Amazing Nature Of Mulu Caves –

Mulu Caves Sarawak is located in Miri Division,Sarawak, Malaysia. It is a national park within the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Encompassed karts formation and cave in an equatorial rainforest mountainous setting. Expedition here has always been about exploring the surrounding rainforest and its caves. It has been explored pretty well yet there are still miles to be. The world’ largest chamber of cave is located here, together with extensive caves. Orangutans, gibbons, Sumatran rhinoceroses, rhinoceroses hornbills and sun bears are some of animal species that live well and safety here. The name of Mount Mulu is given according to the name of the second highest mountain in Sarawak.


Mulu Caves National Park

The formation of its limestone karts makes Mulu Caves National Park very famous. Inside this sandstone mountain of Mount Mulu, there are rock pinnacles, vast cave networks, enormous caves, together with cliffs and gorges. Sarawak Chamber is one not to be forgotten. It is the most popular and also the largest natural chamber, discovered in Gua Nasib Bagus. The very large it is, the chamber is said as can accommodate Boeing 747s up to forty without its wing overlapped. Not too far from here is Deer Cave, that is one of the world’ largest single cave passages.  Benarat Cavern, Clearwater Cave and Cave of the Winds are the other notable caves in this area. Clearwater Cave is believed as the 8th world’ longest cave. The flora is just as various as the fauna.

For Mulu Caves how to get there, by the air is so far the one and only option we have, since Mulu National Park area is a very remote access. However, this destination is supported by the access from Mulu Airport. The flights are accessible through some airports in the region. If you want some challenge, you can opt for river transportation. Using riverboat, it takes about 100 km away and twelve hours. But believe, that the view and surrounding you will through may not make you feel disappointed.

So far, Mulu Caves review is pretty good. If you wish for affordable lodging with adventurous style of backpacker, they are available across the river. Numbers of effort has been taken to keep the natural condition of Mulu Caves. Since this place is under the world heritage list and said to be significant for environment, you may find some strict rules and regulations regarding the area.

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