When is the Best Time of the Week to Buy Airline Tickets? – blirg.com

How to get cheap flights? This is one of the most common asked questions when dealing with budget traveling. Let us tart with the most essential things that every airfare shopper has to take into account.


First Rule: Always make comparison among airfares

It is so simple. No airline always has the best prices or airfares. Not Southwest, not Spirit, not every single time, and I have proven this. If you do not compare the airfare prices, which only takes a second to do, you can way too much.

Second Rule: Set Airfares alerts

If you have any idea on where you want to fly, then you need to set an airfare alert. In takes only a second and the deals will eventually come to you. When you see one that you like the most, you need to act fast; others have set alerts too and cheap seats are limited, most of the time.

Find out Cheapest Days to Fly and Cheapest Times to Fly

Fly tired, fly hungry. In other words, you had better fly when people do not like to travel by air such as meal times, at overnight or dawn. Make sure that you also check out these common guidelines, yet as always there are exceptions, another great reason to make comparison on the fares and compare fares for various days and times.

Cheapest Days: The cheapest days to book ticket are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. On the other hand, the most expensive days to fly are Fridays and Sundays. Should you want to buy tickets at the cheapest times, you had better fly when most people do not want to, which include flight at dawn, overnight flights, and also flights around the dinner and lunch hours. If you cannot fly on the cheapest days or times in any directions, then you can do it on one leg of your travel and you will still reap half your savings.

When is the best time to purchase airline tickets?

Let me show you when to start shopping and when to wrap up your purchase. The best day to shop is Tuesday at 3:00 OM eastern time, since, by this time, airlines have issued their sales and the competition has kept up with the lower prices and you will have more deals to choose from.

When to start and stop shopping

If you shop too late, you may hit with the steep last-minute prices of business travelers get, while shopping too early can also create more spending on the ticket. These are the shopping windows during which you can get the best-priced fares. For US domestic tickets, you can shop between three months and thirty days before your departure. If you are planning to buy international ticket, you have to shop between 5 and a half months and one and a half month before your departure. In addition, you need to pay attention to the peak travel. During the peak seasons such as in June, July, and August, you had better buy tickets a couple of months ahead of your departure.

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