Why You Have to Visit Izu Peninsula – blirg.com

The izu islands can be defined as one of the best tourism objects that are so close from Tokyo. This peninsula was formed by the former lava flow of the Mount Fuji eruption. So then, there will be the very distinctive views that will definitely please your eyes in the best way possible. It is a must for you to visit this island every time you take a vacation in Japan so that you will find that your vacation can be so perfect and more amazing. Then, there are some other reasons why you have to visit this great peninsula which you can find out below.


The reasons why you have to visit izu peninsula

Well, one of the reasons why you have to come to Izu Peninsula is because it can offer you so many great places that can be your perfect spots to spend your leisure time. Those various options of place to visit in izu japan can be like Mount Omuro is a place where you can enjoy the nature and he views around the peninsula. You will find the beautiful hills, beach, and Mount Fuji when you are on the top of this mount. Then, there is Kisami Omaha Beach that can offer you the wonderful white sands and clear water. So then, you can explore this beach by diving, snorkeling, or even surfing as it can promise you good waves. Moreover, Dogashima Orchid Sanctuary is a very nice place where you can see a perfect combination of beautiful flowers and ocean view. In other words, each of those places will definitely be the best place that can offer you the different nuances that can make you free from any tiredness and boring things that you have got from the routines in your busy day. So, they can bet the perfect gateway for you.

Besides, you can also try so many various izu peninsula things to do in order to make your vacation more fascinating. One of them is the Shimoda Ropeway which will allow you to have a great trip from Shimoda Station to the top of Mount Nesugata using the cable cart. During this trip, you will see a very jaw dropping views of the ocean or the hills in the peninsula. Furthermore, the other things you can do is feeding and having fun with the monkeys in Nishi-Izu Wild Monkeys Paradise. However, you have to make sure that you keep your stuff safe from the monkeys as well as possible.

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