The Best Romantic Places to Visit in Asia –

Well, Valentine’s Day may have originated in European counties, yet lots of people these days are interested in exploring Asia during the love month. If you are planning to have a romantic travel with your loved one, then Asia should be on the list of your must-visit countries as there are a number of destinations you can label the best romantic places to visit in Asia. Let’s get started then.


Boaracay Island, Philippines

This tropical destination is hailed as the 2013 Best Beach in Asia and the second ranked as the World’s Best Islands list of Travel and Leisure. Beside the stunning powdery, pearly sand beaches, this special country denotes the best romantic places to visit in Asia for couples since they can get affordable hotels on the fabulous Boracay Island which are near the Myriad of exciting activities that they can enjoy. In addition, adventurous couples can explore the island’s pristine through a long afternoon horseback tour.

Bali, Indonesia

Offering intimate paradise, the Island of Bali surely is worth weeks of stay, especially for couples. This unique Indonesian attraction boasts crystal blue sea waters, black and white sands, lush landscapes, tropical forests, and ranges of ancient temples, which altogether put it in the list of best romantic places to visit in Asia. Couples can try a number of activities, which range from aquatic sports to guided walk to the beautiful temples and rainforests. For couples that want to try some food variety from in cheap hotels in Bali, you can enjoy a romantic, dreamy dinner moment right from a fascinating rooftop restaurants in Seminyak.

Phuket, Thailand

Named as the Pearl of the South or the fabulous Pearl of the Andaman Sea, Phuket surely lives up to its unique and flashy nickname due to its pleasant weather, bustling nightlife, and majestic glorious sandy beaches. The largest and most popular island in this country is worth labeled the best romantic places to visit in Asia since it offers various entertainment options which are available at different hours of the day. There is a special beach for every sort of person visiting Phuket. For couples that prefer socializing with the crowds, you can enjoy hedonistic and noisy Patong beach, while those who are laid-back can take pleasure in the joyous ambiance of Karon beach. The south of Kata offers beaches which are beautiful and quiet, and so does the north part of Pating and Kamala, such as Bang Tao, Surin, and Nai yang.

Maldives, the Necklace Island

Known as one of the flattest countries, the Maldives possesses a maximum elevation above sea level of 8 feet. In spite of the lowest high point, this peaceful and happy island is announced as the sunny side of life due to its tropical and tourist-friendly weather. In addition, the Maldives can offer couples dreamy honeymoon since it offers excellent beaches, ethnic event, and exotic nature in the over a thousand islands. The high visibility of the sea waters all year round does make the country’ water excellent for those who like scuba diving.

 All in all, I guess these 4 countries are the best romantic places to visit in Asia. There are, however, some other destinations I would like to show you, and yes, they are perfect for couples. I’ll keep you posted immediately!

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