The Best Places in the World for Travel Photography –

Recently I was asked if I could enlist a bucket list of some iconic places in the world for travel photographers. Well, it did not take long. Some certain places do attract photographers like magnet attraction filling as we are drawn to it without knowing why. Nor do we have to know why, absolutely. For some of us, it is going to be simply the glee of collecting the trophy images that we have always wanted to take. However, for others, including me, the exercises have something more to do with apprehending both ourselves and the world. So, here is my list, with reflections of why these places are so iconic to me. I am pretty sure that everyone will have distinctive top-three list of destinations for travel photography.


Venice, Italy

Graceful and constantly enchanting, the city of Venice is also one of many Italian prime examples of all-consuming lust for wealth, sordid desire, and power. That all of these contradictions co-occur in such a sumptuous realm does make it a destination which is synonymous with worldly traveling experience. The saying “See Venice and then die” does put the city squarely at ultimate conclusion of just any bucket list. As the Victorians life was not complete, youth was not sufficiently finished until the city of Venice was crossed off the list of top destination for travel photography.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Lost to most for four hundred years under encroaching jungle of the high Andres, Machu Picchu’s magical beauty was rekindled after Hiram Bingham rediscovered the area in 1911 and then brought it to modern world. One century later it is still astounding, which evokes wonder for the kings of Inca and their opulent retreat in high mountains, a stupendous sanctuary which is wrapped by encircling mountains, ranges of valleys, and the ever swirling clouds. The stone houses as well as the venues speak to us of unseen life. Machu Piccu surely worth travel photography.

Stonehenge, England

Only a few places perfect for travel photography invoke timelessness like the stunning Stonehenge. This absolutely well-known site portrays the beautiful line of the Earth, the Sun, and the Stonehenge. It sets our sense of order on fire. The rocks hulk which appear graceful yet brawny were set by crafty people that we can hardly recall or imagine. Then, the moment is gone and soon we will realize that we have been aligned with time itself.

Taj Mahal, India

The stunning Taj Mahal is indeed famous for being beautiful, recognized for being the icon of enduring love, and most of all popular for being popular. Even if it was not sublime symmetry created in stone, its proportions beautifully tempered by centuries of historical building by the great Mughal rulers of India, it would beguile us anyway for its place in world history of world travel. For many centuries it has been known as “the must see” tourist destination of travel photography. Billions of photographs have been taken from exactly the same spot close to the reflecting pool, each just perfect in the same way that this marble historical building itself perfect. In some ways, taking photograph is like a pilgrimage of its own.

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