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You are not the only one if you feel like you don’t know what to do when spending your vacation there for the reason that you will meet with many options. So, where to go? No need to complicate yourself, read on Hongkong tourist guide here in. Not to mention, the plentiful of options for tourist attractions, it is not to make you confuse, but to enhance your enjoyment spending time there. Beforehand, you can get in Hongkong by ferries, trains, airplanes, and more. To pick which place to visit, determine what you want to see and with whom you travel to Hongkong. If you visit the said place alone, you have more freedom, but if you go there with your family, theme park and museum are worth visiting.


Hongkong Travel Guide

Basic thing about traveling is that after all the hassle setting your budget and so on, you have to investigate places to visit based on your vacation needs. Fear not, Hongkong tourist guide you are about to read will assist you to choose your travel destination. First thing’s first what kind of environment and experience that you want as Hongkong provides you with Nature spot, theme park, museum, churches, traditional heritage, and more. Say that you choose theme park, you better know that Hongkong has three theme parks;

  • Ocean park will give stunning experience to enjoy the beauty of nature with challenging ride that can pump your adrenaline.
  • Hongkong disneyland is what you should visit as this one will lit up your childhood expectation, in addition kids love to spend time in disneyland. You can eat amazing food, watch beautiful performance, and meet your favorite Disney character,
  • Ngong Ping 360 is famous with seated Buddha statue and cable car that not only brings you jaw-dropping view, but also seated Buddha statue.

Traveler who appreciate or curios about the history and culture, traditional heritage is great Hongkong travel idea to consider. In addition, you can find them in plenty of numbers. You can spot Hongkong traditional heritage in lantau island, kowloon, and also new territories. Do you want to enjoy nature?  Then you can visit wetland park that is meant as nature reserve. This park is not like common park you may know, but ensure to visit wetland park to know about how to properly protect wetland and its surrounding. Also you can consider UNESCO global geopark, and many more.

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Simply like other countries that become famous travel destination, Thailand offers you with diving experience, beautiful beaches, shopping paradise, foods, and lush forest. However what makes this country is way better is that, the expense that you spend while staying there is cheap, not only for the food, but also the accommodation, and transportation. And you will pay way cheaper if you know some traveling aroung Thailand guide tour tricks. Hints for you, live like the locals, then you can save a lot. Not to mention, if you have such a bargaining skill, it caters you benefits.


Famous Thailand Tourist Places To Visit

Understand Traveling aroung Thailand guide tour for tourist will help you a lot to spot good places or good event while staying on Thailand. Keep in mind that there is possibility that you will meet with con artist that will take benefits from you. Some say that it is way better that you buy directly your package tour on site than buying it online. Else, if you buy your package online, investigate whether the chosen travel company is licensed or not. In addition, take note toward season and also monsoon in the case that you want to visit coast line areas. If you hate rain included in your vacation, avoid wet season, in addition, you will meet with Songkran festival when visit Thailand during dry season like April.

To hinder stranded feeling when visiting Thailand, ensure that you make some list for Thailand tourist places to visit based on when you travel there, however here are some ideas;

  • Bangkok offers its visitors with complete package for travel experience. It has busy nightlife, delicious Thai food, good place to shop, beautiful palace to adore, and also temples together with shrine. For your information, ensure to wear modest clothes when visiting temple or shrine.
  • Ancient Capitals, this place will stun you with the history of Thailand, not to mention their culture. Ensure that you spend the day there with small group or by yourself, thence you can experience each time there without no one rushing you.
  • Scuba diving is something you shouldn’t miss. No need to worry if you have no idea how to do it as you can learn on site. Consider Ko Tao for affordable price.
  • National park is a place you should go next to unite yourself with nature’s beauty. There are some national parks you find in there however choose Khao Yai if you expect to have excellent hiking experience.


Singapore Tourist Guide: Place To Visit In Singapore – blirg.com

As a small country, Singapore can give one whole package of vacation which is huge. Many places that you can enjoy to discover Singapore, and even though this one for some reasons not that friendly toward on budget travelers, but it doesn’t mean this place is about super expensive stuffs only,if you know where to go, then it is not becoming a problem. Get yourself informed through Singapore tourist information centre,since you will get some valuable information and tips about how to spend your time in Singapore based on your budget. Or else, you can read on, since you will discover some good information about places worth visiting in Singapore and more.


