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Well, this is just like comparing two sides of a coin. A lot have been said about the differences between backpackers and flashpackers. Now that I myself have been intrigued by which sort of travelers to choose, I would like share with you what I know about those very differences.



Backpacking denotes an independent way of traveling, where one commonly takes only one backpack to accommodate his or per personal stuffs along the trip. Only the most essential stuffs are stowed in order to travel and move easily and freely from a certain place to another. Usually backpacker will not stay in one place and rather explore their destination independently and autonomously from mass tourism. Oftentimes backpackers travel within small travel budgets. This sort of travel is thus so popular with students and young people.

The Origin of Backpacking

Backpacker attached lots of thoughts and importance to their budget accommodation. This can only be found off the beaten track. Moreover, also the close contact to local people will be well maintained. The free way of traveling, which surely brings a touch of journey and adventure within him, becomes more popular and then the rough Hippie Trail becomes a busy route from European countries to Asian countries. Southeast Asia has been one of the most popular destinations for backpackers due to the joyful and pleasant climate, the friendly and open people, and the paradisiacal landscapes.

Today’s Backpacking

These days, lots of routes have been well developed. Lots of young people after their accomplishing university study go on the quest for the great adventure. Backpacking is nowadays so popular that in high traffic regions there has arisen a backpacker’s mass movement. This as a result removes naturally more and more from the esprit of backpacking and rigorously turned down by quite a few hardcore backpackers.

What about Flashpackers?

Flashpacking is known as a modified form of backpacking. I count myself rather to the flashpacker group, yet I also fancy the idea of backpacking. Flashpacker traveling is a bit more glam and luxurious and those who like it do not really pay attention to every single euro spent during their trip. The group of flashpackers encompass people that already have sustained income due to their seniority over higher income and of course have the good fortune to be able to earn their money everywhere.

The Origin of Flashpacking

For quite some time, there has not been the term “flashpacker”. In addition this is still rather uncommon. I think that the term “flashcpacking” originated from the last one decade or so. Flashpackers call themselves people that travel individually and independently and they do not want to give up any amenities. For instance, I always begrudge the faster means of transportation as my time on the road is more valuable than lots of money. A lot of freelancers and the digital nomad can be called Flashpacker as well since they also travel with some more convenient and technical equipment as well as comfortable accommodations.



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When it comes to carrying your pets along with you when traveling, images of tangled leashes and also sharpened claws may come to our mind. However, it does not have to be like that. Stress-free pet flight is indeed possible, with some advance preparation and the tips on traveling with pets below.

Young pilot with dog are sitting in front of the airplane

Triple-check the Airline’s Policies before You Book Ticket

For this article’s sake, I am discussing pets able to fly in airplane cabins. Most of the American airlineshave devoted their websites to their pet travel policies, so your pet will have to be ready with a note from the vet which states that it is healthy for travel and also be secured, comfortably, in a carrier of a certain size in your airline’s regulations. Pets which are allowed in the cabin are not emotional support and must fit in the carrier under the seat in front of you. Usually airlines also have a pet size and limitation on weights in addition to the carrier restriction, which makes triple-check all the more important before booking a ticket, and so is understanding pet travel specialty sites for tips on traveling with pets.

Know the Fees and Book Ticket Early

Traveling with a pet means that calling the airline to book you flight, which can be best done earlier rather than later since airlines limit the number of pets onboard each airplane. Make sure that you have the details of your expected flight to request, and you have to be ready with another choice, particularly when flying around holidays when more travelers are also on board with Frisky and Fido. Once you know your flight, you will be asked to pay the additional fee for pet travel, ranging from $75 to $125.

Ponder Upgrading

As your pet will be sharing your legroom, an upgrade can make for a more comfy and relaxing flight for both of you. Opting to purchase extra legroom seat when traveling with pets is easy and affordable way to go about this, and the JetBlue’s “Even More Space” seating, with thirty eight inches of legroom, can be best option, which can be purchased under one hundred dollars. On the higher end, the American Airlines lately has introduced first-of-their-kind pet cabins. Passengers that book in first class on American’s Airbus A321 premium transcontinental flight and reserve for their pet may put their carrier in its own nook, which does not encroach on legroom and also provides the pet comfy and safe space to enjoy the flight.


