How to Survive Your First Year of Marriage by Traveling –

My wife and I have been married for over ten years. In celebration for surviving ten years of marriage without seeking marriage counselling or talking to divorce lawyers, I assumed I would write a post to share our tips for couples to survive their first year of marriage by traveling.


Learn to Laugh A lot

My wife and I like having lots of fun and laugh a lot which is the most important part in surviving your first year marriage by traveling This is important to bring so much ease and casualness into, not merely out relationship, but our life as well. We try not to sweat the little stuff and we often find silly things to laugh at like who has the widest forehead and who can do the silliest laughs.

Make the Light of Each Other’s Bad Habit

Everyone surely has annoying habit. Just admit it and get over it. Rather than getting upset about it, you can just make fun of them, eventually helping you to survive in your first year marriage by traveling. We would sit down to have breakfast and let another day on a fabulous Thai beach, and then exclaim, this often ended in a lively and silly conversation which would set our day off on the right path. Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without my wife’s annoying habits which have to always focus on small details. I would be fluffing around doing yoga on the bigger picture, not knowing how to get there eventually. It does annoy me how she has to have the piece of wood straight, perfectly before I have to hammer it to build the house. I mean I just want to hammer the nail in so we can have the house built.

Take Part in Activities together Involving Teamwork

My wife and I really love hiking and also climbing mountains. We always look for adventures when we are traveling, which is a great thing to survive your first year marriage by traveling. Not only are they giving us lots of fun memory to remember, but they also help us to join together as a couple more. It is always so wonderful for me to have someone who can support me along the challenging parts and help me to have more confidence in my own strength. It has been a great time to have her to turn to when the hard time comes. This helps us to be able to have the same principles for when other challenges related to un-traveling come up in our life. We are giving each other the motivating pep talks we need to push through personal and business limits. This is indeed a great benefit to couples traveling together.

Compromise and Share Decisions

We find ourselves arguing over who is supposed to listen to the ipod next, or swing in the hammock first. Many times when you travel you do not want to make a decision in case it is not what your couple want. Just be clear on what you both expect and someone make decision which will suit both of you. Never leave it to one half to make the decisions.

So, after all, I guess the most important thing in how to survive your first year marriage by traveling is to have trust and communication in a marriage.


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