Top Five Most Famous Tourist Places in South Korea –

Knowing how fast South Korea has grown to become one of the world’s most visited places, it’s only natural that you also want to see what makes the country great in the first place. South Korea is rich in cultural aspects. The country’s growing industry makes for even further development which brings in modernity and mixes it with traditional values to create its enticing identity. However, the fact that you’re too eager to visit the country may cause you to forget about vacation-planning, which includes researching for famous tourist places in south korea. Remember, this part of process will affect so many things, especially on the budgeting front. There are a lot of places to visit in South Korea, more than this piece can handle. However, these are the top five spots you can make priority upon arriving at the country.


The Five Most Famous Tourist Places In South Korea

Jeju Island sports a combination between temperate climate, plentiful rainfall, and volcanic rock, making it somewhat similar to Hawaiian Islands. Activities available in this island vary. You can choose to hike on the Mount Hallasan, seeing sunsets or sunrises by the ocean, enjoying view of waterfalls and lava tubes, or horse-riding. Or, if you are willing to try an atypical attraction, Loveland should be on your list. Museums are accessible as well as caves and parks. Seoul is a mix of classic, traditional values and urbane, sophisticated modern life. There are four World Heritage Sites in Seoul that act as part of famous tourist places in south korea: Royal Tombs of Joseon Dynasty, Jongmyo Shrine, Hwaseong Fortress, and Changdeok Palace. This is where you can find nightlife entertainment centers with food vendors adorning the streets, sitting side to side with religious sites like Buddhist temples.

Located in Busan, Haeundae Beach is the largest one in South Korea. The beach is one of the busiest as it is perfect for both winter and summer visit. Seoraksan National Park is sited at the Taebaek Mountain and is the highest point of South Korea’s eastern side. Autumn is the perfect time to visit this place as it will be graced in beautiful colors associated closely with the season. Gyeongju is a small city near Busan worthy of the title one of the most famous tourist places in south korea. The city is so rich in historical values and spots that it is dubbed a museum with no walls. Visit this city in springtime to see the cherry trees lining the streets.

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