Tips on How to Travel the World on a Low Budget –

World travel is cheap and easy. With just a little practice and effort, you are on your way to make a free trip around the world. The idea that travel is costly and hard is just bullshit which is peddled by most tour companies, corporate media, and hotel chains. The industry of tourism wants you to purchase cruise packages and stay at entirely inclusive resorts. They do want you to pick up a world travel option the same way you would pick up a new jacket at the mall. Here, I would like to show you some useful tips on how to travel the world on a low budget.


Opting for the Simple Joy of Traveling

Travel does free you from the frenzy of your daily routine. You can explore new spots, meet new people, taste new food, and learn lots things about the world, which you never imagine can be made possible. The glee of new experiences is the most fabulous things about having a world travel. Also new experiences are just free. You can walk the streets of a town. Stop by and have a chat with some locals. People watch in Public Park. Climb top hill and also watch the sun which is set over the ocean. The simple joy of being at a new place is just a matter of going somewhere new. You do not need any tour package, which is the key to low budget.

Keeping Your Needs to A Minimum

The modern American economy is basically established on an incorrect premise that people need buying new goods and also services all the time. This is just another bullshit avoiding people from traveling the world on a low budget. People simply need fresh air, clean water, healthy food, creative stimulation, exercise, self-esteem, companionship, and safe place to rest. All of these stuffs are simple to get. In fact most of them are free. For fresh air, you just need to go outside. For exercise, you just need to take a walk.

Going Slow

If you live in the city of New York and you want to take a two-week holiday in Africa, it will be hard to travel for free. Indeed, so long as you believe that time is money, you can spend money all the time. Time is not money-it is free. You have all the time you need in the world. Rather than purchasing a plane ticket, you can catch a ride out West, hop on your bike and then ride away from town, or just a remodel old sailboat, which all make possible traveling the world on a low budget.

Leaving Your Possessions and Obsessions behind

The last premise to bear when it comes to traveling the world on a low budget is leaving your possessions and obsessions behind. When you are on travel, you do not need to pay any rent. You do not need any car. You do not require an oven, a washer, cable TV, electricity, sofa and loveseat, or a gym membership. You do not need a suit and tie to put on to work since you do not need a job. Also you do not need to worry about dealing with the monthly bills, since there are no bills to pay. You are completely free.

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