A perfect tip comes to Conde Nast Traveler from Belen Estacio, cat owner and travel marketing consultant, who has flown with her cat on both domestic and international flight, says that the night before traveling with pets, she assures that her cat, does not hide in one of her top secret nooks by covering the entrance with obstacle, such as pillow or chair, so that she can easily find her when it is time to put her in the carrier. The car really tends to hide after her luggage is all packed. She has almost missed flights due to the cat.

How to Travel on An Airplane with a One-year Old – blirg.com

In order not to repeat the flying-with-toddler a nightmare, I have asked my parent friends for their suggestions and tips as well as advice-and behold we had an almost perfect flight when traveling with one-year old. So if you are planning to take your little darlings on a flight, here are some of my tips to assure you stress-free flight, without using drugs.


Invest in A Trunki

They may look a little costly, yet Trunkies are indeed a lifesaver for entertaining your little one-year old when you are in long waits, since your kid can happily compel him or herself around while he is sitting on top. In addition the strap allows you to pull your loved one around, which saves their tired little legs if your walk to your departure gate is long one. I am just dreaming of a new remote control model right now! However in the meantime, a few cheaper sorts of ride-on luggage are commonly trickling onto the market, just like Kiddee Cases and Skoot Kid’s cases.

Be Sure to Plan Your Flight in a Number of 15-minute Slots

For a 3-hour flight you will need around 10 activities to keep your little one-year old entertained, since the first and the last 15 minutes you can occupy them by looking out the plane window for the take-off and landing. Favourite story book, CBeebies magazines, drawing, snacks, and snap are all great activities to keep your little ones entertained. It is unlikely that you will need all ten, particularly if you are managing to get them to get asleep, yet it is better to have too many than too few.

Get Portable DVD Player or Tablet

Without a question, the one thing that all parents seem to agree on is spending some dollars in some sort of video tech so as to keep their one-year old occupied-either a tablet computer, a portaabld DVD. In this case, DVD players are a little bit bulkier and glaringly need a set of DVDs to go with them, while tablets are  way smaller yet often have limited storage spaces for a number of vides. You will also have to be sure to download all the videos that you need before you get on board. Cartoons and movies can surely help you to keep your loved one calm.

Give Rewards for Being Good

This can be cheap solution to keep your one-year old for being good during the flight. Wrap up some small toys that you can present to your toddler as a reward. You can use toys as reward for your toddler for being god every fifteen minutes or thirty minutes. These do not have to be costly and can even be your child’s forgotten toys. Small soft animals are perfect here and as are little wind-up toys which can travel across the folded table though there is always the possibility that they may end up driving into another passenger or passing steward.

Take A Pillow

One year old can sit on a pillow so they can see out  the plane window better, while the older ones may find sleeping more comfy with a pillow.

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Experiencing lost passport or having it stolen in an oversea country is indeed a hassle, yet that does not meant that you are stuck in that very country forever. I once consulted the US Department of State’s website to find out what American travelers have to do if they find themselves without your passport while you are abroad. The chance of having a passport stolen or lost while abroad is the main reason why travelers have to always keep a photocopy or simply the digital picture of their passport so they can prove their citizenship. Hereunder are some tips to do if you lose your passport while you are traveling abroad.


Find and then Contact Nearest US consulate or embassy

You will need to report your stolen or lost passport to be consular section more specifically. The contact information for the US embassies and consulates across the globe can be found on the department of state’s country information page of the website. Just be sure to tell the consular officer that you are speaking with if you have been the victim of a crime. Also it is important to let the officer know when you are planning on leaving  the country, particularly if it is soon, so that they will know whether to get you a full validity passport or limited validity emergency passport.

Your Passport has been Stolen? File Police Report

Even though filing a police report is not necessary, it can help you to confirm that your passport was in fact was stolen. However, it likely will not speed up the whole process of your getting your new passport. Therefore if you are scheduled to travel back to your home country very soon, then you may want to fill filing the report.

Take New Passport Photo

Before you head to the consulate or embassy, you need to find a place where you can have your passport photo taken. When you arrive at the embassy or consulate with the photo that will help you to speed up the process of getting the replacement for your lost passport.

