Beach Vacation Packing List for Family –

Taking family vacation is indeed a fun time. But packing for a family vacation can be rather daunting task. Gathering toiletries, clothes, and the other essentials for vacation calls for some careful planning and forethought. As with most things, if you already have a plan, packing is going to be easier and also less-stressed. And you can easily use your time at the beach to play and relax, rather than wasting time at the store purchasing items that are left at home. Let me show you what should be included in beach vacation packing list for family.



Beach clothing surely consist of flip flops, sandals, sun hats, swimsuits, and beach cover-ups. I recommend you to bring swimwear with UV protection for your beach vacation packing list for family. A sarong can also be great to take since it can double as dress, skirt, beach towel, shawl, a tablecloth, and top sheet. In addition to the beach wear, each member of the family should have a pair of clothes for every day plus a couple of extra pairs, in case of emergencies. A jacket as well as long pants have to be included for some breezy walks on the beach during the night. Shoes can be quite tricky since they can oftentimes be bulky and heavy, of course. You need to try limiting yourself to 3 pairs.


You need to make checklist of toiletry items that you need every day in beach vacation packing list for family, and then refer to the list when you are packing your suitcase. The list has to include toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, razor, shaving cream, hairbrush, makeup, sunscreen, and anything else that you will need on your family vacation.

Money and Identification

Be sure that you know what sorts of identification which will be needed on your vacation. Your driving license is going to suffice in most circumstances if you are traveling within country. It is also a good idea to travel with some cash in case of emergency.


In case you are on a prescription, you need to pack enough medication in your beach vacation packing list for family. You also have to bring extra for another few days, in case your itineraries change and you will need to stay a bit longer. Also bring along with you certain over-the-counter drugs if you get sick while you are on the vacation. It is quite easy to pick up a flue while on vacation or have allergies flare up in different city. You may also need to bring something which helps you to deal with motion sickness.

Emergency Items

No matter where you plan to travel with your family, you have to prepare your first-aid supplies with you all the time. Get some travel-sized antibacterial ointment, sunscreen, sterile bandages, motion sickness medication, and gauze in case of injury. Some other emergency items include prepaid phone card, one list of the emergency phone number in the city you visit and your health insurance cards.

To sum up, I guess the beach vacation packing list for every family will differ, to a great extent. So be sure to check miscellaneous stuffs that your family will need.

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