Tips for Traveling with Pets on Airplane –

When it comes to carrying your pets along with you when traveling, images of tangled leashes and also sharpened claws may come to our mind. However, it does not have to be like that. Stress-free pet flight is indeed possible, with some advance preparation and the tips on traveling with pets below.

Young pilot with dog are sitting in front of the airplane

Triple-check the Airline’s Policies before You Book Ticket

For this article’s sake, I am discussing pets able to fly in airplane cabins. Most of the American airlineshave devoted their websites to their pet travel policies, so your pet will have to be ready with a note from the vet which states that it is healthy for travel and also be secured, comfortably, in a carrier of a certain size in your airline’s regulations. Pets which are allowed in the cabin are not emotional support and must fit in the carrier under the seat in front of you. Usually airlines also have a pet size and limitation on weights in addition to the carrier restriction, which makes triple-check all the more important before booking a ticket, and so is understanding pet travel specialty sites for tips on traveling with pets.

Know the Fees and Book Ticket Early

Traveling with a pet means that calling the airline to book you flight, which can be best done earlier rather than later since airlines limit the number of pets onboard each airplane. Make sure that you have the details of your expected flight to request, and you have to be ready with another choice, particularly when flying around holidays when more travelers are also on board with Frisky and Fido. Once you know your flight, you will be asked to pay the additional fee for pet travel, ranging from $75 to $125.

Ponder Upgrading

As your pet will be sharing your legroom, an upgrade can make for a more comfy and relaxing flight for both of you. Opting to purchase extra legroom seat when traveling with pets is easy and affordable way to go about this, and the JetBlue’s “Even More Space” seating, with thirty eight inches of legroom, can be best option, which can be purchased under one hundred dollars. On the higher end, the American Airlines lately has introduced first-of-their-kind pet cabins. Passengers that book in first class on American’s Airbus A321 premium transcontinental flight and reserve for their pet may put their carrier in its own nook, which does not encroach on legroom and also provides the pet comfy and safe space to enjoy the flight.


A perfect tip comes to Conde Nast Traveler from Belen Estacio, cat owner and travel marketing consultant, who has flown with her cat on both domestic and international flight, says that the night before traveling with pets, she assures that her cat, does not hide in one of her top secret nooks by covering the entrance with obstacle, such as pillow or chair, so that she can easily find her when it is time to put her in the carrier. The car really tends to hide after her luggage is all packed. She has almost missed flights due to the cat.

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