The Best Holiday Destinations for Family in Asia –

So, you are planning to take your whole family to a holiday in Asia? Perfect choice! Asia is indeed a wonderful destination for family holiday. There are lots of destinations to discover and explore, and mostly at a very affordable price as well! I personally love taking my family there, and maybe living there as well! However, if you are still planning, just like me, choosing special destinations is indeed important. To help you make the choice, I have asked some of my friends about which countries to visit in Asia for family holiday. Hereunder are the best choices for where you had better book your forthcoming holiday destinations for family in Asia.



What is better than introducing your little ones to holiday destinations for family in Asia? Showing one to your children which is a mix of different unique cultures all living and working in harmony will be a great moment for your family vacation. Malaysia is centuries-old combination of Malay, Chinese, British, and Indian traditions. The children can simultaneously watch incense waft up which originates from the front of Chinese temple, smell the inviting fragrance of Indian food, and hear the call for prayer from hundreds of mosques down the street. It is just like visiting a number of countries all at a time. Malaysia truly appeals to the adventurous explorers. You can also take your family to trek the jungle in search of unique Raflesia flower, which grows up to 100 cm wide and has been known for its smell like rotten meat. In the other part of Malaysia, known as Malaysian Borneo, you can come face-to-face with wild orangutans in sanctuaries or you can cruise rivers in the search of endangered proboscis primates and dolphins.

Hong Kong

I guess Hong Kong is one the best city for holiday destinations for family in Asia. My main reason for that is that transportation system is fantastic and it is quite easy to get around. The train system, MTR, is user-friendly and you can easily get everywhere you want to explore every single part of the city. The Octopus Cards for this service is available at the airport and any currency will be refunded when you leave Hong King. Also, English is widely spoken in Hong Kong.


One of our popular Asian destinations is China. After I fell in love with the country eight years ago on a business trip, this has been a must-to-visit country with my children. We did return for two weeks three years ago, clearly labeling it as one of the best holiday destinations for family in Asia Chine offers something for everyone, with its vast heritage, diverse cultural beauties, great shopping centers, and exotic food. It truly is a fabulous destination to visit with your children.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is without a question fabulous holiday destination for family in Asia with plethora of natural views and cultural heritage. It for sure depends on the age of your kids. With prams and babies, I would prefer Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. There are stable paths, which makes going around much easier. However, we have been taking our children to Bali since they were in my tummy.

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