How to Travel on An Airplane with a One-year Old –

In order not to repeat the flying-with-toddler a nightmare, I have asked my parent friends for their suggestions and tips as well as advice-and behold we had an almost perfect flight when traveling with one-year old. So if you are planning to take your little darlings on a flight, here are some of my tips to assure you stress-free flight, without using drugs.


Invest in A Trunki

They may look a little costly, yet Trunkies are indeed a lifesaver for entertaining your little one-year old when you are in long waits, since your kid can happily compel him or herself around while he is sitting on top. In addition the strap allows you to pull your loved one around, which saves their tired little legs if your walk to your departure gate is long one. I am just dreaming of a new remote control model right now! However in the meantime, a few cheaper sorts of ride-on luggage are commonly trickling onto the market, just like Kiddee Cases and Skoot Kid’s cases.

Be Sure to Plan Your Flight in a Number of 15-minute Slots

For a 3-hour flight you will need around 10 activities to keep your little one-year old entertained, since the first and the last 15 minutes you can occupy them by looking out the plane window for the take-off and landing. Favourite story book, CBeebies magazines, drawing, snacks, and snap are all great activities to keep your little ones entertained. It is unlikely that you will need all ten, particularly if you are managing to get them to get asleep, yet it is better to have too many than too few.

Get Portable DVD Player or Tablet

Without a question, the one thing that all parents seem to agree on is spending some dollars in some sort of video tech so as to keep their one-year old occupied-either a tablet computer, a portaabld DVD. In this case, DVD players are a little bit bulkier and glaringly need a set of DVDs to go with them, while tablets are  way smaller yet often have limited storage spaces for a number of vides. You will also have to be sure to download all the videos that you need before you get on board. Cartoons and movies can surely help you to keep your loved one calm.

Give Rewards for Being Good

This can be cheap solution to keep your one-year old for being good during the flight. Wrap up some small toys that you can present to your toddler as a reward. You can use toys as reward for your toddler for being god every fifteen minutes or thirty minutes. These do not have to be costly and can even be your child’s forgotten toys. Small soft animals are perfect here and as are little wind-up toys which can travel across the folded table though there is always the possibility that they may end up driving into another passenger or passing steward.

Take A Pillow

One year old can sit on a pillow so they can see out  the plane window better, while the older ones may find sleeping more comfy with a pillow.

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