Tokyo and Kyoto: The Best Honeymoon Destinations in Japan –

Honeymoon-planning must be one of the most exciting parts of a wedding event you cannot miss at all cost. It is when you bond with your lovely wedded wife away from anything you two regularly see in a life you regularly live. If you are still at a stage where you find it hard to decide where to go this honeymoon season, Japan could be an interesting choice. The land of the rising sun is chock-full with attractive points and spots to include in your honeymoon itinerary. Of course, you need to do some research regarding best honeymoon destinations in japan in order to fully derive the benefit of coming to the country. Tokyo and Kyoto are two most preferred destinations for the newlyweds to go to. This doesn’t mean that those two cities are the only thing Japan can offer you but they are definitely the cream of the crop.


What to Expect from the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Japan?

Tokyo, as you guessed, is the capital city of the country. As such, it is the best honeymoon destinations in japan and there is a big chance that you can enjoy the most romantic honeymoon ever. Hotels are widely accessible and many of those hotels provide honeymoon packages too. Strolling on Tokyo streets might just be a unique experience, what with its crowded and busy traffic lined with stores and vendors. That’s not the only thing there is to Tokyo honeymoon. You can book a table in a restaurant in either Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Skytree. From these spots, you can enjoy Tokyo panoramic view in the night. Walk through the garden paths at the Imperial Palace, a place with romantic environment. Visit the Sensa-ji temple to immerse in a very calming surrounding with your spouse. See the sun sets in Odaiba Island in Tokyo Bay or row a boat on a lake in Sumida Park to see cherry blossoms bloom to life in the springtime.

Now, why Kyoto? Kyoto is the also the best honeymoon destinations in japan, as far as honeymoon is concerned, second only to Tokyo. It’s a home to many heritage sites more than other places in Japan. The city abounds with romantic atmosphere so it is a perfect place for the newlyweds to visit. Zen garden of the Buddhist temples in this city are worth visiting, especially the ones belong to Ninna-ji, Kozan-ji, and Kinkaku-ji Temples. Make time to visit the Kyoto Imperial Palace and its garden and don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy the scene at the Nijo Castle.

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