to find out how long before the light your airline wills top accepting any checked luggage. Make sure that you check the flight status boards at airport. In case your flight is delayed, then you may have more time to hang out with some friends or your family at airport before going through security.


The Best Airlines in Asia –

Are you planning to travel Asia? Then you are in luck, as the continent does boast some of the world-class level and high-ranked airlines. Here I would like to show you some of the best airlines in Asia!


Hainan Airlines

Joyous experience- so runs the inviting motto as well as the tag line of the fourth-ranked largest airline from the exotic climes of the People’s Republic, and the Skytrax agrees! Not only have they strived to squeeze into the top-ranked regional airlines for Asia and one of the best airlines in Asia, yet they also possess garnered accolades for providing the best staff service in some Asia countries and also the best business class conveniences and amenities in 2014. The news is indeed good for airways out of New England, since Hainan broke a new ground last year by being the first Chinese carrier so as to offer full-time connections from Beijing to the city of Boston!

Malaysia Airlines

The carrier of national flag and the leading member of Oneworld alliance, the Malaysia airlines recently offer their customers no fewer than 114 international flights and 118 domestic routes throughout the Malaysian Peninsula, labeling it as one of the best airlines in Asia For airways that travel short-haul, the carrier does tout its Golden Club service equivalent, along with economy seats with the pitch up to thirty four inches, which is one of the largest in the world. For passengers who choose longer flights, Malaysia airlines’ A380s have now offered the widest girth top class seats in the industry!

Thai Airways

A traveler’s ticket to the wonderful paradisiacal beaches of the Andaman Coast, the beautiful pearly white sands of Samui as well as the legendary bucket list parties of full moon, the Thai Airways are just every inch the airways that you have ever wanted of the so-called Island of Smiles. Since the change of the noughties, they have been expanding and also refurnishing their fleet just like no body’s establishments, which adds Boeing 787s, the colossal Airbus A380s, and Airbus A350s to the roster, all the while increasing their service of the long-distance routes and striving to adapt green biofuels, all of which makes the flier one of the best airlines in Asia.

Asia Airlines

Touting one of the most reputable economy classes in the world and two former runner-up positions on Skytrax’s overall flier rankings, Asiana Airlines surely are one to take into account. Not only is the company edging ever closer to one hundred transpacific routes, which connects South Korea with a number of global cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, yet it has also been lauded for its environmental and ethical friendly approach to flying with rainforest-friendly coffee and declined carbon emissions boosting the company’s reputation.

Garuda Indonesia

With Garuda Indonesia offering orders for aircrafts for right, left, and center, planning brand new and ambitious international routes to the U.S and Europe, and expanding the frequency of the main routes every single year, just like those between Singapore and Jakarta or Seoul and Bali, it is clear that the flier is still consistently riding the wave of its reputable 2009 rebirth and also striving to be one of the best airlines in Asia. What is more, with Skytra 5-star rating and a top-5 rank among the best airlines in the region.


Tips for Packing Light when Travelling –

Packing does need practicality. Not only must we plot what stuffs to pack, but we also must organize them into a single compact carry-on. With some steep checked-luggage fees rising lofty flight expenditures, globetrotters often recommend stripping down to the most needed essentials so as to hold on to certain dough. Follow the tips for packing light when traveling below to help you out.


Size Up the Carry-On

You will run the risk of paying hefty sum if your luggage exceeds your limit for carry-on luggage. Prior to considering which suitcase to take, you need to check your airline’s carry-on luggage limit in order to avoid extra fees. By opting for suitcase which does not need the limit, you should not have trouble boarding domestic airlines. New cutting-edge luggage designs are released every year, yet you should stick to the one that suits you the most. A roll-aboard which has soft sides which can be easily laid into overhead bi will allow you to breeze through the terminal on the wheels, while lightweight duffel bag makes you free to travel any sort of terrains, helping you to pack light when traveling.

Make Your Checklist

It might seem like no-barrier, yet making a list of packing forces you to really differentiate between what is important and what is not. You need to write down precisely what you will need the most, pondering the climate of your destination. In addition you need to take into account the logical numbers to decide on the required clothing. And while you are at it, make sure you pare down the list once more if you will be able to wash some garments on the trip to help you in packing light when traveling. Right after calculating what to bring, you can then cross off each item as you put it next to your suitcase, and then ignore the urge to bring in extra articles of clothing.

Remain Neutral

A common rule of thumb for packing light when traveling is to choose neutral colors. If you are traveling on a business trip, you need to bring along shirts, blazers, pants, and t-shirts which complement each other in whites, browns, and blacks. If basics are not your style, then opt for picking a catchy color like red and then work around it. Another tip is to bring along crisp white-collared shirt, which will make it easy for you to mix and match the pieces on the road. Also, you will allow yourself more room for packing casual clothing and the heavier items like your boots.

