Lamington Nationl Park To Enjoy Nature Rare Beauty –

When it comes to breathtaking natural view, Australia should be one into your travel destination lists, since you will be surprised with how this country spoils you. Good place that you should visit one of them is Lamington National Park that allows you to become one with nature. Lamington National park location is in the western part of Lamington Plateau. There you will discover old tree, creek, waterfall, amazing flora, animals sound, and plenty more. To have your own adventure with friend when visiting the National Park, you can treat the camping site as your base, so then the next day you can continue your journey to its tourist attraction.


Lamington National Park Accommodation And Things To Do

Set your next vacation to Lamington National Park, you must be curious about not only things that you can do there, but its accommodation as well. Speak of thing you can do, you can start from Lamington National Park hiking while exploring the national park to admire the awe-inspiring view from its peak. Do you want to witness the wildlife by yourself? The chance for you, it’s there, however, ensure that you are familiar with the track or you bring or hire someone that you can rely on, even though the hiking track is somehow accommodating, but some blind corners can be a hassle for someone who is not used to it.

Get inside the National Park you have two options, first you can enter the National Park through green mountain, and yes, you have to climb up the mountain. It’s track is a little narrow, so be sure that you watch your step. However, don’t be too focus while climbing the mountain. Look around to admire the beauty given by nature. Second, you can enter the National Park through binna burra.  How about Lamington National Park Accommodation? The options are;

  • You can stay at the campsite, however, ensure that you confirm that you want make the site as your base by pre-booking the site. Before you claim for the site, register yourself, when you choose green mountain as your camp base. But it may be different when it comes staying at binna burra.
  • You can also consider guesthouse as your base, this one is available for both binna burra and green mountain.
  • Travelers who decide to do walk-in camping to the National Park, you only can do it during February to November.

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