Singapore Travel Guide For First Time Travelers

You may not find a super detail information here in like what you get from Singapore tourist information centre, even so, if you read further, you will find some helpful information that assist you to understand Singapore. If you want to visit a country in South East Asia that is very convenient, then it should be Singapore for the reason that in any corner of Singapore you easily  will find someone who speaks good English, it is not the only thing, street signs and so on, you find them in English as well. However, you should know about Singlish that is English with a very unique dialect. No need to worry, as Singaporean usually speaks Singlish with their Singaporean friend.

Places to visit in Singapore makes you agree that it takes more than two days to experience the spirit of Singapore, in addition, here are some lists of places to consider;

  • Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands, despite you need to bring much dollars when visiting Marina Bay Sands for luxurious accommodation, ArtScience Museum is a good place to visit if you are fans of art science. Or you can choose Marina Bay Sands Skypark to admire Singapore from above. Beside the Skypark as Singapore famous viewpoint, Singapore Flyer offers better coverage for the view, choose what package and time when choosing this option.
  • Botanic garden is another place to visit to refresh your mind and soul. The green palette from the trees and grass, flowers and refreshing atmosphere will enhance your mood.
  • Little India and China Town are worth a consideraton, to learn about etnic diversity in this country, and many more.

Last words for Singapore travel guide, pay attention toward the regulation there or you will deal with awkward situation.

Unforgettable Hongkong Disney Land Tour – blirg.com

Unlike other Disney Land worldwide, Hongkong Disney Land offers you something different. Obviously you still spot Mickey Mouse and the gang when entering Hongkong Disney Land that accentuates the feel of Disney Land itself alongside with other Disney characters. However there is something more as this one has the combination of Chinese culture, not to mention, you will find delicious either Asian or Chinese food that becomes another reason why this place is best destination while traveling to Hongkong. Not only you can meet with favorite character, but also eat mouthwatering food. But before you stepping inside Disney Land, ensure that you know Hongkong Disneyland ticket price.


From Disneyland Theme Parks to Hongkong Disneyland Ticket Price

Even though the essence of each Disneyland around the world stays the same, still, you will find something different when spending time in Hongkong Disneyland. Enter the Disneyland area, you will be greeted with the cute mouse, Mickey Mouse to explore the magical land. Walk through inside the Disneyland, you will experience USA in 20th century, that is known as Main Street USA. However, not only western atmosphere that you find there, but also Chinese. Feel like you need something to fill your tummy, you can enjoy Chinese cuisine there, if you want to. Finish with Main Street USA, embrace the world of princesses, wizards, and more through fantasyland. Or, you can also spend your time in adventureland and tomorrowland. Below you will find information related to Hongkong Disneyland ticket price.

About Hongkong Disneyland ticket price, it is divided in different categories based on visitor ages and also the day that they spend,

  • For children below 3, the price is zero
  • For visitors around 65 and above, you have to pay HK$170 for two days and HK$100 for one day
  • For visitors around 3 to 11 years old, the ticket price will be HK$525 for two days and when they spend only a day, it will be HK$385,
  • For visitors around 12 to 64 year old, in order to enter Hongkong Disneyland, you have to pay around HK$ 739 for a two day ticket or HK$ 539 for one day ticket.

Buying your ticket, you can choose whether you directly buy on the time you visit the place or you can as well buy the ticket online. Or, you can also buy ticket to certain place that is notified by Hongkong Disneyland like one that is available at Hongkong international airport and many more. For a little recommendation you can buying your ticket on http://www.airpaz.com , that travel agent have tons promos for your holiday.

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When it comes to breathtaking natural view, Australia should be one into your travel destination lists, since you will be surprised with how this country spoils you. Good place that you should visit one of them is Lamington National Park that allows you to become one with nature. Lamington National park location is in the western part of Lamington Plateau. There you will discover old tree, creek, waterfall, amazing flora, animals sound, and plenty more. To have your own adventure with friend when visiting the National Park, you can treat the camping site as your base, so then the next day you can continue your journey to its tourist attraction.


Lamington National Park Accommodation And Things To Do

Set your next vacation to Lamington National Park, you must be curious about not only things that you can do there, but its accommodation as well. Speak of thing you can do, you can start from Lamington National Park hiking while exploring the national park to admire the awe-inspiring view from its peak. Do you want to witness the wildlife by yourself? The chance for you, it’s there, however, ensure that you are familiar with the track or you bring or hire someone that you can rely on, even though the hiking track is somehow accommodating, but some blind corners can be a hassle for someone who is not used to it.

