The Best Air Stewardess Uniform –

If you think that you feel uncomfortable when you are buckled into a seat at 40,000 ft, you can spare a thought for the flight attendants in a full uniform. While the common male cabin crews are dressed in a suit, the uniforms worn by the female colleagues can be so tight, provocative, scratchy creations which rival even the tackiness of an outrageous bridesmaid’s dress. Basically not all uniforms are designed equal for women since the standards of uniform vary from one airline to another, and female staff train in their outfits so that in the case of emergency they can do their duties while they wear the heels and sexually provocative skirts. Here are the list of the best air stewardess uniforms.


Singapore Airlines

Swearing colorful sarong kebaya which is nothing like the traditional cabin crew outfit, the stewardess of the Singapore airlines have been a global marketing tool for the airline’s service for decades. The outfit, which is designed by Pierre Balmain, was first introduced in 1968 for Singapore-Malaysia airlines. Just after the flier divided, the Singapore airlines kept the outfit and then launched the new Identity of Singapore girl in 1972, though the marketing campaign has been called rather sexist by critics. The design, which makes it the best air stewardess uniform, has largely kept similar since it was first introduced, before finally claimed as one of the best air stewardess uniforms.

Skymark Airlines

This Tokyo-based airline really caused an uproar when it introduced skimpy miniskirts worn by their girls during 6-month trial two year ago. The royal blue outfit was seriously criticized by the Japan Federation of Cabin Attendants, saying the daring uniform is inappropriate for work performed by flight attendants. Female flight attendants claimed that the uniforms were exposed to sexual harassment and they indicated concerns about leering stairs or even passengers taking photos of the skirts. However, this outfit does fascinate the passengers, making it one of the best air stewardess uniforms.


The stewardess with Lufthansa have worn a sort of Bavarian dirndl when coincide with October fest in the city of Munich since the traditional was started in 2005. A year ago, the uniform, said to be one of the best air stewardess uniforms, was worn by the cabin crews on long-haul routes from Munich to Beijing, Mexico City and Sao Paulo. The traditional folk costume which features Lufthansa’s colors, including yellow, blue, and white, is created by Munich’s Angermaier Trachten house of fashion. The girls wear a bodice which is yellow and imprinted with some blue flowers, a blue silk apron, and a white-striped skirt.

Virgin Atlantic

These stunning red uniforms designed by Vivienne Westwood was first launched in September last year and just in weeks the staff complained that they were too tight and the heels gave them blisters. The Unite Union said that staff complained about the skirts. But Virgin said that the outfits were subject to six months of trails including more than 150 staff volunteers, and some adjustments were made before the designs and the materials were finalized. The airline’s uniforms are created by using recycled polyester clothing and can be simply tailored to fit all sizes and shapes.

Well, as you see, the stewardess’ outfits are so various from one airline to another. Each of the aforementioned best air stewardess uniforms do pose their own characters.


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