Things You Have to Know about Ayutthaya Historical Park –

The Historical Park in Ayutthaya has been known so well as one of the best places that you have to visit when you go to Thailand. This valuable site will show you the ruins of the temples and the palaces of the Ayutthaya Kingdom which existed during 1351 to 1767. It is actually located on an island that is surrounded by three different rivers (Chao Phraya, Lopburi, and Pa Sak rivers.


What you have to know about ayutthaya historical park

Well, in case you are so interested to come to this historical site, you have to make sure that you really know about ayutthaya historical park how to get there. There are actually several options of transportation that you can choose when you want to go to the historical park, which can be like train, bus, river boat, taxi, and so on. Nevertheless, you just need to make sure that you choose one of them that can suit your requirements and plans the most. In order to make it easier for you, it is so much recommended for you to choose the right transportation that can fit your budget nicely. By doing so, you can have a fun trip without worrying about your budget at all.

Furthermore, it is so much important for you to make sure that you know about the ayutthaya historical park opening hours. This historical site will be opened for the visitors every single day. Yet, there are will be so many visitors that come to the site when it has come to the holiday season. So, it will be great for you to choose the right time every time you want to go to Ayutthaya such as when the holiday season has ended. By doing so, you will be able to come to the place comfortably and also to enjoy the beautiful view and your wonderful moments there. So then, you will find that this historical site can be the perfect place that can give you the distinctive experiences.

Moreover, you do not have to pay for the ayutthaya historical park entrance fee at all. However, it will charge you about 50 Thai Bath when you want to enter the greatest temple there. Additionally, when you want to enter the temples, you have to wear the polite outfits in order to suit the dress code there. It is because these temples are the sacred places for the Buddhists, so that you have to show some respect to it.


Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok, A Heaven for the Shoppers –

Do you like to do shopping? Why do you like to do shopping? Well, if you love to do shopping, it means that when you go on traveling, you need to visit the shopping center. No matter where the country is, you need to visit the shopping center. When you visit Singapore, you need to visit Bugis Street. Ten, if you visit Thailand, you need to visit chatuchak weekend market bangkok Thailand. Are you familiar with this place before? If not, in this case, we are going to talk about this famous shopping center in Thailand.


Chatuchak Weekend Market Chatuchak Thailand

Not only popular among the people in Thailand, this place has become the landmark for the shoppers to be visited in Thailand. For the tourist, this place becomes the best place that they have to visit. If you have been in Thailand, you need to visit this place. In this place, you will find out diverse collections of merchandise  that will bring any seasons to the shoppers. chatuchak weekend market bangkok Thailand is located in 35 acre (68_ rai) area. This place is the hoem for more than 8,000 market stalls. You can imagine how big the location of the place is. Then, we can find out that this place offers you with many kinds of goods stuff to buy too.

Then, what becomes the next question is about chatuchak weekend market opening hours. Well, actually this place opens on Saturdays and Sunday. From Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 to 18.00. They also open at Fridays from 18.00 to 24.00. If you want to visit this place in the Weekdays time, this place open for plant sections actually on Wednesdays and Thursday from 7.00 to 18.00.

Well, if you want to visit this place, you need to consider the time and the day. Since the name is weekend market, it is better if you visit this place on weekend. When you visit Thailand on weekend, do not forget to come to this place and you will find out about the best stuff that you can buy with the good price also. Remember, you can bargain the price when you buy some stuff here so that you need to prepare for the good offers so that you will get the good price also. Remember, pay attention about the chatuchak weekend market hours if you really want to visit this place.


Exploring Sukhothai Historical Park Sukhothai Thailand –

Looking for good place to visit in Thailand, how about you consider Sukhotai Historical Park tour? Sukhothai is located in North Central of Thailand. The historical park itself, you find them in the old city, however, travelers still can enjoy the new part of the town if they want to. Sukhothai offers its visitors not only beautiful temples with pagodas, but also awesome scenery with the combination of lakes, trees, and lawn. What do you think? Read below to know further about how to enjoy the historical park.


Sukhothai Historical Park Opening Hours And What To Explore

The option for Sukhothai Historical Park tour, you can do it with group or you can visit there only by yourself. Which option to choose? In fact, it is depending on your expectation. Let say that you are very interested with arts or history of Thailand, then ensure that you plan your visit by your own, therefore you can spend your time inside the historical park based on your convenience. Before anything else, you can visit the Historical Park by train, by bus, or by airplane, you pick which option that is more convenient for you.

