How to Plan Your Honeymoon on A Budget –

In my last posting, I talked about how you can go travel the world on a budget. Now that the confetti has just fallen and the last of the beer has been drunk, you will get to jet set off to some exotic destinations for your honeymoon plan. Reality then hits and you eventually realize that after you have paid for all of your wedding expenditures, you do not have much money left for a dreamt honey moon which you have been longing for. If you are beginning to feel rather pessimistic about the whole plan and are ready to ditch your long-wanted plans altogether, then you need to read on. I will show you 5 ways to help you to get the most of your budget and still manage to go on a honeymoon trip to remember!


Signing up for Honeymoon Registry

When people around you say there “I Do’s”, it is a common place to sign up for wedding registry. These days, the common housewares gifts are becoming all the more redundant, and chances that that you already have your own house entirely furnished. So, why don’t you just sign up for a honeymoon registry? It is just the exact same concept of the more well-known traditional registry, yet it will entirely give your guests the chance to contribute to specific elements of your lovely honeymoon plan. Not only will this dramatically cut down on your honeymoons spending, but it will also make your family and friends feel great knowing that they made personal contribution to your honeymoon trip.

Opting for Traveling Locally in Your Honeymoon Plan

More often than not, when most people dream of their honeymoon plans in Tahiti or some other luxurious destinations will pop up in mind. However, the truth is that we will live in a fabulous country with lots of fabulous stuffs to see and explore. There are lots of local honeymoon sites right there in your own backyard. You can rent a cozy cabin in the range of Canadian Rockies or just opt for staying in a great hotel which overlooks in Niagara Falls. You can also always head east and then rent a quaint oceanfront room in the Maritimes.

Traveling during the Off Season for your Honeymoon Plan

All right, we all know that this may not be so ideal for honeymoon plan, yet if you are willing to throw on an extra sweater or pack in your umbrella, this can be your huge savings. Such destinations as Mexico and Cuba are commonly less expensive to visit during the spring and autumn months. Just be sure to do your homework, as certain destinations will come with the enhanced chances of hurricanes or monsoon during the off season. Make sure that you do your research, and if you can time everything perfectly, you will score some huge savings.

All in all, it is important to keep in mind that spending more on your honeymoon does not right away meant that you will have better moment, yet if you are still yearning for that very trip of your lifetime, then you need to think over your destinations to visit and ponder the accommodation you want.

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