Pack Earlier

Probably it goes without saying, yet if you pack at the last minute, you will be far less likely to insert some extras which are actually trivial. Allow yourself sufficient time to evaluate the pieces that you need. You should ignore all the items in a way which allows you to see every item as this will help in packing light when traveling and preventing you from packing that extra bathing suit which you can probably do without. In addition, you can get enough leeway to pack your stuff more wisely rather than trying to balance stuffing the case with some scrambling to get to airport on time.

Learn to Layer

If you are going to somewhere cold, you will need to pile on the layers. However rather than stacking hefty winter jacket into your suitcase, you can instead pack some thermal gears and thin sweaters.


Top Low Cost Airlines in Asia –

Whether you are visiting the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia or the ranges of tea fields in, the hidden mysterious Taoist caves, saving your money on a trip is for surely helpful with that holiday’s budget you have been planning on. But, how can you do that? Of course, by going on a low-cost airlines of course. If you are traveling in Asia, then you need to take into account the following top low cost airlines in Asia.


Skymark Airlines

As of January last year, the Skymar Airlines has been in the almost bankruptcy, with the company ANA All Nipon attempting to revive its numerous routes across the islands along with the entire host of the other Tokyo-based establishments. But, whatever the future has in store for this airline, it appears that the cheap hops between Haneda, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, and Tokyo to name only a few were enough to garner the company some appreciation, with the airline kicking off the list of top low cost airlines in Asia.

Nok Air

Nok Air, connecting the beachfronts of Thai Andaman Coast with the bustling capital of Bangkok, the hill towns on the tips of Burma in the northern part with the local traditional markets of Nakhon, and the cold center of Chang Mai with the gate to the Gluy at Chumpon, has been now the most prolific domestic airlines in the sky of Thailand. Somehow, the airline’s 2015 joint venture with the Scoot of Singapore also denotes one to watch, set to be one of the top low cost airlines in Asia.

Tiger Airways

The Tiger Airways, which is previously known as the holder of the acclaimed CAPA Low Cost Airline in 2006 and 2010, looks as if this budget airline out of Singapore is still striving to fly high among its competitors. Two years ago, the Tiger Airways developed their services to cover the connections to Chinese cities and the island of Maldives, where some of the best beaches in the Indian ocean coalesce right on the cays. What can be better? Of course more and more passengers enjoy in-flight service of Southeast Asian culinary and free travel magazine to read.


After the company slashed lots of its fares up until 50% in 2014 in order to keep up with the competition form the wealth of the other budget-friendly airlines in India and also top low cost airlines in Asia, SpiceJet has been now unquestionably one of the top low cost airlines in Asia. Customers of Gurgaon-based companies can benefit from the on-time guarantee, entitling passengers to a voucher of up until a thousand rupees if their departure is postponed and an exceedingly aromatic in-flight culinary of curries from different parts of the continent.


With only less than a decade flight, this Japanese low-cost fliers and one of the top low cost airlines in Asia has set its sight high. The carrier has currently been connecting major hubs across the islands of Japan, though there are some rumors saying that the forthcoming years will see more destinations like Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, and even Shanghai, which will be included as the low-cost flights in Asia.


The Best airports in Asia –

The best airports in Asia are way more than just being the best on the continent. Many of them are actually ranked the best in the world! Here, you will see that the terminals infuse practical necessities with prominent extravagances so as to make ultimate airport and traveling experience.


Singapore Changi International Airport, Singapore

For almost a couple of decades, the Singapore Changi has remained prominent and firmly held onto its spot as the best airport in Asia and, for sure, in the world! It is hard to know where to start when it deals with describing the airport’s strength.

Seoul Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Consistently hot on Singapore Changi’s heels is the Seoul Incheon, which remains as the second place winner of our list of best airports in Asia. The airport is known to earn adoration from thousands of travelers by offering up free showers, Wi-Fi, ultra-fast free internet connection, lots of comfortable seating, and many more impeccable services.

Tokyp Haneda International Airport, Japan

This Japan’s international airport is admired by millions of travelers for being so efficient, tidy, modern, and commonly just really comfortable as well as inviting, making it one of the best airports in Asia. Connected to the city center in almost 45 minutes by taxi or public transport, the Haneda International Airport is far more preferred to Tokyo’s other well-recognized airport, Narita, which is situated 2+ hours away.