Before setting your Sukhothai Historical Park tour, you better know that the place is divided into several zones and for each zone, there is entrance fee. The fact is, you can save more if you buy one package of entrance fee, unfortunately, it is only can be used in one day. Which means, if you expect to explore the historical park’s nook and cranny, buying the whole package is not a good idea. Not to mention, walk inside the historical park, your eyes will be pleased with striking ruin from the past. But that is not the only thing.

In order to get best offer from the historical park, ensure that you schedule Sukhothai Historical Park tour in the period of Loy Krathong that is celebrated within October or if it is not, the festival is held in November. During Loy Krathong the historical will be filled of lights, the ponds that surround the temple will be packed with floating candles. Nevertheless, there is something unique about temple that you spot there for the combination of Sri Lankan and Cambodian cultures even though basically the characteristic of temples you find in Thailand, they are mostly similar as it has pagodas and trenches as part of the temples. Lastly, the historical park commonly can be visited in daylight. Tips for you traveller in this world , maybe you can booking ticket on for get the cheapest ticket and promo go to thailand.

Floating Markets Bangkok Tour To Enjoy While Traveling To Thailand –

There are many reasons why travelers around the world should consider Thailand as their travel destination. Not only the country is blessed with unique seasons, but also it has many tourist attractions, and one of them is floating market. But you know what? If you have such a plan to visit Bangkok to experience the floating markets, get yourself familiar with the options will help you a lot, since different destinations provide you with different atmospheres. Do you find that some of your friends recommend you to Damnoen Saduak? Despite this place is very popular, however, if you yearn for something more local like understanding the culture of the people, the previously mentioned is not a right place to go.


Floating Market Near Bangkok Thailand That Is Worth Visiting

Travelers who expect to meet people from around the world in one place, Damnoen Saduak is a good place to visit because that is the signature of this floating market. People around the world will gather there, in addition, the said place is pretty crowded. However, if that thing is what you are looking for, this one is a great destination. If it is not, rest assureds, there are another options for floating markets near Bangkok to visit.

Khlong Lat Mayon is another floating market you can visit to escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Aside from many things that you may get there like house ware, clothing, and so on, this place is heaven for travelers who expect tasty food without paying too much. The food stalls, you find them in almost any corner of the market. Ensure to go there with empty stomach as many delicious foods await. Do you want to eat the food that you cook? Then, put into your list Don Wai.

Don Wai has its reputation for its high quality of food materials. And yes, there is nothing else that you can get there but raw food which you can cook by your own if you want to. Obviously, this is such a traveling experience you are better not to skip. In the case that you expect to experience eating the food on the boat, Kwam Riam is a floating market that worth your time. Various delicious foods you can taste there, and the price is somehow friendly. Where to go? In fact, it is not a hard decision to pick which place to visit, think about what kind of experience that you expect.


The Most Beautiful Malaysia Beaches That’s Worth Traveling –

Around the world you will discover plenty of beaches to spoil you, such as, beaches on Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, and many more. However, you can sink the previously mentioned as you will discover Malaysia beaches with its distinctive beauty. Beaches in Malaysia shatter from west to east that you can choose while traveling there, however, let start from beaches that you can enjoy in the west;


  • Langkawi is one among other beaches to travel in Malaysia. Many of you probably familiar with Langkawi beach, in fact this beach is very popular. Beach view is not the only tourist attraction. Fine restaurants and hotels, are available there. In the case that you want to experience Langkawi from above, the option is there for you.
  • Sipadan beach, this one is heaven for those traveler who love diving. As the matter of fact,this beach is very popular as top spot for diving. So yes, if diving is part you, you better not skip Sipadan on your travel list.

Still about beaches to travel on the west part of Malaysia, then you should consider Borneo and also Pangkor Island. That said, Malaysia beaches on the east provide its traveler with more stunning view, curious what kind of beaches to travel?

  • Perhentian Island is best a place to diving, snorkeling, or to gaze around the beach to admire its beauty.
  • Redang, you can find serenity there. The water is so clear that reflecting perfectly the color of the sky, and the sand is white.
  • Tioman Island is another place that offers best beach in eastern of Malaysia.

So, to west or to east for best Malaysia beaches? You can go to the both sides, since each of the beach caters you with different experience. For instance, you want to be spoiled with luxury, good food, and so on, then Langkawi is a good idea. However, if you want a kind of environment that is peaceful, beaches on the east part of Malaysia like Redang, for instance, it gives anything that you need for beaches not only with attractive view, but the fact that you will rarely find people there, it will make you happy. But it is not like the island is empty, however, if you compare this one with another beaches, Redang is a perfect haven. To ensure that you enjoy the beaches to its fullest, when traveling to Malaysia, get yourself informed toward the best time to travel there.

