The Best Places in the World for Solo Travel –

The beauty of solo traveling is the ability to put yourself in the community and then stumble on those joyous moments of international connection on your own. However, as a women, fears over the silliest things can really spin into an overdrive, particularly in foreign environment. While the destination that you choose has to be somewhere that you have always wanted to go, being in a safe region where it is so easy to navigate both the culture and transportation will alleviate major worries and further let you enjoy the holiday. Here I would like to show you some best places in the globe for women doing solo travel.


Saba, Caribbean

This island, which belongs to Netherland, is only fifteen minutes flight from St. Maarten. Just within hours of my flight arrival, the tight-knit diving as well as hiking community made me feel just right at home. Although I am scared of fish, they did convince me to try the scuba diving, and also I was so excited that I could make it. The Dutch Caribbean island possesses the most translucent waters in the world, where I found lots of turtles and schools of fish among the untouched reefs. Another fascinating highlight is that I challenged myself to summit Mount Scenery, which is 2,877-foot peal, perfectly named for its breathtaking views.

Stockholm, Sweden

After I joined a couple of separate free strolling tours in Stockholm and also staying in a luxurious Story Hotel’ single twin room, it was really clear that this stylish Swedish town offers a special gift for making every single tourist intrigued, particularly women. The cobblestoned streets of Old Town, or even the Gamla Stan, which hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and fabulous castle, all of which offer hours of endless adventures. On the other hand, the more modern sections of the city are quite easy to navigate through its ranges of metro stations, which also serve as art exhibits. Another thing that I like the most is the hospitality caters toward solo travelers that I was doted on by the staff at Riche restaurant just as I indulged in, what could be better than doing a solo travel there?

Taipei, Taiwan

The capital of Taiwan is indeed a perfect mix of modernity and history. It is an open part traditional night markets, which are perfect to make a meal out of some snacks while at the same time shopping for souvenirs and accessories. Also, you will see lots of temples and some other high-tech malls and buildings. Taipei owns the bustle of major Asian metropolis, and also important urban conveniences. Street signage and the public transportation all have English names and although crime is quite low in the city, the 20-year-old metro system provides “Safe Waiting Zone” boxes which are marked on the platforms and are monitored closely by CCTV, especially for giving protection to female passengers at night.

Salzburg, Austria

Well, Hohensalzburg castle atop the hill and Salzach River flowing through the town do offer majestic view, adorning the storybook allure of Mozart’s home. This city is both inviting and charming for solo travel. Salzburg is also a city-friendly bike, with over one hundred miles of paths, meaning that you can pack away easily into a day.

Well, obviously there are some other safe cities for women doing solo travel. These are, to my opinion, the safest ones to women.

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