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Unlike other Disney Land worldwide, Hongkong Disney Land offers you something different. Obviously you still spot Mickey Mouse and the gang when entering Hongkong Disney Land that accentuates the feel of Disney Land itself alongside with other Disney characters. However there is something more as this one has the combination of Chinese culture, not to mention, you will find delicious either Asian or Chinese food that becomes another reason why this place is best destination while traveling to Hongkong. Not only you can meet with favorite character, but also eat mouthwatering food. But before you stepping inside Disney Land, ensure that you know Hongkong Disneyland ticket price.


From Disneyland Theme Parks to Hongkong Disneyland Ticket Price

Even though the essence of each Disneyland around the world stays the same, still, you will find something different when spending time in Hongkong Disneyland. Enter the Disneyland area, you will be greeted with the cute mouse, Mickey Mouse to explore the magical land. Walk through inside the Disneyland, you will experience USA in 20th century, that is known as Main Street USA. However, not only western atmosphere that you find there, but also Chinese. Feel like you need something to fill your tummy, you can enjoy Chinese cuisine there, if you want to. Finish with Main Street USA, embrace the world of princesses, wizards, and more through fantasyland. Or, you can also spend your time in adventureland and tomorrowland. Below you will find information related to Hongkong Disneyland ticket price.

About Hongkong Disneyland ticket price, it is divided in different categories based on visitor ages and also the day that they spend,

  • For children below 3, the price is zero
  • For visitors around 65 and above, you have to pay HK$170 for two days and HK$100 for one day
  • For visitors around 3 to 11 years old, the ticket price will be HK$525 for two days and when they spend only a day, it will be HK$385,
  • For visitors around 12 to 64 year old, in order to enter Hongkong Disneyland, you have to pay around HK$ 739 for a two day ticket or HK$ 539 for one day ticket.

Buying your ticket, you can choose whether you directly buy on the time you visit the place or you can as well buy the ticket online. Or, you can also buy ticket to certain place that is notified by Hongkong Disneyland like one that is available at Hongkong international airport and many more. For a little recommendation you can buying your ticket on http://www.airpaz.com , that travel agent have tons promos for your holiday.

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