The Best Destinations for first time Solo Woman Travelers –

Although I have never really tagged this blog as the one devoted to first time solo female travelers, the truth is that I’m a female, and I do prefer the idea of solo traveling, like most of the time. In addition, as a solo female travelers, I oftentimes get all the common questions. The inquiry about why I like traveling along (it is actually because I have not found an ideal travel companion yet, also I am not about to let that stop my traveling dreams). The questions regarding how I pay for my trips and accommodation (it is called budgeting, everyone). The questions related to how I deal with loneliness on the road (it is a mixture of enjoying my time when being along, and having the nerve to make friends with just anyone I meet). Moreover, there are my favourite questions: the ones related to safety.


“But, don’t you feel scared?” some of my friends ask me. “You are all along and you are a girl. Don’t you feel scared?” However, if you are still a bit unsure and uneasy if first time solo female travelers is really for you, then perhaps my best suggestion for you is to ease your way into such a traveling way by opting for destinations which are really friendly for solo female travelers. There are in fact some great destinations that you can explore on your own!


Although nearby England is the home to my favourite city on the globe, which is London, it is Scotland that you want to add to your itinerary if it is your first solo travel abroad as first time solo female travelers. Not only is this very country easily accessible and wonderful, but it is also really safe and populated with lots of friendly people.

New Zealand

Well, of course New Zealand still remains in my must-visit countries in the world, and of course also the one I recommend to any solo female traveler, even after having gone there for at least two dozen others by this time. There is just something about this fair city, which is the combination of a laid-back attitude, and also a lot to see and explore. New Zealand offers some of the most stunning view everywhere in the world-that surely keeps drawing me back. Moreover, it would be a very fantastic place to start your solo female travel adventures. One thing for sure, just beware that you may not be willing to come back home!


Lastly, I am going to suggest you to take into account Iceland. While not a popular and typical tourist destination, Iceland is surely an up-and-comer. Not only does this country offer lots of conveniences to get from both the U.S. and Europe, but it is also perfect to first time solo female travelers who want to explore myriads of unique activities against some of the most fabulous backdrops that I have ever seen in my life. The fact that this country is also a very safe destination makes it excellent for any adventurous solo traveler. For sure, if none of these destinations sold intriguing to you, there are lots of other destinations that would be just suitable for first time solo female travelers.


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