What are the Differences between Backpackers and Flashpackers? – blirg.com

Well, this is just like comparing two sides of a coin. A lot have been said about the differences between backpackers and flashpackers. Now that I myself have been intrigued by which sort of travelers to choose, I would like share with you what I know about those very differences.



Backpacking denotes an independent way of traveling, where one commonly takes only one backpack to accommodate his or per personal stuffs along the trip. Only the most essential stuffs are stowed in order to travel and move easily and freely from a certain place to another. Usually backpacker will not stay in one place and rather explore their destination independently and autonomously from mass tourism. Oftentimes backpackers travel within small travel budgets. This sort of travel is thus so popular with students and young people.

The Origin of Backpacking

Backpacker attached lots of thoughts and importance to their budget accommodation. This can only be found off the beaten track. Moreover, also the close contact to local people will be well maintained. The free way of traveling, which surely brings a touch of journey and adventure within him, becomes more popular and then the rough Hippie Trail becomes a busy route from European countries to Asian countries. Southeast Asia has been one of the most popular destinations for backpackers due to the joyful and pleasant climate, the friendly and open people, and the paradisiacal landscapes.

Today’s Backpacking

These days, lots of routes have been well developed. Lots of young people after their accomplishing university study go on the quest for the great adventure. Backpacking is nowadays so popular that in high traffic regions there has arisen a backpacker’s mass movement. This as a result removes naturally more and more from the esprit of backpacking and rigorously turned down by quite a few hardcore backpackers.

What about Flashpackers?

Flashpacking is known as a modified form of backpacking. I count myself rather to the flashpacker group, yet I also fancy the idea of backpacking. Flashpacker traveling is a bit more glam and luxurious and those who like it do not really pay attention to every single euro spent during their trip. The group of flashpackers encompass people that already have sustained income due to their seniority over higher income and of course have the good fortune to be able to earn their money everywhere.

The Origin of Flashpacking

For quite some time, there has not been the term “flashpacker”. In addition this is still rather uncommon. I think that the term “flashcpacking” originated from the last one decade or so. Flashpackers call themselves people that travel individually and independently and they do not want to give up any amenities. For instance, I always begrudge the faster means of transportation as my time on the road is more valuable than lots of money. A lot of freelancers and the digital nomad can be called Flashpacker as well since they also travel with some more convenient and technical equipment as well as comfortable accommodations.


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