Get inside the National Park you have two options, first you can enter the National Park through green mountain, and yes, you have to climb up the mountain. It’s track is a little narrow, so be sure that you watch your step. However, don’t be too focus while climbing the mountain. Look around to admire the beauty given by nature. Second, you can enter the National Park through binna burra.  How about Lamington National Park Accommodation? The options are;

  • You can stay at the campsite, however, ensure that you confirm that you want make the site as your base by pre-booking the site. Before you claim for the site, register yourself, when you choose green mountain as your camp base. But it may be different when it comes staying at binna burra.
  • You can also consider guesthouse as your base, this one is available for both binna burra and green mountain.
  • Travelers who decide to do walk-in camping to the National Park, you only can do it during February to November.

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Mulu Caves Sarawak is located in Miri Division,Sarawak, Malaysia. It is a national park within the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Encompassed karts formation and cave in an equatorial rainforest mountainous setting. Expedition here has always been about exploring the surrounding rainforest and its caves. It has been explored pretty well yet there are still miles to be. The world’ largest chamber of cave is located here, together with extensive caves. Orangutans, gibbons, Sumatran rhinoceroses, rhinoceroses hornbills and sun bears are some of animal species that live well and safety here. The name of Mount Mulu is given according to the name of the second highest mountain in Sarawak.


Mulu Caves National Park

The formation of its limestone karts makes Mulu Caves National Park very famous. Inside this sandstone mountain of Mount Mulu, there are rock pinnacles, vast cave networks, enormous caves, together with cliffs and gorges. Sarawak Chamber is one not to be forgotten. It is the most popular and also the largest natural chamber, discovered in Gua Nasib Bagus. The very large it is, the chamber is said as can accommodate Boeing 747s up to forty without its wing overlapped. Not too far from here is Deer Cave, that is one of the world’ largest single cave passages.  Benarat Cavern, Clearwater Cave and Cave of the Winds are the other notable caves in this area. Clearwater Cave is believed as the 8th world’ longest cave. The flora is just as various as the fauna.

For Mulu Caves how to get there, by the air is so far the one and only option we have, since Mulu National Park area is a very remote access. However, this destination is supported by the access from Mulu Airport. The flights are accessible through some airports in the region. If you want some challenge, you can opt for river transportation. Using riverboat, it takes about 100 km away and twelve hours. But believe, that the view and surrounding you will through may not make you feel disappointed.

So far, Mulu Caves review is pretty good. If you wish for affordable lodging with adventurous style of backpacker, they are available across the river. Numbers of effort has been taken to keep the natural condition of Mulu Caves. Since this place is under the world heritage list and said to be significant for environment, you may find some strict rules and regulations regarding the area.

Things to Consider When Enjoying the Nightlife in Pattaya – blirg.com

Pattaya is one of the best places you can visit every time you have a vacation in Thailand. This particular place can definitely offer something special that you cannot find so easily in the other cities in the world, which one of them is its notable nightlife. You will be able to find so many fun and exciting things in this city during the night. Then, all of those things will make you feel so happy and awesome to spend your time in the city. However, there are several things that you have to really consider when you want to enjoy the nightlife while you are having a pattaya thailand vacation.


What to consider when enjoying the nightlife in pattaya

Well, here are several things that you have to really consider whenever you want to enjoy the “pattaya thailand attractions” in the night, which are: One thing that you have to consider is that you have to know the rules applied on the local beer bars and clubs. In this case, you will see so many girls in the bars or clubs that will try to get your attention. So it is so much important for you to make sure that you will never act too much or you will get misunderstood by the girls in the bars or clubs that you come in. Besides, do not ever smile to a girl easily because the girls in Pattaya believe that once you smile at them, they will think that you want to go further with them. If this kind of situation happens to you, you will find that they will make the eye contact or move fast and take a sit right next to you. Thus, it will be so much better for you to smile to a girl that really catches your eyes only.

Furthermore, there is another of the pattaya thailand nightlife tips that you cannot forget is that you have to make an obvious statement to the girl that accompanies you. In other words, when you find that you like the girl who is sitting with you, you better tell her what you feel by having the more interesting and deeper conversation or buying her a drink. Otherwise, if you think that you do not like the girl, you can actually tell them that what you do with her will never make you go any further. Simply, you have to do your best so that you do not need to make the girl miffed and mad.