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Batu Malang is one the tourism destinations that is really popular in Indonesia. It attracts not only local holiday makers, bul also foreigners. A lot of people visit this area every day.  It is really famous with the cold weather. So then it is an ideal place for those whose areas are hot due to Indonesia as the tropic country. If offers many kinds of tourism resorts, either natural tourism objects or modern ones. For you who are still confused what to do in Batu Malang, tips below will be your best solutions. Here are 4 best place you can visit when you are in Batu Malang.


About What to Do in Batu Malang

The first place is Kusuma Agro Wisata. Kusuma Agro Wisata is one of best place in Batu Malang especially for you who are interested in natural objects. In this place we can walk enjoying wide apple orchards. Cool air blowing is able to cut our fatigue due to our daily routines. Fortunately, we can also pick the apples directly from farmer’s fields apples provided here in. We can also enjoy variety of games such as flying fox and also riding an ATV to get around the area apple orchards that are here. For those of you lovers of agro tourism, this place is an obligatory choice that you can visit in Batu Malang. Secondly is Batu Malang Town Square. It is situated right in the middle of Batu Malang. In the square we can see a replica of a giant apple that became an important icon for Batu Malang as a producer of apples in Indonesia. There is also an opportunity that we can ride the Ferris wheel with the family. Do not forget also to relax in the water park. It is wonderful, charm and pretty where we can capture this moment into the camera shots to store our memorable event. Those will be a recommendation of what to do in Batu Malang.

Te third destination to be the best answer of what to do in Batu Malang is Batu Malang Waterfalls. Batu Malang has 2 famous waterfalls, namely Coban Rondo waterfall and Coban Rais waterfall. Coban Rondo waterfall mainly has a myth in which if we invite couples to this place, after visiting this place they will surely break up the relationship. Yet, it all comes back to us because it is a myth that is developed within the local community trust. In the second waterfall we could enjoy the fresh air and the cool water flowing from the heights downwards. Splash of water would be a natural immersive musical soul of the visitors.


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