Unique Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget – blirg.com

If you were able to include your long-wanted honeymoon in your overall wedding spending, congratulations! If not, you don’t need to worry! There is lots of romantic and affordable choices when it deals with celebrating your just-married status. Traveling abroad is not as expensive as you may imagine. Whether your plan of fun getaway is traveling the Europe, relaxing on a tropical beach or lounging around tropical beach, there are lots of budget-friendly, unique honeymoon destinations on a budget. Follow these tips to make your honeymoon special.



Mexico offers endless number of fabulous white pearly beaches and with its fair tropical climate, it makes it so easy to plan a honeymoon for just anytime of the year. Some of the popular Mexican cities for honeymoon include Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Puerta Vallarta, and Tulum, all of which have varied resorts and accommodation at any budget. You can choose all inclusive resort to take care of food and enjoy some drinks for your stay. There are also lots of cheap boutique hotel for your budget. These altogether make Mexico a perfect destination to have unique honeymoon in a budget.


Are you interested in soaking up the sun in outrageous Mediterranean?  If you are, then Croatia will be perfect unique honeymoon destinations on your budget. This very country is known as one of the best destinations for travelers from all over the globe, which boasts unbelievable beaches and stunning medieval historical buildings. Just indulge in world-famous olive oil, you can go boating in the early morning and go sightseeing in the afternoon and then spend your time enjoying some of the most fabulous scenic views which the country offers.


Cozy beds and delicious breakfasts, historic castles, lush countryside landscapes, and stunning villages do make Ireland a fabulous honeymoon destination. You can start your trip in the capital city of Dublin, where you will see lots of rich history and interesting parks. To go around the city, you can rent a car and then drive along the stunning countryside which is just as fabulously green as they say it is and stop by to enjoy popular attractions like the River Shannon.


Southeast Asia is well known for its wallet-friendly destinations for travelers, and Thailand is one of many region’s popular destinations for those seeking unique honeymoon on a budget. If tropical beach honeymoon is what you want to have, then Thai islands offer you lots of picture-perfect ranges of pearly beaches, which offer crystal clear water that you have ever seen. Also, you can spend some time in Bangkok viewing the breathtaking temples and eating tasty street food.


Jamaica, known as one of many popular destinations for honeymoon in the Caribbean, is also one of many affordable destinations for those looking for unique honeymoon in a budget. With hundreds of pristine beaches, waterfalls, pal tree-lined mountain, and lots of inclusive resort, Jamaica offers lots of ease for newly married couple to have their unforgettable honeymoon in a budget.


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