The Best Countries to Travel on A Budget –

I believe that you already know that there are a lot of awesome ways to travel when you are on a serious budget. But what can be equally important is where you will go in the first place. If you are planning to travel on a serious budget, then you have to take into account the following best countries to travel on a budget. Your bucks will get you pretty far in the following countries to travel, meaning that they are the best places to go when you are watching your wallet.



This is obviously a “must visit” countries to travel for all sorts of travelers. Eat Pray Love is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to this fabulous country, which includes the fact that it is mostly budget friendly. Just browse for the latest hotel rates and restaurant rates as well as the expenditure in Indonesia, you will see how cheap it is to travel this stunning country with myriads of natural pristine.


Cambodia is indeed a staple countries to travel for limited budget travelers. You can see lots of ancient ruins of majestic Angkor Wat, hit up any of Cambodia’s pristine beaches, and go diving on the cheap. In addition it is also so affordable. Just find out how cheap everything is there. The restaurant meal is hardly over five dollars, and the beers start at only twenty five cents.


In a sense, Vietnam is just fabulous. Ha Long Bay, for instance, can be perfect countries to travel for budget tourist. This bay is filled with massive limestone islands, and it poses lots of fascinating views around the country. It is affordable as well. Just check out how much you will end up spending there. Let me give you a hint here. You can get your wanted Vietnamese dish that you will learn to pronounce correctly, for only one dollar.


Laos is indeed one of Southeast Asian countries to travel which is known much for its stunning mountains, tubing parties, and Buddhist monasteries. There are lots of spots where you can float down a river and then stop at hundreds of bars and happy restaurants throughout the country. So, for sure, you need to be responsible. You can get one room for around $10 to $30 per night, which depends on how fancy you want to go, and you can also buy street food, such as plates of sticky rice, for only one dollar.


Although Thailand has become pretty touristy and it is not as inexpensive as the other Southeast Asian countries, it is still a super cheap destination to optimize your expenditure. Should you need to know further, rooms in the countryside will surely set you back, for, you know what! For dollars per night!


Yes, there was a huge earthquake in Nepal in April last year. However, the country is still much open to international tourists. In fact, much of their economy is dependent on tourism, so they would be so excited to have you come. Just wait until September to visit since it is monsoon season. Practically Nepal is the heaven for budget travelers, as well.

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