Taipei Toyuan International Airport, Taiwan

Taipei’s main airport first snags tourists’ attention with a number of creatively deigned gates which pay tribute to Hello Kitty, Taiwan music, tea, and the Asian Oscars. The international airport also offers a number of more useful as well as practical perks, which include unlimited Wi-Fi, private lounges, a transit hotel, free 15-minutes shower, which also offers free Kiehls shower kit, and of course a number of art and museum displays, making it one of the best airports in Asia.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia

This is just another Malaysia’s main terminal which continues to fascinate tourists with its indoor forest, which is also complete with wooden walkways right along the forest floor and through the lines of canopy. If you look more broadly, you will see that the main terminal is well-decorated with its clean, spacious, organized, and comfy facilities. The restaurant options cater well to all sorts of travelers, and there is sufficient enough shopping and ultimately free Wi-Fi so as to keep you going for several hours.

Osaka Kansai International Airport, Japan

Osaka Kansai airport is situated on a manmade island, which is only 38 km away from Osaka. Like the other airports in the list, travelers do praise the airport for being very clean, spacious, comfortable, and unique. Travelers really appreciate the fact that you can lock your luggage up prior to spending hours wandering between restaurants and great shops, before you eventually find a reasonably comfy armrest-free bench to relax.

New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, India

Voters that travelled through New Delhi recently were so delighted by the fabulous infrastructure with inviting ambiance, making it one of the best airports in Asia. The airport keeps providing great variety of restaurants and shops with comfy waiting areas.


The Best Places for Culinary Travel –

Cuisine which is native to a certain country or region has the color and flavour to make your trip all the more special and often serves as one of the most mouthwatering memories of your journey. With that being said, I set off to explore the myriads of varieties of global gastronomy, ranging from half-day classes to a number of tours, hotels and luxurious kitchens, bicycle excursions, cooking cruises, and many more. Let’s go through the list of best places to visit for culinary travel.


Morocco-Moorish Journey

Traveling in grand style though the glam history and aromatic treasures of the northwest part of Africa to ancient towns, like Casablanca, Fez, and Marrakech to explore fascinating souks, mosques, palaces, kasbahs, Berber villages, Roman ruins, and World Heritage marvels. You surely need to stroll through winding streets, fly in hot-air balloon atop the ancient palm groves, drink tea with locals, and also watch a vivid sunset right in the Saharan dunes on the back of a camel-all while enjoying fabulous culinary along your trip in Moroccan’s best places to visit for culinary travel

France-Surrounding Wine Region

The southwest corner of France, which features rolling hills, vineyard paths, seaside access, and wine cellars dating from the Roman empires, really relishes in flavour in its numerous best places to visit for culinary travel. As one of the best-known wine regions in France, Aquitaine, encompassing Bordeaux and its neighboring regions, is drenched in the life of foie grass and grapes. Historians, gourmands, and wine lovers flock to this region’s about 7,000 wine-producing chateaux and 13,000 vintners to soak up the taste of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Semilon, Cabenet France, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Italy-Cooking Trips in Italy

The Italians do maintain that it is not healthy to eat alone. Culinary vacations take this very motto to heart in its verve to spread an authentic Italian experience which revolves around cooking preparation and the kitchen, which denotes the center of life in Italian’s best places to visit for culinary travel. This company, which is family-run, creates innovative culinary adventures throughout Italy. You can cook in an ancient and historical villa in the sun-kissed village of Tuscany, explore the city in a Ferrari, go truffle hunting in the city of Bologna, or even taste the olive oils of a far grove in Sicily. You can meet the pasta, pastry, and bread makers of Italy, and toast la dolce vita with some new friends and your family around an Italian grandma’s kitchen table.

Spain-Barcelona Culinary Lesson and Lunch

Situated on the Mediterranean seaside with fabulous, colorful architecture, Barcelona, listed as one of the best places to visit for culinary travel, surely has lured the legions of tourists to discover its unique Spanish riches, which include cuisine. Roman, Greek, French, Italian, and Moorish influence have added in the Catalonian kitchen with zesty old-period opulence of onions, olives, rice, garlic, fruit, almonds, spices, and eggplant. Fresh vegetables from the area take the center stage as their distinctive course, instead of simply as side dishes, and some fresh seafood is so divine. Make sure that you also delve into culinary delights by taking local cooking course which includes a guided tour to the city’s legendary marketplace, La Boqueria.


The Best Places to Travel in Asia during the Winter –

Talking about traveling, I think it is impossible to exclude Asia from our list of must-visit destinations. If you are planning to visit Asia during the winter, make sure that you include the following destinations in your plan. There are wonderful places to travel in Asia during the winter. Read on and decide on which of these fabulous rubies of Asia that you want to visit.


Harbin, China

The illuminated sculptures of ice at the Harbin International Snow and Ice festival have been intriguing to people to the Heilongjiang city for nearly three decades. The ice lantern garden party situated at the Zhaoling Park denotes a fabulous festival highlight, which features almost 1,500 larger-than-life crystal-clear ice structures which shimmer with multicolored lamps at night. The ice lanterns are meant to create distinctive themes each year and will vary from famous landmarks throughout the globe, to mythical creatures.