Fill out Application for A New Passport and A Statement on Your Lost or Stolen Passport

Along with taking a new passport photo, there are a couple of forms that you will need to fill out either before you go to the embassy or consulate or while you are there. One is the standard application for US passport and another one is a statement pertinent to lost or stolen passport, which will assure your passport is invalidated, important in preventing anyone else from being able to use it.

Head to the Nearest US Embassy or Consulate to Get Your New Passport

You will need to a bring few documents with you in order to get the replacement for your lost passport, which include your new passport photo, some sort of identification such as your driver’s license, some sort of travel itinerary, such as train or airline ticket, and evidence of US citizenship, be it a photocopy of your missing passport or your birth certificate.

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For sure, it is an awful experience when a certain airline loses your luggage, and it does happen to hundreds of passengers every single day. Thankfully, the US Department of Transportation has begun laying down the law on what should be done when you arrive somewhere and you lost your luggage. Unluckily, this still differ wildly, which depends on each airline and every specific situation. In order to help you to navigate these tricky waters, we have compiled everything that you need to know for when your luggage is lost.


In case your luggage is delayed, report it immediately

Most lost luggage is only delayed, since airlines have increasingly complex systems of tracking them down, and can commonly do so within just a few hours. Chances are that your bags simply get on the wrong flight. But, you still want paper trail. Even if the airline personnel has found your luggage and say that it is on the next light, you can ask them to file a report. For instance, you can give them your luggage claim tags, just be sure to get a copy of the report. In addition you need to make sure to get a phone number so you can pester somebody just in case. The pro tip is to take a photo of your luggage before you get on board. That will be all the more effective than will describing your suitcase.

Check the back of your flight ticket to get optimum claims

Some airlines have maximum claim that they will allow, yet you can commonly find that on the back of your flight ticket. This means that if they offer a maximum claim of $200, it is likely that you want to keep your brand new iPhone carry-on, or purchase “excess valuation” for lost luggage.

Be ready to negotiate

Commonly you are entitled to getting back reasonable expenses which are incurred while luggage-less, although what you ponder reasonable may not be in line what the airline ponders reasonable when dealing with lost luggage. This is when you will need to flex your negotiation tenseness and muscles. Back in the day, airlines will have you begging for sufficient cash to buy yourself toothbrush, yet since the DOTs 2009 rule, domestic airlines cannot make up ambiguous figures anymore to pawn you off with, yet need to cover “all reasonable, verifiable, and actual expenditures pertinent to baggage loss, delay, or manage”. As such you need to keep your receipts. These days, the per-passenger maximum is $3,400 for domestic flight. Realistically speaking, you will only gain that amount if it is your wedding day and they lost your dress (but why did you carry that on?) yet in theory, it means that if you need more than, for instance, $50 they’re offering you, you can presumably seek out more by asking and citing the DOTs decree.

Be Patient

For sure it can take airlines anywhere from only a few hours to one month to find your lost luggage, and another 4 weeks to 3 months, seriously!, to reimburse you. In certain cases, they will offer you travel vouchers which are worth more than the cash that they owe you.


How to Plan Your Honeymoon on A Budget – Blirg.com

In my last posting, I talked about how you can go travel the world on a budget. Now that the confetti has just fallen and the last of the beer has been drunk, you will get to jet set off to some exotic destinations for your honeymoon plan. Reality then hits and you eventually realize that after you have paid for all of your wedding expenditures, you do not have much money left for a dreamt honey moon which you have been longing for. If you are beginning to feel rather pessimistic about the whole plan and are ready to ditch your long-wanted plans altogether, then you need to read on. I will show you 5 ways to help you to get the most of your budget and still manage to go on a honeymoon trip to remember!


Signing up for Honeymoon Registry

When people around you say there “I Do’s”, it is a common place to sign up for wedding registry. These days, the common housewares gifts are becoming all the more redundant, and chances that that you already have your own house entirely furnished. So, why don’t you just sign up for a honeymoon registry? It is just the exact same concept of the more well-known traditional registry, yet it will entirely give your guests the chance to contribute to specific elements of your lovely honeymoon plan. Not only will this dramatically cut down on your honeymoons spending, but it will also make your family and friends feel great knowing that they made personal contribution to your honeymoon trip.

