Why You Should Travel Alone at Least once in Your Life – blirg.com

What if to change your life and to discover who you really are is as simple as getting on an airplane? If you know only just 3 steps which separated you from landing your real love and passion, would you risk taking the very first try? For most people traveling alone denotes that first step and the internet is fraught with stories which bear witness to the wonderfully life-changing power of traveling as a solo tourist. If you are at all interested, then you had better find out why you should travel alone at least once in your life.


You will be much inspired to live a precious story

Most people do settle for far too little journey in their life, and they do choose the existing over true life. However, as Anna Quindlen said, “the life that you have had does not have to be the only one you have” of course, nothing can remind you that you are part of a much bigger story than traveling solo.

You will learn that there is no US and THEM. There is only WE

Everyone everywhere is just the same. We do hope for the same things, and we also fear the same things. Everyone wants to love and to be loved. When you see people that you once saw as “them”, you will realize that the only differences between us are unimportant compared to what really connects us.

You will expand your soul

Without a question, most of our daily experience is connected to a sort of predictable pattern of people, places, and things. Pushing beyond our vogue will reveal a new world which is far more wonderful and unexpected than we have ever realized before.  What I want to say is that life begins right at the edge of your comfort zone.

You will have your experience for yourself

I believe that no one can discover the world for you. You can surely read about other places, people, and cultures that you want, but you are just learning facts. Really experiencing your life calls forth taking the journey yourself. Nobody can live your life for you, and no one else is supposed to be blamed if you die unfulfilled.

 You will learn how to be more present

This mind’s autopilot will turn off when it is confronted with a new situations and also environments. The whole world comes into sharper focus when you do pay attention to things around you. In this case, solo travel makes you aware and see the world around you, and not merely look at it passively.

You will gain lots of new perspectives

We are all used to seeing only one part of a whole story: ours. Solo traveling opens you to experiencing daily life through just another set of eyes. There is absolutely no better way to learn your own culture than seeing it from someone else’s view.

You will turn your new perspective into a new way of life

A lot of solo travelers return home with a whole new paradigm of the world and the role that they play in it. They cannot un-see or even un-learn what they have experienced, which will change not only how they see whole world but also how they live in it.


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