Thailand Tourist Guide For Your Next Trip To Thailand –

Simply like other countries that become famous travel destination, Thailand offers you with diving experience, beautiful beaches, shopping paradise, foods, and lush forest. However what makes this country is way better is that, the expense that you spend while staying there is cheap, not only for the food, but also the accommodation, and transportation. And you will pay way cheaper if you know some traveling aroung Thailand guide tour tricks. Hints for you, live like the locals, then you can save a lot. Not to mention, if you have such a bargaining skill, it caters you benefits.


Famous Thailand Tourist Places To Visit

Understand Traveling aroung Thailand guide tour for tourist will help you a lot to spot good places or good event while staying on Thailand. Keep in mind that there is possibility that you will meet with con artist that will take benefits from you. Some say that it is way better that you buy directly your package tour on site than buying it online. Else, if you buy your package online, investigate whether the chosen travel company is licensed or not. In addition, take note toward season and also monsoon in the case that you want to visit coast line areas. If you hate rain included in your vacation, avoid wet season, in addition, you will meet with Songkran festival when visit Thailand during dry season like April.

To hinder stranded feeling when visiting Thailand, ensure that you make some list for Thailand tourist places to visit based on when you travel there, however here are some ideas;

  • Bangkok offers its visitors with complete package for travel experience. It has busy nightlife, delicious Thai food, good place to shop, beautiful palace to adore, and also temples together with shrine. For your information, ensure to wear modest clothes when visiting temple or shrine.
  • Ancient Capitals, this place will stun you with the history of Thailand, not to mention their culture. Ensure that you spend the day there with small group or by yourself, thence you can experience each time there without no one rushing you.
  • Scuba diving is something you shouldn’t miss. No need to worry if you have no idea how to do it as you can learn on site. Consider Ko Tao for affordable price.
  • National park is a place you should go next to unite yourself with nature’s beauty. There are some national parks you find in there however choose Khao Yai if you expect to have excellent hiking experience.


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