The Worst Airlines on Time Performance –

We are now living in a modern era of travel where it I just as possible to travel to the other part of the globe as it is to drive to a neighboring city. With this new accessibility comes demand from consumers that yearn to see things few others have seen. But what is the thing that lots of consumers say they hate most about flying? Confusing airports and also busy terminals, tight cramped quarters, poor service, and long delay are often the reality faced by passengers. While some airlines are better than others, there are surely those that are worse than the others as well. Let me show you the worst airlines on time performance.


US Airways

One of the large U.S. airline carriers has made attempts to change its reputation for poor overall quality and customer service, dragging it into the worst airlines on time performance. The company’s global on-time performance for the first quarter in 2015 was an average of 75.34% with February reaching a lower point of 73.15% on-time. The good news is that the data show US Airways seems to make improvements, though they are slow ones. Their most recent statistics on lost-baggage were 2.7 per 1,000 customers.

Frontier Airlines

While American small flier Frontier Airlines may have gained an overall three-star rating from SKytrax, a closer look at the details show many areas in which they were only given a two-star rating which includes waiting times, the standard of customer support service and also boarding service efficiency. The company actually only got 1.5 start rating for handling cancellations or delays which is exceptionally low. Lost baggage, surprisingly, is not as big of an issue with the flier as their stats for that particular issue shows 2.21 claims per 1,000 passengers, although we attribute this to the smaller size of this flier when compared to the other American airlines.

United Airlines

This large American airways has established a reputation for poor passenger care maybe even bordering on abusive since there have been issues of customers being left on the tarmac for many hours on end. This reputation got so bad that in 2013 the American Department of Transportation actually fined the company over $1 million for this offence. For the first quarter of 2015 they only have on-time performance average of 75.39% with February going as low as 72.96% on time. Not only are delays a problem but also lost luggage is common issue as well with a reported 3.66 baggage claims per 1,000 passengers. This is quite surprising how the carrier is included in worst airlines on time performance.

China Eastern Airlines

Another worst airlines on time performance to avoid if you cannot bear with delays, China Eastern Airlines is based out of Shanghai, China and is classified as a budget carrier. According to global airline arrival performance, the company is plagued by problems with delays, evidenced by an average time-performance of 53.87%.

Pakistan International Airlines

So far in 2015 Pakistan International Airlines on-time performance is a dismal 37.53%-granted the carrier only fly about 3,000 flights per month compared to major airlines like the US Airways operating nearly 90,000 per month, which puts the company in the list of worst airlines on time performance.


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