The Best Airlines in Asia –

Are you planning to travel Asia? Then you are in luck, as the continent does boast some of the world-class level and high-ranked airlines. Here I would like to show you some of the best airlines in Asia!


Hainan Airlines

Joyous experience- so runs the inviting motto as well as the tag line of the fourth-ranked largest airline from the exotic climes of the People’s Republic, and the Skytrax agrees! Not only have they strived to squeeze into the top-ranked regional airlines for Asia and one of the best airlines in Asia, yet they also possess garnered accolades for providing the best staff service in some Asia countries and also the best business class conveniences and amenities in 2014. The news is indeed good for airways out of New England, since Hainan broke a new ground last year by being the first Chinese carrier so as to offer full-time connections from Beijing to the city of Boston!

Malaysia Airlines

The carrier of national flag and the leading member of Oneworld alliance, the Malaysia airlines recently offer their customers no fewer than 114 international flights and 118 domestic routes throughout the Malaysian Peninsula, labeling it as one of the best airlines in Asia For airways that travel short-haul, the carrier does tout its Golden Club service equivalent, along with economy seats with the pitch up to thirty four inches, which is one of the largest in the world. For passengers who choose longer flights, Malaysia airlines’ A380s have now offered the widest girth top class seats in the industry!

Thai Airways

A traveler’s ticket to the wonderful paradisiacal beaches of the Andaman Coast, the beautiful pearly white sands of Samui as well as the legendary bucket list parties of full moon, the Thai Airways are just every inch the airways that you have ever wanted of the so-called Island of Smiles. Since the change of the noughties, they have been expanding and also refurnishing their fleet just like no body’s establishments, which adds Boeing 787s, the colossal Airbus A380s, and Airbus A350s to the roster, all the while increasing their service of the long-distance routes and striving to adapt green biofuels, all of which makes the flier one of the best airlines in Asia.

Asia Airlines

Touting one of the most reputable economy classes in the world and two former runner-up positions on Skytrax’s overall flier rankings, Asiana Airlines surely are one to take into account. Not only is the company edging ever closer to one hundred transpacific routes, which connects South Korea with a number of global cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, yet it has also been lauded for its environmental and ethical friendly approach to flying with rainforest-friendly coffee and declined carbon emissions boosting the company’s reputation.

Garuda Indonesia

With Garuda Indonesia offering orders for aircrafts for right, left, and center, planning brand new and ambitious international routes to the U.S and Europe, and expanding the frequency of the main routes every single year, just like those between Singapore and Jakarta or Seoul and Bali, it is clear that the flier is still consistently riding the wave of its reputable 2009 rebirth and also striving to be one of the best airlines in Asia. What is more, with Skytra 5-star rating and a top-5 rank among the best airlines in the region.


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