Top Tourist Destinations in Busan, a City so Rich in Culture and Tradition –

Traveling to Busan may be an alternative you should take while you are in South Korea. Busan is said to be the fifth busiest seaport in the world and is part of the largest industrial area in South Korea. Busan is also the home to Centum City, the biggest department store in the world, and houses Korea’s longest river and largest beach. Now with qualities like these, surely you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to visit the area. But first, here is a concise list of top tourist destinations in busan you should consider adding to your itinerary.


What are Some of Top Tourist Destinations in Busan?

Beomeosa Temple is located on the mountain Geumjeongsan. An old Buddhist temple, it boasts a historical record spanning for more than a thousand year. It was built by the monk Ui Sang during the 18th year of King Munmu of Silla Kingdom’s reign (661-681). There is a Pagoda here that has three stories and the main hall of Daeungjeon. The famous Jagalchi Fish Market is regarded as the biggest seafood market in Korea. Here you can enjoy a unique experience of consuming fresh and raw fish directly at the market. Gwangalli Beach is intended for those with passion for the ocean. It is most famous for its sand that is fine and soft. The beach is punctuated with more than 300 restaurants that serve raw fish, cafes, and distinct restaurants for you to enjoy your vacation in. Korea’s biggest double-leveled bridge Gwangan is nearby. The bridge is meant for cars only and it becomes another thing for you to see because of its illuminating lights. The lights are able to generate more than 100,000 colors to suit the view of the night at the beach. Next in the list of top tourist destinations in busan is Taejongdae Resort Park. Named after the 29th king of Silla Kingdom, the park is located in Yeongdo-gu Island’s southernmost tip. The natural park’s cliff faces the sea so you can take in the view as much as you like. The king in question is said to have a penchant for travelling to lots of places but this region of the island is where he loved doing his hobby of shooting arrows.

Remember that Busan has the largest beach? Well, one of the top tourist destinations in busan includes Haeundae Beach. The name was written on a stone wall at the beach by Choi Chi-Won, a scholar of the Silla Kingdom. Yonggungsa Temple is situated at a beach on the north-eastern region of Busan. Built in 1376 when the Goryeo Kingdom reigned, the temple was erected by the sea by a Buddhist teacher named Naong.

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