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It’s nice that you are planning on going on a vacation to Seoul. However, it wouldn’t be that much of fun if you don’t know where to go. Wandering aimlessly with no clear direction at which you should land your feet is not only tiring and a waste of time but also unwise financially speaking. So it is advisable that you should do your homework at finding places of tourist interest in seoul. You will only end up helping yourself if you do so.


Discover Places of Tourist Interest in Seoul

One of the must-see places of tourist interest in seoul is the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Also called the Northern Palace, owing to its position relative to other palaces in different cardinal points, the Gyeongbokgung was in ruin during Japanese occupation around 1592-1598. The palace’s 7,700 rooms were then rebuilt by King Gojong. The word “Gyeongbokgung” translates to “Palace of Shining Happiness” in English and it is one of the most visited attractions in Seoul. Myeongdong is next in the list of places you should come by. It’s a district full of stores that sells items of different types, from international brands to local products to unique stuff. Dining options are also varied in types, ranging from Japanese food, Western, Korean, fast food chains, and family restaurants. Standing on Mount Namsan, the N Seoul Tower is the next in the list. If you wish to take a picture of Seoul’s panoramic view, this is the best spot to shoot from. Those who wish to shop for fashion items can head to Dongdaemun, another shopping-specific region where there are malls and shops at the ready. Feast your eyes with the view presented by Cheon Wa Dae, the President’s office and residence. Its blue tiles and roof merge naturally with the Mount Bugaksan in the background.

Insadong offers you a chance to immerse yourself within the rich traditional culture of Korea. Stores in this area sell many goods that reflect the country’s crafts such as hanbok, hanji, teas, and potteries. Looking for nightlife entertainments? Head for Hongdae. Nightclubs, clothing stores, and vintage goods are available there. Dubbed as the first of Seoul’s special tourism district, Itaewon features Korean furniture, jewelry, suits, clubs, bars, and restaurants. Existing in its current form ever since its erection, the Jongmyo Shrine houses services dedicated to either late kings or specific rituals for the Gods of Earth and Crops. The last in the list of places of tourist interest in seoul is Namiseom Island. It was in this island that the K-drama Winter Sonata filmed. So if you perhaps wish to relive the drama youself, the island offers you a live setting to fulfill your dream.

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