How to Check in at Airport with Electronic Ticket –

When you are traveling by air, you may look for many ways to save your time right on the day of your departure to be sure you make the flight planed on time. Buying an e-ticket online surely offers a number of benefits and conveniences which you may not otherwise obtain. E-ticket endows you with the option of checking in for your light at self-service check-in kiosk prior to your departure. Moreover, it allows you to print your own boarding pass in advance and that helps you to nullify the long lines at the usual airline ticket counter. If you are new to it, then you have got to read on. Here, I have compiled some times and I have come to common procedure to check in at airport with electronic ticket. Let me just show you the steps one by one.

Hand holding mobile with E-Ticket with blur airport check-in background, Digital Booking concept.

First Step

When you are planning to arrive before check-in at airport with your electronic ticket, make sure that you arrive there at least sixty to ninety minutes before you get on board. In this case, as what I experienced, arriving early will give you a whole lot of time making changes or any necessary adjustments to your flight arrangements such as choosing or changing the seat on the plane and changing flights-so plan in advance.

Second Step

As you reach the airport, look for any postings or sights with directions to your airline and check-in entrance at airport with your electronic ticket. You have to locate the kiosk and then prepare to give the information about your flight booking or reservations. Just be sure that you have a copy of your confirmation email that you have received as you purchase your e-ticket. The email provides all the detailed information which is essential to check-in at the airline kiosk. Also, make sure that you have checked the details before you proceed: are there any inappropriate information?

Third Step

Touch the on-screen “Start” button and then just follow the instructions for check-in at airport with your electronic ticket. afterward, you need to click on your language option for the transaction that you have to make. Some of the common languages which are available at the kiosk include Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Fourth Step

At this point, you have to scan the bar code which is printed on your flight itinerary on the boarding pass. The other options for locating your electronic ticket are entering the confirmation number you obtain, the ticket number or the credit card that you used to but the electronic ticket.

Fifth Step

You almost finish your check-in at airport with your electronic ticket by now. Choose the passengers checking in by touching the names on the display and then enter the number of bags that you wish to check. Just make any changes to your itinerary such as your departure time or the seat assignments. Make sure that you take your boarding pass as well as the receipts for your personal records.

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