The Best Airlines for International Travel to Asia –

Do you want to know the best airlines for international travel, especially to Asia, here are the best air carriers you can choose from. Airline, which is the world’s safety and product rating website has issued the selection of Air New Zealand as the Airline of the Year for 2016. There are of course some other companies offering fantastic service for international travel to Asia.


Airlines of the Year

Air New Zealand, one of the best airlines for travel to Asia, is greatly honored for the 3rd consecutive year for its continuous environmental commitment, passenger innovations, operational safety, record-breaking financial performance, and motivation of the staff which have paved the airline an industry trendsetter. The team, one of the world’s most awarded and experienced, awarded the air carrier Best Premium Economy Class and Best Economy Class.’s team took special focus on Air New Zealand’s elaborate long haul service which has 2 multi-award winning products in Spaceseat and Skycouch for economy passengers.

Air New Zealand’s focus on their staff has led to outstanding performance right across the airline at every touch detail. Obviously, the innovation at Air New Zealand goes on to dazzle and the airline has rolled out some of the stunning novel breakthrough which includes innovative tracking of unaccompanied children and wonderful application so as to get you an excellent cup of coffee prior to your flight. Simply put, Air New Zealand has remained the industry leading company and textbook case of what an air carrier has to be in today’s intensely competitive market.

Best First Class

This special award has been gained by relative newcomer, Etihad Airways that has shaken the industry with the First Class Offerings. Etihad’s commitment to excellent appears to see no limit. The company’s new First Class and the Business Class services are so stunning and set the standard even higher in luxurious travel. In what is an incredible achievement in only about 12 years Etihad Airways has made itself renowned not only as a major force in Airline industry yet a trendsetter, making the company as one of the best airlines for travel to Asia

Best Business Class

In this criterion, Singapore Airlines has scooped the Best Business Class and the award does add to a string of accolades that the airline has won for its offering over the years, leading to listing the company as one of the best airlines for travel to Asia. In accordance to Mr. Thomas, the companies’ revamped business class is indeed impressive. It is elegant, subtle, and so cozy. The airline has always responded to its customers and it shows perfect response again and again.

Best Catering

Well, the last, yet by no means the least, Qantas scooped another award for its best catering for the second year, labelling the company as one of the best airlines for travel to Asia Its exceeding commitment not only to first class dining, yet also to economy travel making up ninety percent of passengers is exceedingly ahead of the pack. The airline has introduced an unprecedented 4 choices of main catering for the economy class, doubling in the size of meals, and the possibility to order online. Qantas’ catering service to both is international and domestic passengers have continued to be industry leading.


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