Singapore Tourist Guide: Place To Visit In Singapore –

As a small country, Singapore can give one whole package of vacation which is huge. Many places that you can enjoy to discover Singapore, and even though this one for some reasons not that friendly toward on budget travelers, but it doesn’t mean this place is about super expensive stuffs only,if you know where to go, then it is not becoming a problem. Get yourself informed through Singapore tourist information centre,since you will get some valuable information and tips about how to spend your time in Singapore based on your budget. Or else, you can read on, since you will discover some good information about places worth visiting in Singapore and more.


Singapore Travel Guide For First Time Travelers

You may not find a super detail information here in like what you get from Singapore tourist information centre, even so, if you read further, you will find some helpful information that assist you to understand Singapore. If you want to visit a country in South East Asia that is very convenient, then it should be Singapore for the reason that in any corner of Singapore you easily  will find someone who speaks good English, it is not the only thing, street signs and so on, you find them in English as well. However, you should know about Singlish that is English with a very unique dialect. No need to worry, as Singaporean usually speaks Singlish with their Singaporean friend.

Places to visit in Singapore makes you agree that it takes more than two days to experience the spirit of Singapore, in addition, here are some lists of places to consider;

  • Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands, despite you need to bring much dollars when visiting Marina Bay Sands for luxurious accommodation, ArtScience Museum is a good place to visit if you are fans of art science. Or you can choose Marina Bay Sands Skypark to admire Singapore from above. Beside the Skypark as Singapore famous viewpoint, Singapore Flyer offers better coverage for the view, choose what package and time when choosing this option.
  • Botanic garden is another place to visit to refresh your mind and soul. The green palette from the trees and grass, flowers and refreshing atmosphere will enhance your mood.
  • Little India and China Town are worth a consideraton, to learn about etnic diversity in this country, and many more.

Last words for Singapore travel guide, pay attention toward the regulation there or you will deal with awkward situation.

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