Tips on How to Choose an Air Travel Search Site –

Which airline reservation offers the lowest airfares?

If your idea was Expedia-or just any other bundles of online travel agencies, then you are wrong. If it was they are all the same, you are totally wrong. If you do not have any idea in choosing a travel site, then you are getting closer. The real solution is to find the sites which best fit our specific travel requirements or needs-all the more true for budget-conscious travelers. Each has distinctive strengths which are offered through various interfaces which use different functions and generate different outcomes. I chose 15 online travel agencies, which range from the old stalwarts such as Travelocity to a perfect group of upstarts such as Routehappy, which are apparently more likely to take into consideration some niche specifics like seat pitch. Afterward, I put them through the wringer, shopping for 6 itineraries, from the basic domestic to overseas-only to the more elaboratel multicity.


 I should note that I cannot include every site in my search, and accordingly left out some popular ones I cannot figure out how to use abroad, the Bing Travel. Since I learnt too late from a spokeswoman, it merely works in the United States. There is workaround-you possess the liberty to switch settings to “tailor” the search to “the United States-English”, yet that is one additional hassle which I was not willing to take on in choosing a travel site.

That being said, the results? For one reason, my eyes hurt. However, more importantly in choosing a travel site, I created what I expect is a useful guide to which search sites which work best under which circumstances.

If Low Cost is all that Matters

The sites that you have surely heard of-Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Kayak- were all somehow alike, their lowest offerings hardly differing more than just only a few dollars. However, the upstarts commonly beat them, even quite often. For Miami-Chicago flight, the old guard most of the time circled around $378. However, Routehapy offered one for $361, then I followed to just prior to the final click, and it was legit.

So, the best strategy in choosing a travel site here is checking one of the more traditional search sites, and then just play around with the new groups and find out if they can pull upset. Next, before you reserve, check the airline’s own websites in order to assure it is not even cheaper there. Also, do not forget that Southwest-by its choice- does not show up on the majority of sites. In addition, as long as you have popped over, it is almost always a great idea to do the actual booking from the airline’s site: It is often easier- and hardly harder- to take care of the minutiae (inputting the awards number, selecting the seats, and then paying for additional luggage, as well as making change on your booking down the line if required).

So there you have, some tips on choosing a travel site. There are actually some other important tips I would like to point out. I will keep you posted on another posting.

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