What Cheapest European Cities To Fly Into Your Next Vacation? –

Medieval architectures, the streets that are built with cobblestones, beautiful churches, squares, and the atmosphere of the old world, makes Europe becoming favorite travel destination all the time. Even so, getting there, it costs you a lot of money. However, it is not like you need to wait that long to travel there. There are cheapest European cities to fly into, so then you can reduce you travel cost. So, what do you think? While you do some preparation for travel itinerary to certain European countries, knowing which city as your gateway there, don’t you think it will benefit you? For the stunning beauty that you will witness while visiting Sweden, travelers on budget can visit Stockholm by choosing Arlanda airport.


The price can vary based on your location to Stockholm, however, approximately you need to spend about $755. Again, the said  price can be lowered considering your location and kind of trip that you take. And then how about Italy ? Do you think you want to experience Iceland? Milan and Keflavik are two cheapest European cities to fly into. Pick Malpensa airport to reach Milan. Milan is not only for those who love fashion, but also this city offers travelers with mesmerizing architectural buildings like Milan Cathedral and another old world buildings. Enjoy the square and feed the doves there or if you are lucky you can enjoy hard-to-forget performance. Unlike Milan with its stylish vibe, Keflavik caters anyone who visit there with a breathtaking natural setting of Volcanoes. The city is great too with their own way, and you will understand once you visit there.

Reach Milan through the said airport, you need only to spend $780. Meanwhile, when it comes to Keflavik airport, it costs you $775. However again, the real price that you may pay can be less, if you don’t pick a round-trip to visit those European cities. Looking further, the list for cheapest European cities to fly into, there are Dublin, Glasgow, Brussels, Gatwick, and more. Visiting European cities, to cut down their budget, travelers on budget will consider layover. For some people, it may be not a problem, as they consider the layover city as extra travel destination. But for those who can’t wait to reach their destination, it is impossible for them to enjoy a layover. If you think the same, this information can be your solution, in the case budget becomes your concern.

4 Best Places to Stay in Bali –

Bali is an exotic small island of Indonesia with its rich culture that makes it known as ‘Pulau Dewata’ or The Gods Island. This beautiful island becomes more famous as the location of a movie Eat, Love and Pray. If you want to go to Bali you have to make right plan so that your trip will not ruin. You have to know best places to stay in Bali. This will make you have good option of where to go and how to spend your holiday there.


Here are some best places to stay in Bali that will be a helper for you to decide where you want to spend your time in Bali.

  1. Ubud

Ubud is one of the main destinations in Bali Island. This is a small town which offers you the tropical beach scene and the more cultural place in Bali. You can see unique village with its paddy field and river valleys. Ubud also offers you spa and gym, world class restaurant, casual cafes, heritage museum and art gallery. Ubud is suitable for the people who like natural scene and arts.

  1. Kuta

Famous for its Kuta Beach, Kuta in the old time is a fisherman village that now has turned it face into a surfing place. Staying in Kuta, you can see the night life in Bali. This place is suitable for low budget traveler, clubbers, and surfers. There are many restaurants, big mall, hotels, bars, and the largest and famous water park. This place is also close to the airport.

  1. Legian

This place is popular with its beach resort area and it is quiet enough to relax yourself. Though, there are several venues and bars that designed for the partygoers. This place is suitable for shoppers, wealthy travelers, and partygoers.

  1. Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua can be the next option to stay in Bali. If you want to search the five star international hotels and resorts, this is the right place. Nusa Dua is white sand coast in Southeast Bali. Tourist police is twenty four hour patrolling the environment. You can spend the night life in high class bar or go shopping in the complex of Bali Collection. Nusa Dua is suitable for wealthy travelers, honeymooners, and family.

The list above will absolutely help you to choose where to stay in Bali for your trip. They are four best places to stay in Bali that will not disappoint you.

Travel Packing List Guide for First Time Traveler –

Travelling is a kind of activity to spend your holiday or free time. Travelling need some plan for the budget and what to be carry on in the destination. You have to have important gear, but in the same time you cannot bring the unimportant goods. For backpacker, packing is one of the important thing that they have to prepare in good manage.


If you are first time traveler there must be some confusion that you experience. For that, you need to consider about things when you do travel backpacking. Below is the travel packing list guide that you have to know first.

  1. Organize the travel document

Several important documents for travelling such as credit card, personal ID, health insurance card, frequent flyer card, and reservation and itineraries, should be collected well so that you will never forget to bring all this cards when you do the trip.

2. Carry small luggage and day bag

When you do travelling, it is efficient if you use small luggage and a day bag that you can use when you only go out for the neighborhood. Small luggage is more flexible because they don’t need a big space when you choose the airlines.

