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You are not the only one if you feel like you don’t know what to do when spending your vacation there for the reason that you will meet with many options. So, where to go? No need to complicate yourself, read on Hongkong tourist guide here in. Not to mention, the plentiful of options for tourist attractions, it is not to make you confuse, but to enhance your enjoyment spending time there. Beforehand, you can get in Hongkong by ferries, trains, airplanes, and more. To pick which place to visit, determine what you want to see and with whom you travel to Hongkong. If you visit the said place alone, you have more freedom, but if you go there with your family, theme park and museum are worth visiting.


Hongkong Travel Guide

Basic thing about traveling is that after all the hassle setting your budget and so on, you have to investigate places to visit based on your vacation needs. Fear not, Hongkong tourist guide you are about to read will assist you to choose your travel destination. First thing’s first what kind of environment and experience that you want as Hongkong provides you with Nature spot, theme park, museum, churches, traditional heritage, and more. Say that you choose theme park, you better know that Hongkong has three theme parks;

  • Ocean park will give stunning experience to enjoy the beauty of nature with challenging ride that can pump your adrenaline.
  • Hongkong disneyland is what you should visit as this one will lit up your childhood expectation, in addition kids love to spend time in disneyland. You can eat amazing food, watch beautiful performance, and meet your favorite Disney character,
  • Ngong Ping 360 is famous with seated Buddha statue and cable car that not only brings you jaw-dropping view, but also seated Buddha statue.

Traveler who appreciate or curios about the history and culture, traditional heritage is great Hongkong travel idea to consider. In addition, you can find them in plenty of numbers. You can spot Hongkong traditional heritage in lantau island, kowloon, and also new territories. Do you want to enjoy nature?  Then you can visit wetland park that is meant as nature reserve. This park is not like common park you may know, but ensure to visit wetland park to know about how to properly protect wetland and its surrounding. Also you can consider UNESCO global geopark, and many more.

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