The Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling by Air Transport –

Air transport is known as the recent origin in the current advance of transportation system of a country. It is actually the gift of the 20th century to human civilization. The second world ware has triggered the growth of air transportation and also it has made significant progress in the recent years since it is the quickest way of transporting goods. The transport of goods by means of air travel is known to be rather costly and it is thus mostly chosen by those who need to have quick transportation both for passengers and goods. When passengers and goods are carried by air, some obligatory document is issued since the carriage of Air Act 1972 has made it mandatory. Well, before you purchase your first flight ticket, you had better take a look into the advantages and disadvantages of traveling by air.


The Advantages

The first advantage of traveling by air has to be the efficiency. Air transport is the fastest means of transportation and thus considered suitable to deliver goods over a long distance in just a little time. Apparently, there is no equal substitute to air travel when urgent delivery is at play. Another advantage of traveling by air plane is quick service. Without a doubt, air transport offers efficient, comfortable, and fast transportation service. It is considered as the best means of transportation when dealing with perishable or fragile goods. Also, you will notice that air transport does not exert emphasis on the construction of tracks, such as railways. Since no capital investment in surface track is called for, it is a less costly mode of transportation, in that sense. For those who need transportation to areas which cannot be reached by common means of transportation, air transport can be the best solution. Air transportation is considered as the only means of transportation in areas which are not accessible by other modes of transportation. There is also no physical barriers when air travel is the option. Air transport is obviously free from any physical barriers since it follows the shortest and the direct routes where mountains, seas, and forests will not obstruct. The last advantage of traveling by air plane is the natural route. Air transportation to any destination will see no barriers or obstacles. Since the custom formalities are compiled pretty quickly. That will help you to avoid delay in gaining clearance.

The Disadvantages of Traveling by Air

Despite a lot of advantages of air transportation, there are a number of downsides of the very transportation system. The first disadvantage of traveling by air is risky. Air transport is the most risky means of transportation since even an only minor accident may cause a substantial loss to the goods, crew, and obviously passengers. The chances of accidents are even greater in comparison to the other modes of transpiration.  Well, this may sound ambivalent. Air transportation is considered the most expensive means of transportation. The operating cost of airplanes are higher than are those of means of transportation and it includes a great deal of spending on the construction of aircraft and aerodomes. Due to that reason, the fare of air transportation is much costly for most people.

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