Opting for Traveling Locally in Your Honeymoon Plan

More often than not, when most people dream of their honeymoon plans in Tahiti or some other luxurious destinations will pop up in mind. However, the truth is that we will live in a fabulous country with lots of fabulous stuffs to see and explore. There are lots of local honeymoon sites right there in your own backyard. You can rent a cozy cabin in the range of Canadian Rockies or just opt for staying in a great hotel which overlooks in Niagara Falls. You can also always head east and then rent a quaint oceanfront room in the Maritimes.

Traveling during the Off Season for your Honeymoon Plan

All right, we all know that this may not be so ideal for honeymoon plan, yet if you are willing to throw on an extra sweater or pack in your umbrella, this can be your huge savings. Such destinations as Mexico and Cuba are commonly less expensive to visit during the spring and autumn months. Just be sure to do your homework, as certain destinations will come with the enhanced chances of hurricanes or monsoon during the off season. Make sure that you do your research, and if you can time everything perfectly, you will score some huge savings.

All in all, it is important to keep in mind that spending more on your honeymoon does not right away meant that you will have better moment, yet if you are still yearning for that very trip of your lifetime, then you need to think over your destinations to visit and ponder the accommodation you want.

Best Beach Resorts in the World for Families – blirg.com

Are you looking for the best beach resorts for your holiday? Parents’ exclusive survey has revealed for you the resorts where you can get fabulous ocean views, a whole-day family activities, and of course comfortable rooms, all at a price that will not leave you feeling burned. Read on and see which one you and your family want to visit.


Sheraton Grand Bahama Island Our Lucaya Resort, Bahamas

With the summer rates at only $129 each night, you would think that this special Caribbean’s best beach resorts will nickel and dime you somewhere else. Well, that is not quite true. The supervised camp for children as young as age three only costs about $50 for a 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. session, which is super cheap for such a stunning resort. Full-size “Sweet Sleeper” cribs and the parking are free. There is also mini fridge in every single guest room, and the resort fee, which has included internet access, is only $5 daily per adult. The property does not skimp on service. The swimming pool area, which offers spiraling slide into four feet of water and also shallow end for little kids and the property’s vast white-sand beach have lifeguards at your service all day long.

Club Med Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Cub Med’s fictional circus school teaches kids at the age of four and up how to ride a unicycle, juggle, swing on a trapeze, learn magic tricks, and walk a tightrope. This main property, along with the other various other supervised children’s programs offered in best beach resorts, like learning native dances and music, sports activities, and meals are all included in the price. Thanks to an appealing “Family Escape” promotion which is bookable through 30rd of April, the cost can be quite reasonable, reaching $2,500 for one weeks’ stay for the whole family of 4 this summer. You can tack on an additional $40 per day if you need care in the resort’s nursery for a child under the age of three.

South Seas Island Resort, Captiva Island, Florida

Practically all best beach resorts in the State of Sunshine offer summertime super holidays, and this stunning one situated at the edge of the Gulf Coasts is just no exception. The rooms, which are equipped with a flat-screen TV, DVD player, and a mini fridge is offered at over two hundred dollars. It is indeed a great deal considering that this very resort completed a fantastic one hundred and forty million dollars of the whole property, which overhauls all accommodation and the popular pool area.

Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

The mot inexpensive summer rates for one of two-thousand-plus rooms at this breathtaking tropical best beach resorts work out to be approximately per night, the price limit has also been included in the Parent’s survey. However, when you take into account the Atlantis offers a mind-blowing water park as well as fabulous aquarium-attractions which will add up to at least a couple hundred U.S. dollars daily in America-what you are paying for in the resort’s fabulous underwater tunnels and 9 open-air lagoons, there are over 50,000 sea creatures from more than 200 species.

The Best Countries to Travel on A Budget – blirg.com

I believe that you already know that there are a lot of awesome ways to travel when you are on a serious budget. But what can be equally important is where you will go in the first place. If you are planning to travel on a serious budget, then you have to take into account the following best countries to travel on a budget. Your bucks will get you pretty far in the following countries to travel, meaning that they are the best places to go when you are watching your wallet.



This is obviously a “must visit” countries to travel for all sorts of travelers. Eat Pray Love is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to this fabulous country, which includes the fact that it is mostly budget friendly. Just browse for the latest hotel rates and restaurant rates as well as the expenditure in Indonesia, you will see how cheap it is to travel this stunning country with myriads of natural pristine.


