The Best Place to Travel Alone as A Woman in Asia –

When it deals with traveling, we most of the time ponder traveling with lots of friends or family, am I right? But Solo traveling is actually the best way if you want to look for a more enhanced and enriched travel excitement and self-growth. Although we, as a female travel, are often a bit hesitant regarding safety upon traveling, especially about security and being along before leaving on a solo travel trip. actually there are a number of countries which are safe and easy to explore as well as bring you a different traveling experience as solo female travelers. In this post, I would like to share some of the Asian countries which are perfect to travel alone as a woman.



This country is on top of the list when dealing with traveling alone as a woman. It is not only perfect in terms of its fabulous beauty, but it is also highly affordable, not as touristy as is Thailand for instance, and safe as well. there are myriads of stunning features and reasons which makes this country a perfect traveling destination for a solo woman traveler. Ranked as one of the most peaceful places in the world, Philippines will surely enhance the fun quotient, comfort, and thrill of a journey by manifolds.

South Korea

The other destination is South Korea, which convincingly tops the list when it deals with women safety, low crime rate, and secure nightlife, making the country perfect to travel alone as a woman. Almost all parts of this country, which includes the capital, are safe to travel for solo woman traveler. Seoul is a great city with a lot of artists, small boutiques, and fabulous coffee shops and affordable restaurants. The food is indeed amazing. You can try out the hot pot, Yum! If you fancy shopping and dining, well then Seoul is the best place to go.


Japan is indeed breathtaking, hip, serene, and has fine transportation systems. I found this country exceptionally inviting as well as stunning, clean, and safe to travel alone as a woman. with the welcoming greeters programs held in Japan, you will surely find it so easy and convenient to travel the whole country without hassle. Also, if you are lost in just any part of the country, there will be lots of helpful locals that will be more than pleased to held and  guide you to your destination.


Nepal, which is squeezed between the high wall of Himalaya and the jungles of the Indian plains, denotes a land of snow peaks, yetis, yaks, and monasteries. From the busy city of Kathmandu with its ranges of temples and crowded markets to the vast tropical forests of Chitwan National Park and the fresh breeze of the mountains, you will never find the end of your travel in Nepal. Nowhere else can you travel for weeks in fabulous mountain views, cozy lodge and also warm slice of apple pie which are all await you at the end of the day.


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