What to Do if You Lost Your Passport while Travelling – blirg.com

Experiencing lost passport or having it stolen in an oversea country is indeed a hassle, yet that does not meant that you are stuck in that very country forever. I once consulted the US Department of State’s website to find out what American travelers have to do if they find themselves without your passport while you are abroad. The chance of having a passport stolen or lost while abroad is the main reason why travelers have to always keep a photocopy or simply the digital picture of their passport so they can prove their citizenship. Hereunder are some tips to do if you lose your passport while you are traveling abroad.


Find and then Contact Nearest US consulate or embassy

You will need to report your stolen or lost passport to be consular section more specifically. The contact information for the US embassies and consulates across the globe can be found on the department of state’s country information page of the website. Just be sure to tell the consular officer that you are speaking with if you have been the victim of a crime. Also it is important to let the officer know when you are planning on leaving  the country, particularly if it is soon, so that they will know whether to get you a full validity passport or limited validity emergency passport.

Your Passport has been Stolen? File Police Report

Even though filing a police report is not necessary, it can help you to confirm that your passport was in fact was stolen. However, it likely will not speed up the whole process of your getting your new passport. Therefore if you are scheduled to travel back to your home country very soon, then you may want to fill filing the report.

Take New Passport Photo

Before you head to the consulate or embassy, you need to find a place where you can have your passport photo taken. When you arrive at the embassy or consulate with the photo that will help you to speed up the process of getting the replacement for your lost passport.

Fill out Application for A New Passport and A Statement on Your Lost or Stolen Passport

Along with taking a new passport photo, there are a couple of forms that you will need to fill out either before you go to the embassy or consulate or while you are there. One is the standard application for US passport and another one is a statement pertinent to lost or stolen passport, which will assure your passport is invalidated, important in preventing anyone else from being able to use it.

Head to the Nearest US Embassy or Consulate to Get Your New Passport

You will need to a bring few documents with you in order to get the replacement for your lost passport, which include your new passport photo, some sort of identification such as your driver’s license, some sort of travel itinerary, such as train or airline ticket, and evidence of US citizenship, be it a photocopy of your missing passport or your birth certificate.

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