Getting to Know Some of the Best Jeju Island South Korea Tourist Attractions –

Jeju Island is dubbed “Island of no three kinds and many three kinds”. The moniker refers to the fact that the island is abundant in women, stones, and wind while lacking in locked gates, thieves, and beggars. Originally, before the annexation by the Japanese in 1910, the island is referred to by the Europeans as Quelpart—derived from the first European ship that harbored there from its departure in Taiwan. Formed through thousand years of volcanic activities, Jeju Island is now a home to magnificent lava tubes, which is a natural World Heritage Site, and a prolific tourism spot that sees hundreds of visitors through the years. Here are some of jeju island south korea tourist attractions.


Some of the Best Jeju Island South Korea Tourist Attractions

Resembling a fortress, the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak offers a captivating view with its beautiful sunrise. The peak rose from the bottom of the sea more than 100,000 years ago and was originally a separate island of its own. The volcanic formation was then connected to the Jeju Island when gravels and sand began accumulating and formed a link between the two. With width measuring to meters, height up to 10 meters, and length more than 13 kilometers, Manjanggul Cave is the world’s longest lava tube. The tube is formed around 2.5 million years ago and its interior has been preserved very well. That said, of its total length, only one kilometer has been deemed accessible for the visitors. Cheonjiyeon Falls is a waterfall whose name literally means the pond of God’s. Legend has it that the seven fairies that serve Heaven King often came to the site through stairs made of cloud to bathe in the water. This is the story of which Seven Fairies Festival, held annually, is based upon—transforming the site into one of the most famous jeju island south korea tourist attractions.

Mount Hallasan is the Jeju Island’s highest point as well as Korea’s tallest mountain. At its summit lies a crater lake, Baengnokdam (500m in diameter and 3km in circumference. The Teddy Bear Museum is a heaven for Teddy Bear connoisseurs. It boasts wide range of Teddy Bear collections and features a café, restaurant, and shop. Even if you don’t like Teddy Bear that much, the museum is still one of the jeju island south korea tourist attractions as there is an outdoor park where you can immerse in the scenic view of Jungmun Sea. Enjoy the green surrounding of Yeomiji Botanic Garden. Greenhouses at this site feature different themes: tropical fruits, jungle, succulents, aquatic plants, and flower.

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