Cambodia is indeed a staple countries to travel for limited budget travelers. You can see lots of ancient ruins of majestic Angkor Wat, hit up any of Cambodia’s pristine beaches, and go diving on the cheap. In addition it is also so affordable. Just find out how cheap everything is there. The restaurant meal is hardly over five dollars, and the beers start at only twenty five cents.


In a sense, Vietnam is just fabulous. Ha Long Bay, for instance, can be perfect countries to travel for budget tourist. This bay is filled with massive limestone islands, and it poses lots of fascinating views around the country. It is affordable as well. Just check out how much you will end up spending there. Let me give you a hint here. You can get your wanted Vietnamese dish that you will learn to pronounce correctly, for only one dollar.


Laos is indeed one of Southeast Asian countries to travel which is known much for its stunning mountains, tubing parties, and Buddhist monasteries. There are lots of spots where you can float down a river and then stop at hundreds of bars and happy restaurants throughout the country. So, for sure, you need to be responsible. You can get one room for around $10 to $30 per night, which depends on how fancy you want to go, and you can also buy street food, such as plates of sticky rice, for only one dollar.


Although Thailand has become pretty touristy and it is not as inexpensive as the other Southeast Asian countries, it is still a super cheap destination to optimize your expenditure. Should you need to know further, rooms in the countryside will surely set you back, for, you know what! For dollars per night!


Yes, there was a huge earthquake in Nepal in April last year. However, the country is still much open to international tourists. In fact, much of their economy is dependent on tourism, so they would be so excited to have you come. Just wait until September to visit since it is monsoon season. Practically Nepal is the heaven for budget travelers, as well.

The Best Places in the World for Travel Photography – blirg.com

Recently I was asked if I could enlist a bucket list of some iconic places in the world for travel photographers. Well, it did not take long. Some certain places do attract photographers like magnet attraction filling as we are drawn to it without knowing why. Nor do we have to know why, absolutely. For some of us, it is going to be simply the glee of collecting the trophy images that we have always wanted to take. However, for others, including me, the exercises have something more to do with apprehending both ourselves and the world. So, here is my list, with reflections of why these places are so iconic to me. I am pretty sure that everyone will have distinctive top-three list of destinations for travel photography.


Venice, Italy

Graceful and constantly enchanting, the city of Venice is also one of many Italian prime examples of all-consuming lust for wealth, sordid desire, and power. That all of these contradictions co-occur in such a sumptuous realm does make it a destination which is synonymous with worldly traveling experience. The saying “See Venice and then die” does put the city squarely at ultimate conclusion of just any bucket list. As the Victorians life was not complete, youth was not sufficiently finished until the city of Venice was crossed off the list of top destination for travel photography.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Lost to most for four hundred years under encroaching jungle of the high Andres, Machu Picchu’s magical beauty was rekindled after Hiram Bingham rediscovered the area in 1911 and then brought it to modern world. One century later it is still astounding, which evokes wonder for the kings of Inca and their opulent retreat in high mountains, a stupendous sanctuary which is wrapped by encircling mountains, ranges of valleys, and the ever swirling clouds. The stone houses as well as the venues speak to us of unseen life. Machu Piccu surely worth travel photography.

Stonehenge, England

Only a few places perfect for travel photography invoke timelessness like the stunning Stonehenge. This absolutely well-known site portrays the beautiful line of the Earth, the Sun, and the Stonehenge. It sets our sense of order on fire. The rocks hulk which appear graceful yet brawny were set by crafty people that we can hardly recall or imagine. Then, the moment is gone and soon we will realize that we have been aligned with time itself.

Taj Mahal, India

The stunning Taj Mahal is indeed famous for being beautiful, recognized for being the icon of enduring love, and most of all popular for being popular. Even if it was not sublime symmetry created in stone, its proportions beautifully tempered by centuries of historical building by the great Mughal rulers of India, it would beguile us anyway for its place in world history of world travel. For many centuries it has been known as “the must see” tourist destination of travel photography. Billions of photographs have been taken from exactly the same spot close to the reflecting pool, each just perfect in the same way that this marble historical building itself perfect. In some ways, taking photograph is like a pilgrimage of its own.