3. What to bring inside the luggage

Clothes and footwear are the first things to be packed. But before you do it, you better know the condition of your destination. This is to choose the right clothes that are suitable with the weather of the city or country. Roll the clothes to save the space inside your bag. Choose the right and comfortable shoes too. Bring your laptop or simple gadget in case you need it. Any additional stuff to bring is books, travel pillow, travel guide, camera, and many more.

4. Prepare the toiletry

The next travel packing list guide is to prepare your toiletry. Just bring the basic such as shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, sunscreen, and many more according to your need.

5. Pack your stuff

After you prepare everything, now you can pack the things in your luggage and day bag. Organize the cloth and footwear so that the left space can be used for packing your goods that you buy in the destination. To ease you, any wallet, cards, and gadget, should be put inside the day bag which you can bring with you anywhere.

Well, that is 5 travel packing list guides for you. Hope that you can prepare your own and have fun with your trip.

About How To Travel With 8 Month Old Baby –

Travelling nowadays becomes one of the most popular things to do. Many people want to go travelling because they want to search new experiences, find some good panorama, and relax themselves. Then, travelling becomes a hobby for some people. It is not really expensive, for sure. You just need to know clearly your destination as well. However, it will become little bit different if you go travelling with 8 month old baby. As we know, baby has many special things to bring. Moreover, you need to pay attention on baby’s needs or you will end up with hearing them crying. Then, this article provides the information about how to travel with 8 month old baby.


The most important thing to know about how to travel with 8 month old baby is about the baby’s need. As a parent and also the traveller, you need to make sure all the needs that your baby needs. Food becomes one of the most crucial things to bring. In travelling, you also need to make sure the baby’s food to keep them healthy. Fruit is a must for you to bring. Not only that, porridge is also needed to keep the baby’s healthy. Milk is also important to baby. The outfit is also important for baby. You have to make sure about the outfit you need to bring. Baby actually needs to wear three different outfits in a day. You can fit it with the time of the journey you want to take. You have to make sure that the outfit is suitable with the place you want to visit, for example, you need to bring warm outfit when you want to go to a cold place. Not only about the outfit, the accessories is also needed, in this case, is a baby’s toys. You have to make sure that you bring their favorite toys in order to keep them quiet in the way on travel. Pacifier is also needed, because baby loves pacifier. Disposable diapers and wipes are also the crucial things to bring. Because you need to keep your baby comfortable in order to make your journey safe.

Those are the information we provide about how to travel with 8 month old baby. Those information can you use in order to keep you baby happy while you are going abroad with your baby. Then, you have to remember one thing that your baby safe is the most important thing in your journey, so keep them safe. For a little tips , you can get cheap flight ticket on and also get the cheapest flight.

Things You Need To Prepare Before Cross Country Travel –

Doing vacation are the means that we can use to get the freshness after we perform everyday activities exhausting, and sometimes cause mental burdens on, or make us mentally exhausted. As in the case of work, you may need a few days of vacation to be able to eliminate fatigue due to work. This will be very beneficial for you to be able to work more optimally throughout the year. Sometimes, doing the vacation to another country will be able to give you a new atmosphere that you have never experienced. This new atmosphere is what you need when you need a new spirit. However, basically, there are various things to consider before we do cross country travel.


We need a thorough preparation prior to vacation to another country. This is because we are going away from home and familiar surroundings. Basically, when doing a holiday abroad, we will meet the new environment with the layout of the city that is foreign to us. Forget about it, in fact, we need to prepare carefully before we take flight. We will need accurate information before flying to a country, the flight route where we can take and gateways which will be able to use to be able to enter the country. Even before that, we must also prepare a passport that we can use in the country. Basically, too much should we consider before we holiday abroad. However, we can narrow down the advance of the things we need to prepare. We can take the essential essence, what the important things we need to consider before we do cross country travel.

The first thing we need to prepare for a holiday abroad, passport, tickets, flight path and gateway. It is important to be prepared carefully, especially information regarding the flight path and gateway. This is so that we can avoid any mistake in booking air tickets. We should reserve tickets well in advance before the scheduled departure. This addition will allow us, also is likely to cost savings that we need to spend. Furthermore, we need to book a venue in advance, accompanied seeking information about the location where we will stay. We also need to find detailed information about the place we go. This is so that we can know where we needed to go when we are in a precarious state. Let’s say, we need to look for information about the nearest hospital. Instead, we seek the location of the inn close to public facilities such as police stations, hospitals, and other public facilities. The next thing we need to consider is, where are we going to do tours. Tourist attractions are important when we are on vacation. We should seek information on tourist sites in detail. It will also influence our choice in choosing where to stay when we do cross country travel.