The Harbin International Snow and Ice festival in 2011 was opened for a month. Also, you can visit the Yabuli ski resort, situated close to Harbin. This is a great favourite among powder hounds to explore China’s largest ski terrain. If you are fascinated by the beauty of Shirakawa-go lights at night, then you are not alone. The villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama situated in Toyama are known for their fabulous winter scenery. Village huts in the region, which are built in gassho-zukuri style lots of steep roofs so as to prevent snow buildup, are distinctively unique in Japan.

Otaru, Japan

 Hokkaido port ton, Otaru, does woo tourists with its architectural beauty which date back to the early twentieth century, and the canal adorning the area, is uniquely adorned with Victoria-style gas lamps. During the winter festival, known as Otaru Yuki-Akarai-no-Michi festival, the city becomes achingly majestic. Local people place floating candles on the canal and then distribute almost 15,000 snow candles and lanterns in order to light up the city’s pathways. Illuminated snow sculptures are nicely showcased at the Temiya Line site.

Dal Lake, India

 During summer months, Dal Lake does draw thousands of tourists with Shikara rides, Mughal gardens along the river banks, and lavish Victorian houseboats. In the winter, the excitement will achieve its prominence. During the winter, a number of winter-sports enthusiast go down the lake and its nearby areas in the search of perfect powder. The Himalayan state denotes the home to Gulmarg, which is an increasingly popular ski resort which is nearly perennially blanketed with several feet of fresh powder. During the winter, the temperatures at the lake can fall as low as -11 degrees Celcis, and the lake commonly freezes over. Travelers who plan to spend their night in a houseboat on Dal Lakes are suggested to book rooms on the spot right after they check out the offered options. Chicago Group of Houseboats and the Young Bombay are two of the most popular options.

So, have you found anything you like? There are of course some other breathtaking spots to travel in Asia in winter, such as Huangshan and Lhasa.

The Best Romantic Places to Visit in Asia –

Well, Valentine’s Day may have originated in European counties, yet lots of people these days are interested in exploring Asia during the love month. If you are planning to have a romantic travel with your loved one, then Asia should be on the list of your must-visit countries as there are a number of destinations you can label the best romantic places to visit in Asia. Let’s get started then.


Boaracay Island, Philippines

This tropical destination is hailed as the 2013 Best Beach in Asia and the second ranked as the World’s Best Islands list of Travel and Leisure. Beside the stunning powdery, pearly sand beaches, this special country denotes the best romantic places to visit in Asia for couples since they can get affordable hotels on the fabulous Boracay Island which are near the Myriad of exciting activities that they can enjoy. In addition, adventurous couples can explore the island’s pristine through a long afternoon horseback tour.

Bali, Indonesia

Offering intimate paradise, the Island of Bali surely is worth weeks of stay, especially for couples. This unique Indonesian attraction boasts crystal blue sea waters, black and white sands, lush landscapes, tropical forests, and ranges of ancient temples, which altogether put it in the list of best romantic places to visit in Asia. Couples can try a number of activities, which range from aquatic sports to guided walk to the beautiful temples and rainforests. For couples that want to try some food variety from in cheap hotels in Bali, you can enjoy a romantic, dreamy dinner moment right from a fascinating rooftop restaurants in Seminyak.

Phuket, Thailand

Named as the Pearl of the South or the fabulous Pearl of the Andaman Sea, Phuket surely lives up to its unique and flashy nickname due to its pleasant weather, bustling nightlife, and majestic glorious sandy beaches. The largest and most popular island in this country is worth labeled the best romantic places to visit in Asia since it offers various entertainment options which are available at different hours of the day. There is a special beach for every sort of person visiting Phuket. For couples that prefer socializing with the crowds, you can enjoy hedonistic and noisy Patong beach, while those who are laid-back can take pleasure in the joyous ambiance of Karon beach. The south of Kata offers beaches which are beautiful and quiet, and so does the north part of Pating and Kamala, such as Bang Tao, Surin, and Nai yang.

Maldives, the Necklace Island

Known as one of the flattest countries, the Maldives possesses a maximum elevation above sea level of 8 feet. In spite of the lowest high point, this peaceful and happy island is announced as the sunny side of life due to its tropical and tourist-friendly weather. In addition, the Maldives can offer couples dreamy honeymoon since it offers excellent beaches, ethnic event, and exotic nature in the over a thousand islands. The high visibility of the sea waters all year round does make the country’ water excellent for those who like scuba diving.

 All in all, I guess these 4 countries are the best romantic places to visit in Asia. There are, however, some other destinations I would like to show you, and yes, they are perfect for couples. I’ll keep you posted immediately!