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What else better than enjoying basking in the sunlight by the sea with a glass of cool, refreshing beverage to your left alongside the very person you have just married? Honeymooning at a beach is exactly heaven on earth. Now Asia is a place where many beaches that offer so-called romantic experience exist. You can simply choose one and arrange an itinerary while there. However, it’s easier to think of and imagine about it than to actually find the best beach honeymoon destinations in asia. You might end up getting confused and decide against the idea. Luckily, here are some of the best beaches you can pick from for your honeymoon purpose.


What are the Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations in Asia?

Bali has long been regarded as an actual heaven on earth. The island is encircled by beautiful beaches but you can simply go for Jimbaran Beach as number one spot to come to. As a country consisted of many small islands, Maldives is another best beach honeymoon destinations in asia and it offers you an irresistible opportunity to swim in clear seawater or dive down the shallow ocean floor. Koh Samui in Thailand is an island with many cafes and bars lining its beaches. Enjoy a glass of beer before embarking on a scuba diving experience. Beaches in Sri Lanka wait for your arrival so you and your spouse can take a romantic scroll. Pantai Cenang in Langkawi, Malaysia offers you an idyllic scene that promotes privacy and memorable honeymoon experience. El Nido in the Philippines provides you with a chance to soak in its natural hot spring. You can also enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling at its Biscuit Bay as can you in Sipadan, Malaysian Borneo.

Vietnam has two best beach honeymoon destinations in asia you can choose from: Halong Bay and Nha Trang. While Nha Trang is a beach located in a populous city, Halong Bay is separate beach in the northern Vietnam that earned the title UNESCO World Heritage Site—which says a lot about just how treasured the beach really is. Halong Bay boasts beautiful scenic panorama while Nha Trang offers activities ranging from mud bath to boat trip to island-hopping. Have a blast beach-hopping in any of the three beaches in Sentosa Island, Singapore (make plan to visit other beaches in Singapore’s east coast), or soak in an infinity pool at the beaches of Hongkong while taking in the bustling life of the city.

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