The Best Places to Travel in Asia during the Winter –

Talking about traveling, I think it is impossible to exclude Asia from our list of must-visit destinations. If you are planning to visit Asia during the winter, make sure that you include the following destinations in your plan. There are wonderful places to travel in Asia during the winter. Read on and decide on which of these fabulous rubies of Asia that you want to visit.


Harbin, China

The illuminated sculptures of ice at the Harbin International Snow and Ice festival have been intriguing to people to the Heilongjiang city for nearly three decades. The ice lantern garden party situated at the Zhaoling Park denotes a fabulous festival highlight, which features almost 1,500 larger-than-life crystal-clear ice structures which shimmer with multicolored lamps at night. The ice lanterns are meant to create distinctive themes each year and will vary from famous landmarks throughout the globe, to mythical creatures.

The Harbin International Snow and Ice festival in 2011 was opened for a month. Also, you can visit the Yabuli ski resort, situated close to Harbin. This is a great favourite among powder hounds to explore China’s largest ski terrain. If you are fascinated by the beauty of Shirakawa-go lights at night, then you are not alone. The villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama situated in Toyama are known for their fabulous winter scenery. Village huts in the region, which are built in gassho-zukuri style lots of steep roofs so as to prevent snow buildup, are distinctively unique in Japan.

Otaru, Japan

 Hokkaido port ton, Otaru, does woo tourists with its architectural beauty which date back to the early twentieth century, and the canal adorning the area, is uniquely adorned with Victoria-style gas lamps. During the winter festival, known as Otaru Yuki-Akarai-no-Michi festival, the city becomes achingly majestic. Local people place floating candles on the canal and then distribute almost 15,000 snow candles and lanterns in order to light up the city’s pathways. Illuminated snow sculptures are nicely showcased at the Temiya Line site.

Dal Lake, India

 During summer months, Dal Lake does draw thousands of tourists with Shikara rides, Mughal gardens along the river banks, and lavish Victorian houseboats. In the winter, the excitement will achieve its prominence. During the winter, a number of winter-sports enthusiast go down the lake and its nearby areas in the search of perfect powder. The Himalayan state denotes the home to Gulmarg, which is an increasingly popular ski resort which is nearly perennially blanketed with several feet of fresh powder. During the winter, the temperatures at the lake can fall as low as -11 degrees Celcis, and the lake commonly freezes over. Travelers who plan to spend their night in a houseboat on Dal Lakes are suggested to book rooms on the spot right after they check out the offered options. Chicago Group of Houseboats and the Young Bombay are two of the most popular options.

So, have you found anything you like? There are of course some other breathtaking spots to travel in Asia in winter, such as Huangshan and Lhasa.

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